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Chatting On Facebook

You too can learn how to instant message on Facebook using the new Facebook Chat. It’s pretty easy to use and a faster way to communicate with FB friends. Before all you could do was write on a friend’s wall, send them a message or poke them, but within the last couple of years the popular social networking site has added an instant messaging capability.

If you’re already a Facebook user there’s nothing you have to download or install. All you need is an account to do it. Once you’ve logged in to Facebook then you should be automatically logged into Facebook Chat. Start chatting right away if you wish.

It shouldn’t be hard to locate the Facebook Chat application. At the bottom right corner you’ll find your FB page is your Facebook Chat tools. One of the first three tools is the online friends tool, which tells you which of your friends are online at the moment. The next tool, notifications, lets you know if you have any new Fb notifications. The third tool is the actual chat tool.

Before attempting to chat check see which of your friends is currently logged in to chat. The “Online Friends” tools located at the bottom of your page allows you to do so. You should see who has a green dot next to their name and who has a grey moon. The green dot means that the user is currently online and you can begin chatting with them when ready. A moon means the person hasn’t been online for 10 minutes or more.

If your friend has a green dot click on his or her name. A chat box should pop up and you can begin typing your message in it. Make sure to hit ‘Enter’ after you’re finished typing your message. This is how the message is sent. Now you have started a chat session.

Even when your Facebook friends are not online you can send them a message. Find their name on the list then click on it. If you leave them a message they will get it when they come back online. It will show up at the bottom of their browser when they return, and they should receive a message in their inbox. They are still notified of your message though so they can chat back.

Some people like to be able to hear a notification sound when they get a new chat message but others don’t. Some find it annoying after a while. If you prefer the message notification to be turned on silent just click on the chat menu and click on the settings link in the pop up bar. Here you can click on “Play Sounds for New Messages” to turn it on or off.

To make your chatting experience even more enjoyable, try using Facebook emoticons and smileys. There are quite a few to choose from. They’re cute and fun and easy to create. You’re probably familiar with the traditional smiley but there is a list of other customized emoticons for Facebook. As you learn how to chat learn the shortcuts for these cute characters.

Looking to find a complete list of Facebook emoticons, then visit to find all of the emoticons for Facebook chat you can use.

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Chatting Etiquette

Online chat usually refers to the communication we use over the Internet. This is done usually by direct one-on-one chat or even text-based group chat through instant messengers. Along with this new method of communicating online comes some proper etiquette and unstated rules, also known as Chatiquette.

Some basic rules of online communication have been outlined to avoid misunderstandings and help simplify the communication between users in chat. Chatiquette can vary from community to community since it describes basic courtesy, and we know that courtesy in different cultures or communities can vary. Chatiquette introduces a new user into the associated network culture.

One thing that can come across as rude or very intense is typing in all upper case letters. When one does this it appears as if the user is shouting. It could also give off the impression that he or she is mad. Upper case adds emphasis to a word and makes it stand out so if you do that do an entire sentence or group of sentences, it comes across as yelling.

Another chatiquette rule for online chat is ‘don’t take longer than 3-5 minutes to respond’. Chat is usually done via IM, whether it’s Skype, MSN messenger, gChat or another program. Answering someone in chat should take no longer than 3 minutes. The maximum for an IM response should be 5 minutes! Some people respond very quickly. Others take a longer time as they may be multitasking or working. However, you probably shouldn’t be logged on to IM if you are unable to chat or don’t want to be bothered. With some platforms you can also set your status to say that you’re “away from the computer” or “busy”. Also don’t make a habit of responding with a one-word answer. This can really kill conversations. If you’d rather not be bothered simply say “TTYL” and log off or set your status to invisible or “Away”.

With that said, if you are logging off or will be away from your computer for a little, it’s courteous to notify the person you’ve been chatting with. If you know you will be away from the computer for more than 10 minutes say “BRB”, which is short for “be right back”. You could also change your status or availability, as mentioned before, but telling whoever you’re talking to that you’ll BRB is even better. Should you unexpectedly sign in and out during an IM conversation then it is your responsibility to restart the chat by jumping back into what you were talking about or starting with an apology. It is understandable that some people have a weak Internet connection that causes them to get knocked offline, but it is polite to let your chat buddy know. Always say “TTYL” or “goodbye” if you plan to leave; but don’t just sign off.

