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Trademark Journals List

A record that contains details of trademark application is called trademark journal which contains details whether the trademarks are granted, awaiting for examination or are opposed. The trademark journals are published in every trademark office in several parts of the country. The user gets an overview from the trademark journal if his mark is distinctive. The proprietor or the trademark attorney will also get an overview as to whether his/her mark is opposed by any third party by viewing the trademark journal.

In India, the intellectual property rights website publishes the trademark journal. The desired journals can be searched with the help of the trademark journal. The list of journal number will be published twice in a month. The date of publication and the date of availability will also be mentioned along with the journal number. Mostly both these dates would be the same.

From the list of journal number, one can select the desired list. The list would contain many other sections related to classes in the specified journal number. After clicking on the class in which you want to search, click control + F and type the keyword for application number/class/address/abstract etc. By doing this it will be possible to see your trademark application.

A notice of opposition can be filed to oppose an application that is published in the trademark journal by filling the Tm Form-5 with a prescribed fee of Rs 2,500/- (Rupees Two Thousand Five hundred).

Other trademark offices such as the United Kingdom trademark office, United States Trademark Office etc also consist of the trademark journals. The website of United Kingdom trademark office is The journals can be viewed electronically and is obtained in pdf format. Thus the details of trademark application can be obtained from the trademark journal and will be helpful to the owner of the trademark.

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Taking A Closer Look: Digital Micro-Imaging System

The scientific community needs to keep up with the high demand for cures in the medical field and in order to do so; they are looking towards the high-tech world of technology. Many of the advancements in medicine are due to the corporation of science and inventors who take something ordinary such as a camera and turn it into something extraordinary so that it can help millions of people. A digital micro-imaging system places a high-powered camera on top of a microscope so that a picture of something can be taken and studied at the same time.

The doctor and lab technician can see cells in real or same time with the photographs and then place them under the microscope for studying. Melanoma, the skin cancer of red bumps, is for ever changing and this is the perfect instrument to study them as the morph into larger, and sometimes smaller, liaisons. A cell mutation could be enlarged over 1000 times to see the activity it is generating on the skin. What this camera and microscope combination will do for a patient is drastically cut down on the number of performances of painful biopsies because the camera is getting such a close look.

Each of these cameras and microscope combinations comes with a unique and user-friendly software package. The software is easily downloaded onto the computer that will be using the equipment or nearest to the combo piece of machinery and then the computer is ready to take in the data from the camera. One of the main features about this camera and microscope combo is that it is great to use as a teaching tool.

When an image is snapped by the camera and then transferred to the microscope portion of the equipment, there is a computer program that helps in the analysis of what the lens and lab technician see. This photograph could also be send around to coworkers for a second opinion. There is also the technology which allows this camera and microscope combination to sent the recently photographed photos to a large screen in the room so that all present can see the same thing. This is helpful in a teaching situation.

There is a wide range of micro-scoping pictures available in many different brands. Depending on which brand a hospital or laboratory purchases, some of the cameras that can be mounted onto the microscopes offer a search process of upwards of 37 images per second with a resolution of 640 x 512 pixels, making it a very clear image. There are also several different applications besides the skin cancer that this type of duel lab equipment would work for. A urinalysis is another example of what a combination camera and microscope could help with. Looking for bacteria or blood cells in an individual’s urine would be easier with the camera style microscope.

Some of the software for these unique technological machines will support a time-lapse movie which will show a short progression of a disease in real time. This will help a doctor in determining the best course of action to take for addressing the patient’s disease and how to stop it from spreading or taking over the individual’s body. By providing a chronological short film of what has happened in a person’s body, the doctor could predict what might happen next and hopefully prevent it.

As most people will attest, the human mind and eye working together will only produce so many combinations of answers. A combination microscope and camera would produce many more possible answers in order to give the lab technician and the doctors more options for treating a patient. Some of the mounted camera’s on top of the microscopes can take as many as 15 frames per second or more where as the human eye doesn’t even blink that fast let alone get information to the brain that quickly.

A digital in vivo imaging system is now one of the newest tools a doctor and lab technician have to take a closer look at their patients diseases and what allies them so that they could soon be on the mend. These advancements in medical technology are not only user-friendly; they are patient friendly as well. This means that patients will not feel any pain like with a biopsy and they won’t be intimidated by any sounds or noises. Most will even think it’s a pretty neat style machine.

The innovations in science are constantly progressing – from the brand new digital imaging system to the in vivo technology, businesses are constantly benefiting from this new renaissance!

