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How A Individual Goes About Obtaining A Domain Name For Individual Use

When it comes to a person that is ready to get their site online and for the world to see, they will need to take one important step, obtaining a domain name. This is many times a step that is overlooked in all the planning that goes into the rest of the web site, but this is the one step that will halt your dreams of Internet bliss.

There are more than just heading onto the Internet and just randomly picking out a name for your site. Many people think that they will be able to get the name that they want for their site with little to no questions asked. This is not always the case and often times will lead to the person being disappointed in their results.

It is despite all the noise that you hear, not a matter of simply heading out and picking a name out of the blue. The domain name that you choose is got to be unique and has to be different. This is what will make a person remember your name and visit your site more often.

The first place that you need to make sure that you start is with the place that offers to sell you the domain name. When you head to buy the domain, you will have the option to see if the desired name is able to be purchased, if not, then you will need to make sure that you look at the alternative names that are offered.

If you are really intent on using a particular name for your site, then you may have to go into negotiations in order to purchase the name. There are several people that will buy a domain name then sell it back to a person in an effort to make a little money off of the sale. This is another way of obtaining a domain name.

If you are really serious about owning the name of a site, then you will need to find out the person that owns it and see if it is for sale. This may or may not yield positive results for you. The person may have the site name and actually be using it instead of holding it to resell later on down the road.

These efforts will be well worth your time as you will be able to get the name that you want and the one that will deliver the type of results that you are seeking out. In case this is not able to be done, then you will need to make sure that you have a back up name in mind that will deliver the results.

The process of obtaining a domain name is not one that should be complicated, you simply need to make sure that you do your research and find a name that works best for you. There are plenty of options that are able to be used, make sure that you use all of these to your advantage.

Obtaining a domain name for your online or home-based business is an important initial step in establishing your presence on the Web. The Domain Name Center can help you to choose and understand available business names that will fit with the sort of business you establish.

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Buying Yourself A Domain Name

Domains are an important part of your web page, one of the most important parts because it is the address individuals will use in order to load your page. So, having a catchy and easily remembered domain name is important. The problem is, too many individuals you use domain names that are provided to them by their internet service provider. This is not the name you want your web site to have if you want to rise to the top and make the most money possible. You need to rent or buy your own domain name that has something to do with the product or service you are offering on your web page.

There are many ways in which you can register domains, or domain name, and most of the time it is relatively inexpensive and sometimes it is even free. You simply need to do a little research in order to find the domain name that works for your business and fits your budget as well.

Another thing to keep in mind when registering domains is what names are available, are the .com, .net, or .org, and if so how many of the same domains are available with different endings. For instance, if your company sells tires and you buy the domain name then you will want to know if and are also available. If so, you will also want to buy them and have them linked to your web page in order to garner more traffic.

If you already have a web site set up with a domain name you are simply using, you do not have to start completely over when you buy a new domain name. All you have to do is buy the domain name or names that adequately reflect your web sties and then have your current web site hosted by a new server that will link it to the domain name you bought.

This is not immediate and generally takes a few days, but it is worth it because now you will have a serious domain name which shows your web page is serious and not a joke. The few days you spend waiting for the transfer will be well worth your while.

So, go ahead and step up to the big leagues and get your domains today. Just go to the web and search domain names and you will be able to check and see if the names you want are available and if so you will be able to buy them. It really is as easy as that, so go ahead and try it out today. You will make up the small investment on the domain name in no time, probably even the first day!

You can find more Domain Names Articles at Submit Articles

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Make A Small Business With Great Domain Name

I disagree with the comment made by some web developers that all the good domain names are taken. Search engine optimization, or seo, does not depend heavily on the www name you select. For my clients just starting out the decision choosing small business website names has never been an issue. It is a fact that all the 3 character and 4 character domain names with the key extensions are taken. Furthermore, I agree that a vast number of choice domain names are no longer available; however, the selection of a suitable www domain for your small business is possible if you remain flexible.

The real value in the name you choose from a search perspective is how easy it is to spell and remember. Of the two types of visitors to your site, the human visitors and search engines, the ability of a person to remember your domain name and spell it correctly to pass it on to others outweighs any SEO value. Search engines are robots and don’t care.

Using words like “greatest”, “best”, or other exaggerated terms in your domain name is thought by some to be a disadvantage and penalized by search engines. Search algorithms change often and likewise that theory, and although you may not be penalized for using such words, consider the reaction of your human visitors. They may not stick around if they feel you boast without the content to back it up. For a serious small business commercial enterprise, my advice is avoiding adjectives in the domain name entirely.