It isn’t always necessary to fix all your spelling errors and typos in online chat. You should only worry about doing that if what you know the person you’re chatting with isn’t going to understand what you wrote or you used the completely wrong word. In online chat you’re not required to always be grammatically correct. Also avoid using lightly colored or hard-to-read fonts. That can be annoying for your chat buddy. Another great way of expressing yourself in online chat/instant messaging is using emoticons. Facebook now has its own chat capability as well as smileys. There are special emoticons exclusively for Facebook use. Some are similar to instant messaging emoticons and smileys, but there are a few custom-made ones. Try them out when using chatiquette.

Want to find out more about Facebook emoticons, then visit the site on how to use emoticons for Facebook.

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Facebook Smiley Codes

Enrich the most sought after online networking experience with friends. The Facebook chat smileys are the call of the day that allows you to enjoy interaction when you want to show your expression better than putting in words. Text messages can get spicier if you know how to make it interesting with your creativity. Using the Facebook smiley codes you can get it right with the shortcut method. The best thing about Facebook smiley emoticons are that they cover a flurry of expression thus making it interesting for you.

Friends construct your social life to a great extent. Therefore, staying in touch and avoiding miscommunication is what everyone wants. But with stress surging the minds humans are bound to feel complicated and misunderstand.

Facebook offers a flurry of Smileys that allow you to insert them according to the change of the mood. Facebook chat smileys have the expression for every frown and smile. Whether it is happiness or joy sorrow or tears or winks or tongue or of cool personality or of something else very rare, the Facebook smileys has it for you.

Enhance the chatting pleasure when Facebook chat smileys. They give you the scope to define situations better and improve any relationship with just a smile. A smile can bring a smile to another’s face and what can be better than the Facebook Smileys. The smile looks great as a gesture to show the positive and brighter side in you that instills a feeling of happiness in the other’s mind. Sometimes, when you are at loss for words, the Facebook Smileys help you. Add that glint of personality to every thing you write.

Sometimes, the Facebook smiley codes join to make it look precise. Codes add to the Facebook Smileys to help you find a better way of interaction.

Looking to find a complete list of all the Facebook smileys, then visit to find all of the codes and usages of Smiles for Facebook for you.

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Popular Facebook Chat Emoticons

Facebook first came on the scene in 2005, and since then there has been no looking for another social networking site with the deluge of Facebook emoticons taking the masses by storm. The Facebook chat box was and is still is ranking popularity. It is the most concentrating area where online users can stay hooked and start friendships with people from across the world. The emoticons for Facebook play an important role in this regard.

Facebook IM emoticons make chatting with friends more enjoyable and also build a rapport with certain people. You always want to leave a lasting first impression on someone. You can give leave your new contacts with positive thoughts after networking online using these emoticons. The emoticons depict various expressions through graphical representations instead of words.

Among the most popular emoticons: are the devil, the robot, the shark & the heart. The devil emoticon gives users the ability to warn other people before giving them a rough time. It can also just tell your friends when you’re up to no good. The Robot is another cute emoticon to use. It helps at those times when you’re just in a weird mood or don’t feel like sharing all your business. Use the Robot when feeling reserved.

The shark emoticon warns other people online of danger coming. All the Facebook emoticons are attractive to use, and once you know exactly how to use them, then you can convey the right meaning without the usage of words. Use the Heart emoticon, which is also popular, to show those you care deeply for how much you love them. It is widely used by lovers.

Make it an enriching conversation with the Facebook IM emoticons and see how intriguing they make the conversation for you. It is like enjoying the friendship with a new mode of communication, and making it more lucid for you and your chat buddies.

Looking to find a complete list of Facebook emoticons, then visit to find all of the emoticonsyou can use.

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