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The Uses For Scientific Digital Imaging.

Scientific Digital Imaging has turned upside down many areas of science and opened the door for new ways of thinking about the world, the stars and ourselves. At the micro and macro levels, scientists are now seeing more clearly than ever before. With the use of advanced computer programs, questions that have puzzled mankind for centuries can now be answered. Digital imaging has removed the limits of the human sense of sight from the sciences and opened the path for new discoveries about the world in which we live.

Micro imagining has allowed the smallest things to leap into focus. Cellular studies in biology and medicine can now be captured digitally and recorded for analysis. The ability to peer into the underlying structure of cells has opened the door to scientific discovery of how cells split, grow and die.

Underwater images are giving geologists glimpses of worlds they never suspected existed. An underwater camera recorded footage beneath an arctic glacier and revealed the existence of a submerged mountain range that had apparently been supporting the ice shelf for millennium. Such super sensitive cameras can now use motion sensing technologies in the wild and allow scientists to observe endangered animals in their natural habitats. This can influence our thinking about conservation in the wild.

From the deeps to the stars, astrophysicists use digital imaging and complex computer programs to understand light from the stars differently. With the new data, they can explain even the origin of the universe, by examining remnants of light that is thirteen billion years old. Gamma waves and microwaves can now be analyzed and understood. This is an expansion of the spectrum of light, beyond what a human eye can see.

By understanding new pictures of the universe, and most particularly light, scientists can tell us if other galaxies are coming towards us or receding, depending on whether the light is shifted to the red or blue spectrum. This changed our view of the universe as static and proved that the universe is, in fact, expanding.

Even philosophy has bee impacted by advances in digital imaging. Rene Descartes in his book titled Meditations in the year 1641 proposed that consciousness existed separately from the human brain and interacted with it via the pineal gland. Digital images of the brain in action have cast doubts that this is the true origin of consciousness.

Medicine uses digital imaging to gather information about their patients. Patients are photographed before surgery to help surgeons plan operations. Babies can now be examined before birth, reassuring nervous parents when everything is alright. Even dentists use digital images to examine the strength of the underlying jaw bone in their patients.

So, from the deepest waters to the unborn, Scientific Digital Imaging has contributed to the ability of science to understand the world around us. As more and more information is exposed, more discoveries are to be expected.

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What You Must Know About Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery procedures are many and varied and are all designed to make people look and feel better. There’s a huge amount of knowledge on the subject available to read these days and some of the information is better than the others. With so many misconceptions, it’s easy to be put off having something done.

Scarring is often something which is a big worry for someone looking at having a little work. Some believe that no scarring is left at all whereas others believe that the scars are unsightly. All procedures will have some sort of healing scar but training has meant that this is kept to a minimum.

When Incisions are made, they are done so in a strategic way so that the visibility of any healing is barely evident. Endoscopic surgery or surgery using endoscopes are have the least scarring so with tummy tucks, forehead lifts and breast augmentation there is no worry.

A Lot of people have come to believe that Liposuction is the preferred way of fat reduction and not a tummy tuck. Which ever you go for, each will have their own benefits but some out weigh the others. Consider this; Liposuction will take away some fat; but a tuck will do the same but also take away stretch marks and the gristle deposits. So for simple fat reduction it’s Liposuction but for the more complete job it’s a tuck.

When having a tuck make sure you use a competent surgeon and you are aware of the side effects. You may have swelling, soreness, bruising and numbness of the area. These are all expected, but with work that’s not up to scratch, you may experience some more unpleasant side effects. Infection, blood clotting as well as bleeding under the skin flap are all side the effects of a poor operation. Post operative care is also a very important part of any procedure.

Something that is growing in popularity is people looking for what they call a mini face lift. This procedure has been touted as having very fast recovery times and good results which, obviously appeals to a lot of people. As with all things though, you get out what you put in and cheap quick fixes are not always the way to go.

All that a mini face lift will do is remove a little excess skin from near the ear. A small procedure will give you small results, so why go through the process if it leaves you in the same situation. The Jowls, neck and cheeks can only be addressed when having full plastic surgery in a complete face lift. This results will last for years to come and you never need to have the problem addressed again.

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Further Research To Determine The Correctness Of Facts We Can Get Online

There is a tremendous amount of useful, factual information available online. Unfortunately, it’s also very easy to find incorrect or misleading information when searching online.