In some cases new clients approach me to redesign an existing website, and it surprises me that some of the basics are overlooked. For example, a commercial enterprise in business for profit should not select a dot ORG domain simply because the dot COM was taken. This was the case from a conversation with a client interested in a site makeover. Their ORG version was online for two years with little or no backlinks or serious indexing from search engines. The mindset of getting one particular name should be reconsidered especially if it’s your first online venture.

Here’s a breakdown of the most desirable domain extensions and the usual purpose of each:

COM – Commercial for profit enterprise

INFO – Information only related website

NET – Companies providing internet services

ORG – Non-profit organizations

Certainly there are many more like BIZ, US, WS, and others which are all reasonable choices, but for your commercial small business my recommendation is always acquire a dot COM www domain name. The client mentioned earlier did not realize a dot ORG was intended for a non-commercial enterprise, and they decided the poor website SEO performance was something that justified getting a new dot COM. We easily found an available www domain using their company initials and one key word about their target market which is medical. Despite my advice that they keep the existing site and simply change the theme, they decided to just let it go when it expired.

My commercial site choice was my first and last name, and very unique at that. Using your name is okay, and expected if you’re famous. There is, however, little or no value as far as keywords in my www domain to attract visitors, so is that a mistake for search engine optimization? Certainly not. The fact that I have collected more than 100 screenshots of generic phrases relative to my business that made Google page one is evidence the content, not the domain, is key.

Here’s some advice to help you when choosing a new dot COM small business website domain name.

Start out with a list of about 10 domain names that you would like to have. Next, make a list of market related single word terms about what you do and the customer base you service. If your market is localized, consider geographical terms that relate to where you sell or provide services. Spend 30 minutes brainstorming to come up with the initial names and additional lists of single word terms. You may want another list of significant initials.

Next, search for “WhoIs” in Google to find free online services that keep a database of available domain names, and follow the link in the search results. Each database has a search box which allows you to input the domain name and extension. Begin with your first choice and work down the list and keep track of available names for review later. It may not be easy, so try combinations of the key terms as you continue to search, and keep in mind you want a domain name that is easy to spell and remember. By the time you’re done you should have a half dozen or more available names, so take your time and select the best one, and then register the name immediately.

Tip: The domain name may not be significant for search engine optimization, but the length of your registration can be. My advice is registering domains for 2 years minimum, and 5 to 10 years if that’s in your budget. Search engines consider that the length of your registration reflects your commitment to be online long term, so at today’s prices 5 years is practical and should cost less than $50 USD.

There’s nothing wrong with getting the dot COM domain name you want, and then registering the other major extensions that are available for the same name. If you are highly successful in your online venture, having the other extensions registered in your name prevents others from attempting to take advantage of your reputation by association. In conclusion, the concept that all the good domain names are taken is a myth. You may not get exactly what you want, but practical options are available with a little research and due diligence.

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What To Do When All The Good Domain Names Are Taken

Decent available domain names are becoming harder to find these days. Nearly 25 million “.com” names have been registered, and over 23 thousand are purchased every day. It also means that you’re more likely to win the grand prize lottery then find a great domain name.

Owning a domain name that helps to successfully “magnetize” a flood of incoming traffic is like gold to any online business. But the increasing scarcity of domain names that are simple to remember, short and suggestive have turned them into red hot commodities.

Just take a look at some of the recent domain name acquisitions:

1) sold for $7.5 million

2) sold for $5 million

3) sold for $3.3 million

4) sold for $3 million

5) sold for $2.2 million

6) sold for $1.03 million

7) sold for $835,000
8) sold for $825,000

9) sold for $700,000

10) sold for $450,000

11) sold for $199,000

12) sold for $160,000

13) sold for $94,000

However, while some of these domain names may have been sold for millions, corporate buyers backed by large bank accounts are not alone in the domain name game. Even entrepreneurs are making a great living in purchasing and selling their own domains.

Not a day goes by, that a domain name sells for as less as $100 or as much as $1 million on public auction sites. For example, recently featured actual bids for as little as $500 for “” to as much as $20,000 for “” — and thousands more drifting anywhere in between.

Some people seem to know where to get these “nuggets of gold.” In fact, a small handful know about an untapped goldmine that lies discreetly tucked away in the dark corners of the vast Internet. And the awareness of this source has helped these “lucky” individuals earn either outrageous fortunes or monstrous levels of traffic for their website.

The goldmine to which I’m referring is the pool of recently expired domain names. While only a few knows it exists, regardless it is expanding with every passing day. There are literally tens of thousands of unclaimed, non-renewed and expired domain names that become available on a daily basis.

