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Building The Best Gaming Laptops

We only want the best when it comes to the gaming experience. However, the latest in the world of high performance gaming experience comes from a source that you probably won’t expect.

Gamers are usually very demanding. They know their computers inside and out and they know what they want from them but there are many serious gamers who are choosing a laptop over a desktop computer.

There have been some big changes in the world of laptops. Not only have there been some large developments in the way that laptops are made and in their technology. There are quad processors that are currently available for gaming laptops. However, the introduction of SLI technology that allows hooking up two or more GPUs or Graphic cards possible in the laptops have really broken the gaming barrier. With additional RAM and higher speeds and you have high performance gaming in a smaller package.

This new technology has now made the laptop computer as powerful as the desktop computer. Therefore, it’s no wonder why more gamers are switching to a laptop computer from their desktop computer. However, these laptops aren’t just any laptops. They are specifically built to be able to run and play games better than your desktop or standard computer.

These gaming laptops are the elite of the gaming computer world. This is because these laptops are perfectly made they are designed to meet every gaming need.

Custom building a laptop to meet a certain specification is what many gamers are now selecting over purchasing a standard laptop that meets the basic gaming requirements needed. The gamers of today want to take it a step further. They want to produce the best gaming machine that is available.

If you want a gaming laptop from one of the gaming specialists such as Dell XPS, HP, Rock in the UK, or Alienware you can or order the type of Graphics Card or GPU, the type of processor, and the amount of RAM that you want in your gaming laptop. Of course the more money that you’re willing to spend, the better your gaming laptop will be.

Only recently has it been shown that laptops are the best of the best in the computer world. These powerful mobile computers are made featuring vital components to make the laptop the brightest, sharpest, and fastest which makes them the perfect gaming machine.

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Solid State Drives And Gaming Laptops

With gaming laptops, there has recently been a drive on to replace Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) with the faster Solid State Drives (SSDs). This presents a question for the future purchasers of gaming laptop buyers.

Recently computer makers have been using SSDs for gaming laptops. Certainly these drives will replace HDDs at some point in the future.

The HHD stores data on rotating magnetic platters that have different speeds. The speeds of 5400 rpm and 7200 rpm are often associated with HDDs. Data is read from and written to these platters by a block of read/write heads that are controlled by a microcontroller.

Because the information on an HDD can be stored in different locations, the time that is necessary to retrieve and place data can vary considerably. Remember that these devices have mechanical moving parts so they are likely to have all if the problems that are normally associated with moving parts.

SSDs are completely different than HDDS. SSDs use a flash memory chip that is managed by a microcontroller to store its data. SSDs have slow write times but they have very fast read times. As a result SSDs are usually much faster than HDDs.

Also, SSDs have no moving components so they are much quieter and more durable than HHDs. In addition, they have power consumption and there are fewer problems with vibrations to interfere with ongoing operations. SSDs are great for gaming laptops. The popularity of the laptop has been growing and has pushed SSDs to the front of the computer technology.

SSDs are well suited to the gaming laptop. The primary advantages are more durability, more resistant to impact, less power consumption, lighter weight, and faster access times.

One of the biggest disadvantages of SSDs is that they are expensive. However, as production increases costs are expected to fall. Another disadvantage is the amount of memory that SSDs can support. In an effort to try to keep the total cost of the gaming laptop down, the current SSDs have comparably low storage amounts. Another consideration is that with SSDs you don’t need to cache because system caches are typically made to solve HDD performance problems. This is another way to save money on SSD systems because cache is expensive. SSDs are well suited for the gaming laptop and as the demand of consumers gets stronger, SSD’s future looks very promising.

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Five Considerations About Gaming Laptops

As the technology continues to provide increasing benchmarks and new technology gaming laptops are becoming more powerful. Although a gaming desktop might still have somewhat of an advantage a gaming laptop, they now offer a feasible alternative to the desktop gaming computer.

There are five features that you should consider when buying laptop. These five features include the display, the hard drive, the RAM, the processor, and the graphics card.

Graphics Card

One primary part of a gaming laptop is the Graphics Card or Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). You need dedicated RAM with the best Graphics Card in order to handle all the latest video games. Most of the best gaming laptops now have at leads two Graphics Cards working together with an SLI to give the laptop the best handling power. You also need a minimum of 250MB of video memory to help your games run smooth.