It sometimes seems like an impossible task to separate the good information from the bad, especially when you’re looking at material that was recently posted in an effort to jump up the search engine rankings.

If you find yourself still confused after reading an entire article or website, you’ve probably stumbled upon some poor information. There are a few different ways of classifying this kind of material online; let’s look at these classifications.

Intentionally Misleading Information – If you’ve browsed Wikipedia for a fair amount of time you’ve probably came across a page that was locked. This happens often when celebrities are are involved in scandals or when they pass away.

These pages are locked because in situations such as these, many people try to edit them and spread false information through them. This occurs especially for celebrities who have a negative reputation. By looking at the edit history of a controversial celebrity’s Wikipedia page, you can see the kinds of misinformation that have been posted to that page.

Unintentionally False Information – You’ve probably run into hundreds of websites created by people claiming to be experts in their fields. Many of them will weigh in on certain issues, and while they may not be correct in their statements, they aren’t trying to intentionally mislead you.

Be especially wary of self-proclaimed experts online. Always check the facts behind their claims before believing anything you read. Many of these individuals are simply trying to make money, and although they may not even be aware that their claims are false, they can still easily mislead you.

Despite all of this, don’t be scared to find information online. There’s still a huge amount of useful information that can be found on the internet; you just have to do a little extra research sometimes and try to stick to reputable sources. Stick with these sources and more likely than not, you won’t be mislead.

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High Resolution in Vivo Micro Imaging Systems in Small Animal Research

Recent advancements in high-resolution small animal imaging systems have made this technology and equipment vital to any small animal research laboratory. There are many benefits to using High Resolution In Vivo Micro Imaging Systems.

Recently, high-resolution small animal imaging systems have been developed to aid in the research of a number of diseases such as cancer. These high resolution imaging tools and applications allow researchers to screen small animals using non invasive techniques and applications for such tasks as detecting mutations, charting the progression of certain diseases, and monitoring how diseases respond to particular therapies. There are many advantages to using high resolution in vivo micro imaging systems in small animal research which makes them an invaluable tool in laboratory research.

X-ray Microcomputed Tomography (microCT)

X-ray Microcomputed Tomography high resolution imaging technique is proving to be a cost-effective method for detecting and describing tumors, abnormalities in skeletal structures, as well as soft-tissue structures in small live animals such as rodents. Using this form of high resolution imaging has been showing positive results in the research of lung cancer, prostate cancer, and bone tumors

High-Resolution Imaging Yields Better Results

High-resolution imaging permits the small animal researcher to acquire results in a number of different ways that in the past were difficult or impossible to achieve. Researchers can now use this imaging solution to assess in vivo the blood flow function and anatomical structures in small animals. As well, the equipment is user friendly and contains a research-driven interface.

High-Resolution Imaging Means Fewer Small Animals

High resolution imaging offers spatial resolution as small as 30 microns. With more detailed images at the highest possible resolution, researchers are able to acquire more results which reduce the number of laboratory animals that are required for particular studies. Researchers are able observe and gather data by viewing the tiniest physiological structures, living tissue, and blood flow. Researchers also have the ability to visualize image-guided needle injection and extraction. The equipment and technology used can be adapted to be used on a variety of small animals such as the mouse, rat, and chick.

High-Resolution Imaging Involves Different Research Applications

High quality imaging allows researchers to study a variety of diseases. It can also be used in genetic research and drug applications. Imaging software allows for the gathering and processing of data during the scanning session and provides more extensive post-processing analysis. This allows data to be managed and analyzed in a more efficient and accurate manner. Data, statistical information, and measurements can be exported to common databases and spreadsheet applications which can be used in reports, journals, and presentations. As well, this superior image quality is available in real-time frames.

3D Measurement and Visualization Using High-Resolution Imaging

When visualizing irregular structures, 3D measurement becomes a valuable tool in acquiring the most accurate data and reducing instances of flawed results. The researcher can observe and scrutinize any subjective plane and perform 3D measurements in vivo on such structures as tumors. As well, research can benefit from 3D real time high-resolution imaging in such areas as development biology, neurobiology, cancer biology, cardiovascular research, and molecular imaging.

Recent advancements in high-resolution small animal imaging systems have made this technology and equipment vital to any small animal research laboratory. These systems offered by digital imaging companies not only offer the highest quality resolution but also quality imaging of the tiniest structures. It is also a low cost system that produces quality data and is useful in charting diseases to better develop treatments and cures. By using high resolution in vivo micro imaging systems medical researchers now have research opportunities that until now were not possible.