An expired domain name is one that was registered previously but was not paid for in time for the renewal date, thus returning it to the listing of available domains. There are many probable reasons for non-renewal (e.g., forgetful owner, no more interest in site, no longer in business, no longer active or didn’t pay for whatever reason).

However, you may be asking, “Sure, but I’m never going to find good domain names before some other person snatches them up.” For a long time, being “lucky” also meant being alert for the numerous domains that become available, and being quick in registering them before anyone else does.

New tools are becoming available, making the process of searching, finding and registering great domain names much easier. In fact, some of them assist you to become aware of the near expiring domains, giving you an advantage over your competitors that permits you to grab names seconds after they’ve been dropped.

Nevertheless, a compelling domain name can help an online business become more visible, credible and accessible. And it will help someone earn a rather large fortune. While in the past, finding one was very prohibitive, with the help of tools that are now at your disposal, you now can be a part of the gold rush, too.

Want to find out more about Domain Names, then visit on how to Purchase Domain Name for your needs.

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Cheap C-Panel Web Hosting With

Ending of my last article, I had promised to show you the aspects of choosing the right web hosting company for your business. There are major decision making in choosing the right web host that is reliable and cheap, whereas you will get all the benefits such as installing a wordpress blog, installing a shopping cart such as zen cart, os commerce, magento, cube cart. Depending on your needs and expertise on web hosting the range of choosing the web hosting company may vary.

I can possibly name thousands of websites which were launched buy never made to a point where they were making money online. I bet you’re now thinking how hard can it be to find the right web hosting company to be successful online. It is a major important decision whereas to find the reliable web hosting because once your website is ready and uploaded to the web server, you will eventually think about marketing your website. When you market your website you will like to know how reliable is your web host and how much traffic can it handle at once. Let’s say for example at first you are only getting about 200-300 visitors per day eventually once your marketing strategy is in place and things starts working out then you will start seeing a high number of traffic that can be close to about 2000 per day for instance. Now here comes a catch where not all the web hosting company will allow to you use their server resources, which will make your account go on suspension. That is will hurt the traffic of consumers and your ranking in search engines.

I personally always point my clients and consumers to the right direction whereas my expertise lies in marketing such as PPC (Pay per click) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If you are looking to have a good ranking in search engines for your website or niche market there are few things that I will recommend. To start of with I will recommend that you get C-Class IP for your website now there is a catch now all web site will offer C-Class IP hosting or if they do offer it for a buy of minimum of 5 C-Class IP’s which could get expensive. Working in this market for ample amount of time, I have found a website which do offer C-Class IP hosting as an each at for $6.95 per month, it is called search engine optimization hosting.

Next major aspect that I will like to bring to your attention is the amount of support provided to you. I can name multiple web host that expect you to be the master to hosting, where as I will name They are a good reliable hosting but don’t anticipate that you will receive a great code help or installation help, don’t take me wrong when I say that because they will help you to setup your server and that is the most help that you will receive from them. I did come across where they were pretty reasonable on their pricing for web hosting at $1.95 per month that is for the shared hosting. Yet you do get a drastic amount of help from them, such as installing a wordpress or shopping cart. Matter of face they do have a software called Fantastico De Lux where you can install these in just few clicks.

Few months ago, I ran into a issue where my client was working on their wordpress which had a huge amount of traffic, and could not afford to have any downtime. But somehow he managed to bring his site down, where I did try to look at it for him which was way out of scope of my knowledge. And I tired calling to see if they could help me with it. They were able to get the site up and running in less than about 30 minutes again and advise me that the client managed to overwrite his configuration files, which had caused the site to crash. How did he manage to do that? He changed his sites url and other setting, wow that was a disaster when you have an approximate traffic of 10000 plus visitors a day.

Coming to the end of this article, and would like to revise the major point that I would recommend to all of you reading this article is that get SEO Hosting. In SEO hosting you will get a IP address that is C-Class IP where the search engines give you more weight. My next article is going to be on setting up a online store, until then don’t forget to sign up at, your only reliable hosting company.

Learn more about SEO Hosting. Stop by where you can find out all about Web Hosting and what it can do for you.

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Web hosting starts with a great domain name

Web Hosting starts with a great domain name. When someone is talking about making money online or selling products on their website, it doesn’t mean that it started happening over night for them. Therefor, they probably spent thousands of dollars on PPC (pay per click) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) before they started seeing results. Selecting the right hosting can be confusing sometimes, but in this article we will show to tricks of selecting a reliable web hosting company along with registering a domain name and the whole nine yards.