Most of the best gaming laptops are currently available with a minimum of Dual core CPUs and some now have quad processors. The CPU determines how fast the gaming laptop will process data so it is element that is vital to the gaming laptop. You need the fastest processor speed that you can afford.


One of the most important features of the gaming laptop is the RAM because it also determines how fast the gaming laptop will run. You need a minimum of 1GB of RAM to play most games. However, many gaming laptops are currently available with at least 2 GBs of RAM. Of the various types of RAM that are available, DDRAM3 is the fastest.

Hard Drive

The 7200rpm hard drives are the fastest and most desirable. Many gamers also choose the Serial ATA Hard Drives which provides them which a much higher performance, particularly for high bandwidth applications like multiplayer gaming. Also, gaming laptops currently have two or more hard drives which can provide as much as a Terabyte of storage.

The future gaming laptops will all have Solid State Drives but at the moment they are very expensive. SSDs are considered more reliable that ordinary hard drives because they have no moving parts.

Visuals and Display

Gaming laptops are all about the entertainment features and visuals. Therefore, you need the best sound and display quality. The best of the gaming laptops now come with Blu ray DVD drives and full 1080p displays.

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Where did gaming laptops originate?

When doing a bit of research, you will be astonished to find that the first video game was developed in the early 1950′s. A.S Dougal did a project for his PhD degree wherefrom a very basic version of Tic-Tac-Toe resulted. The first commercial home game console was only released two decades later, known as the Odyssey, which was designed by Ralph Baer and released by Magnavox. Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney produced the first arcade game in 1971 and a year later the home game console was released. Computer Space – the game that Bushnell created – was based on and inspired by Nolan’s Spacewar game. The year after that, Nolan and Al Alcorn released a new arcade game which was their big hit. Pong! was a favorite among gamers and everyone wanted to master it!. In 1975, Atari, Bushnell and Dabney’s new company released a home video game version of Pong!

Now, more than three decades later computer gaming has become a billion dollar industry. Pong! although still looked at in nostalgic remembrance, is only but a distant memory. From these humble beginnings a gargantuan industry has developed. Today, true gamers realize that there are many factors involved in choosing the best notebook out of all the gaming laptops and PCs on the market. If mobility is a great need, a laptop or notebook is the only option. However, as we all know there are thousands of different laptops, with unmentionable amounts of specifications available on the market at present. When looking to buy gaming laptops, the following factors should be taken into consideration:

Processor The most important component of your laptop and the part that will need the most consideration is definitely the CPU. For serious gaming enthusiasts, anything below a 2 GHz processing speed will not be suitable as most of the games that have been made available within the past year need at least a 1.6 GHz processor for optimum effect.

Memory Memory space is the second most important aspect to look at after the CPU. A low memory can and will frustrate you because it slows your computer down drastically. A RAM memory of at least 1GB is advisable but we recommend that you do not take anything less than 2GB as the newer games need more memory space for best results. With memory speed on the other hand, we recommend that you do not settle for less than 667Mhz.

Graphics Whether you are playing strategy games, war games or racing games, you need a great graphics card to truly appreciate the experience. You should definitely opt for the latest graphics processor with dedicated memory. Definitely do not settle for a graphics card with less than 512MB dedicated memory. Though, even that has become quite a low amount of dedicated memory.

Hard Drive This is also a very important aspect when looking for a gaming laptop or computer. A few years ago, a 100GB hard drive was considered more than enough for the biggest and best gamers in the world. Nowadays, 500GB is the minimum that any serious gamer settle for and even that is sometimes insufficient. External or portable hard drives are available though, which makes it easier to just purchase one and link it to your computer. You can buy portable hard drives with a 1 TB available space or even more!!

Optical Drive This is one of the options where you can save a bit. The drive’s speed does not matter very much and the only thing you really need to look at is if you need a multiformat(DVD RW) DVD burner.

Display No self-respecting gamer will settle for a gaming laptop with a screen size less than 19 inches. Go with maximum resolution available on the screen size of your choice, as this will enhance your viewing pleasure whenever you decide to pop in a movie dvd or blu-ray disc. It will also seem to greatly improve the graphics output of your chosen game.

After reading this article, it should be clear that buying a gaming laptop takes a lot of thought and decisions. If you are new to gaming, then do not try to take on this challenge without consulting with a professional. Shop around; do not settle for the first great thing you see. The selling of computers is a competitive business and anyone will try to sell you their product – even if it is not the best.

Michael Stanton is a gaming laptops expert. He currently owns the NP8662.

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