Many doctors are pleased with the advancements with in vivo, in vivo, in vivo imaging, in vivo testing and scientific digital imaging. It has increased their productivity immensely.

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Can Kids be too Plugged In?

When IBM began to change the face of how we do business several decades ago, Apple was busy at work creating devices that were targeted to our children. The face of technology was further propelled in the 1990s, when the Clinton Administration made an effort to accelerate the internet’s involvement in our workplaces, homes and daily schedules. No one can deny the benefits of new technology, but there is one societal change that could not have been predicted at the time: a massive paradigm shift in child development.

The Kaiser Family Foundation recently discovered that children between the ages of 8 and 18 spend an average of seven and a half hours a day with electronic media. This shift toward technology has had some unexpected side effects. Face-to-face interaction amongst kids has definitely taken a hit. Even more importantly, kids now spend fewer and fewer hours playing outside, be it on the playground, in the woods, or even in their front yards.

Some of the more severe side effects to technology include an increase in frequency and severity of schoolyard bullying, ADD and ADHD diagnoses, and social awkwardness/isolation/indifference, according to some experts. stated that “… a new study performed at MIT has shown that this habit may actually contribute to unhappiness as well as cognitive decline” (August 21, 2009,, ‘Study Finds Too Much Multi-Tasking Can Harm Mental Well-Being’).

The increasingly difficult communication with children has been felt by parents and teachers alike. While teenagers have been historically challenging to reach (every middle and high school teacher knows this, and every parent will, if they do not already), the level of disengagement has multiplied. With new media at everyone’s fingertips, children are able to interact with their peers at any time, causing a break in communication with the adults in their lives.

We clearly need to unplug the electronics. So how do we fill that hole?

Sarah Karnasiewicz of states that there is “a growing body of scientific research that suggests children who are given early and ongoing positive exposure to nature thrive in intellectual, spiritual and physical ways that their “shut-in” peers do not” (“Do today’s kids have Nature Deficit Disorder?” June 2, 2005). More recently, as noted by Dustin Hurst of, Idaho representatives “…approve Senate Concurrent Resolution 1113…The bill states that ‘a growing body of research indicates that children pay a high physical, mental and emotional price for inactivity resulting in increased childhood obesity, depression, inattentiveness, diminished creativity and … “Nature Deficit Disorder”‘” (March 23, 2010).

Richard Louv, of Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature Deficit Disorder, suggests that the solution to the problem is fairly obvious and simple. According to his interview with, “We should not think of a child’s experience in nature as an extracurricular activity. It should be thought of as vital to children’s health and development…Out in nature, a child’s brain has the chance to rejuvenate, so the next time he has to focus and pay attention, perhaps in school, he’ll do better.”

Does that sound tough? Or maybe something that you don’t have enough time for? Contrary to the beliefs of some, getting into nature does not require a massive expedition to the Amazon. A trip into the woods in one’s backyard will suffice. Unplugging the electronics for one night a week in the house can provide some much-needed respite (for everyone!) And for those who are looking for something more engaging for their children, a summer spent at an outdoor summer camp, or adventure camp, will balance out any overstimulated child.

Regardless of the solution, we clearly need to get our kids back into nature. And best of all, we adults get to benefit too!

Nature’s Classroom creates a unique Adventure Camp opportunity for youth of all walks of life. Based on the banks of the American River in Northern California, the world-class whitewater rafting opportunity is just one of the many aspects of this one-of-a-kind summer opportunity. This Adventure Camp is committed to providing learning opportunitys that students can carry with them through life.

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What do you want your tights for? You need to determine this before you buy your tights. If you want your tights to help relieve fatigued legs, they won’t do the job if you buy fashion tights.

There has been a big surge recently in the sale of man tights. You need to make sure that they are a perfect fit and also their main use will determine the type that you want.

What do you want your tights for? You need to determine this before you buy your tights. If you want your tights to help relieve fatigued legs, they won’t do the job if you buy fashion tights.

Maybe you want your tights to wear while playing sport, or you may want the ones that will keep you cool and comfortable in the summer and warm in the winter. All these types are available you need to be sure before you part with your cash.

You must ensure that you are measured properly to ensure that your tights are a perfect fit. These aren’t sized small, medium, large etc, the manufacturers are aware of the major differences in the male and female forms and make their tight accordingly.