Registering the domain name can cost anywhere from $11.00 to $15.00 per year. There are different sources from where you can purchase the domain names from such as,,, or It used to cost a fortune to own a domain name just couple year ago, but now if you are still paying that same price I will recommend that you transfer your domain name to as the transfer is only for $10.95 per year. There are two different ideas of choosing the right domain name for your business or blog online.

The first method would be is using the key phrase in the domain name itself, for example if your niche targeted market is about inkjet cartridges then you would look for a domain name something like or Going over the advantages of having a key phrase in the domain name is that you will rank well in the search engines with help of just few anchor text backlinks to your domain name. We will go over the process of finding the right web hosting and keywords in our future articles.

The second way for selecting the domain name is in terms of getting branded. By saying getting branded I mean to say that you would like to have people know you for the name and not for the product only. For example in the online world and registering domain name and reliable web hosting people know not only because of the price but for their service. Another one in the Car Audio market people know, or So if you are looking to get branded online then you will like to prefer a name that is easy to remember, but then that will call for doing a lot of work in terms of off sore marketing and online marketing like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

To end this article and refreshing the points that we went over in the article is choosing the right domain name for your website. Depending on the needs of your business I will recommend that you do follow the tips. In the next article we will touch major point in choosing the right web hosting company for your business, where you will be beneficial in terms of ranking and how the search engines look at your website.

Being in online market of last 6 years has made me learn about general public where they are trying to be successful online, but didn’t happen to where they had expected. I will guide and show the process of being successful without spending an arm and a leg. Today we have learnt the importance of having a great domain name which does make a great difference in online market.

Learn more about Domain Names. Stop by site where you can find out all about Reliable Web Hosting and what it can do for you.

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Registering Canadian Domains

There are numerous domain name extensions out there such as .com. ,net, .biz and so forth. Each nation has its way of distinguishing domain names that belong to individuals and businesses, like .au for Australia and .uk for the UK. Canadians can distinguish themselves by way of registering their website name as .ca, which means the site is from Canada.

When your address is .ca this distinguishes you as a proud Canadian to everyone on the planet that goes to your website. It also offers you the opportunity to register a name that is very popular in .com circles, contributes professionalism to your website and boosts its trust-factor. You do have to be a citizen of Canada to be able to register your name and site in this manner, giving you an advantage over the rest of the world.

Along with registering the domain as .ca, you also get an email that shows you are from Canada. Any time other people contact you there is no doubt about the part of the world in which you live and when they place an order they will know where it is coming from. For Canadians, this is an advantage because they know that whenever they order from your company they are not subject to fees charged for items shipped across the border.

It is affordable to register as a Canadian site also , you avoid paying exchange rates on the dollar that you incur when you register with domain registrars from other countries. You have all the support that you need and have a contact number just in case problems develop, so you don’t have to worry that you will be left all alone.

The number of domains being registered is growing every day, as more and more Canadian website owners realize the importance of having their own .ca domain. It not just shows people that your site is professional as well as reliable, it also informs them you are a proud Canadian.

The best place to register CA domain is, the most reliable Canadian domain registration provider on the Internet.

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Domain Hosting And Domain Web Hosting For Your Business Needs

Online businesses today greatly depend on the power of the Internet to achieve great profits and implement effective online marketing strategies. They believe that this is a great way to acquire potential clients and have these people to buy their products. Hence, they have made great use of domain hosting to be able to come up with their own websites.

By developing this web hosting strategy, these businesses decide to have various accounts and come up with their own websites and even blogs. This is an effective way to achieve traffic since the more the number of sites up, the more chances of being more popular in leading search engines.

This can be very beneficial in terms of promotion. However, this type of program will make you spend a lot of time in terms of maintenance. You can just imagine all the account information that the webmaster should memorize in order to access each. Because maintenance will be more difficult, they may get more professional fee.

However, you can still save a lot by using multiple domain web hosting. In this way, you just need one account in order to maintain all your sites. There are a number of companies that are doing this as it is really cost efficient compared to the traditional way.

Multiple domain web hosting works with just one site handling all several accounts. Hence, the rest of the websites would serve as mere sub directories.

In terms of naming, changing them is not going to be mandatory. The application can be diligently made even if the reader knows the old address, they will be redirected to business website. This domain web site is the main reason why you can see some see some websites that tell you are being redirected to the right site.

In finding a domain hosting service, it is very important for you to go online and search the internet for the best one for you. A long as you will shop around, you will find the one that will meet your budget with all the added services that you want.

You do not have to worry about starting a website. But the right tool like a multiple domain web hosting service will truly save your money and time.

Are you seeking after the most amazing domain hosting? There are some things that you really need to research out before purchasing your domain web hosting services for your business. Learn more about it today!

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