There are two major areas to measure to ensure that your tights fit correctly and aren’t too tight or too baggy. The first is your waistline. This should be measured where your torso meets your hips. The second measurement needed is the inseam. This one should really be done by someone else.

How are you going to react if people take the Mickey out of you for wearing tights? There are bound to be some who look down on you in a derisory manner so be prepared.

Plan in advance what you are going to say should the insults start. Have a laugh and crack a joke back. This will surprise them and quickly diffuse a potentially uncomfortable situation.

If you have gone through the steps in this article you are ready to buy your man tights. You know why you want to use them and you also know that they are going to be a great fit.

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Lose The Fat Feed The Muscle Review!Five Tips For Success

Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle has been one of the most popular diet and fitness programs in the world since it was made public in 2003. Created by Tom Venuto, an expert coach and noted writer, it is thought of as one of the most elaborate nutrition and exercise manuals in the world. Reviews of Burn The Fat Feed the Muscle are highly positive with thousands of raving users worldwide .

1. Apply as you go along – burn the fat ( BFFM for short ) is a detailed ebook. You can easily get lost in it when you read it. Do not be subject to paralysis by analysis. Begin applying what you learn in the programme as you go along.

2. Do things steadily – you might find that some of the exercises in BFFM are a bit sophisticated initially. And that is’s OK. You must take things gradually. By doing this you will avoid beginner’s injuries and remain galvanized.

3. Don’t be scared to raise questions – Tom Venuto takes his consumers seriously, so utilize the support center email that you get when you begin using burn the fat Feed The Muscle. It’s yours to use by right.

4. Sleep – Getting into shape is a superb thing. You may feel more energetic than you have for a long long time. But you want to sleep constantly for your muscles to develop properly and for your body to cope with the added strain of working out. Strive for seven hours asleep each night. It will do you wonders.

5. Set mini-goals – Goal setting is crucial in any accomplishment you wish to arrive to. But setting far reaching goals can be not productive since it takes so long to arrive at them. break your long-term goal into short term mini-goals to maintain a high motivation.

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How To Set Up An Ergonomic Office Chair

Office chairs are ordinary enough. Everyone knows what one looks like. Many of us have sat in one and a lot of us have one. There are different types, sizes, colours and shapes. However, the one that most promptly springs to mind is the one that most people would call the executive office chair. These are usually black leather executive reclining chairs.

These executive black leather reclining chairs look very comfortable and high status. The best ones also have various adjustable devices on them. However, in spite of the familiarity of these chairs, how many people know how to use these adjustments to their full advantage? I will go through the different optimum settings in the next few paragraphs.

The most essential feature to get correct is the height of the seat off the floor. This depends on the length of your calves and the height of the desk. The desk should be roughly the same height as your elbows and your feet must be able to rest flat on the floor. If they cannot do that, then you will need a foot rest, otherwise you do not. The thighs will be more or less parallel to the floor

The height should be variable from the sitting position, so that you can get it right without difficulty. People tend to give up when it is ‘about right’, if they have to keep getting up to fiddle with the chair. Older chairs are sat on a spindle and they are wound up and down by turning the seat to the left or the right. Modern chairs have a lever to alter the height pneumatically or hydraulically.

The worst scenario is to have your feet unsupported, because this puts the full weight of your legs on the back of your thighs. This will cause the veins there to squash against the seat pan, which will decrease the blood flow, causing cramp and pain. This can be caused also if there is inadequate space between the rim of the seat and the back of your knees.

If this ideal position cannot be accomplished by the adjustments noted above, you can compensate by allowing the chair to dip forward a little until your feet are flat on the floor. You may need to lower the seat a little in order to achieve this. We all naturally suppose that office chairs recline so that the manager can lay back and put his feet on the table, but they ‘recline’ forward too so that you can get your posture correct.

The back rest should support your back and there should be a lumber support too. The lumber support may be adjustable upwards and downwards and can also be inflatable. Make sure that it fits comfortably into the small of your back. Some chairs have electrically operated massage units built into this lumber support and they are wonderful.

Adjust the back rest forward or backward to be comfortable, do not just put up with the existing settings. Similarly, adjust the head rest upwards or downwards so that you can rest your head on it when you lean back.

If there are arm rests, they should be wide enough for your arm and be set at the correct height. They should come up to your elbows, so that you do not have to slump into your chair to use them.

If you use the settings on your office chair correctly to match your body size, you will find that you will not get so weary so quickly, but you should get up and walk around for a few minutes every hour as well in order to keep your circulation good.

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