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Using Dynamic Media Building To Create Branded Promotions

One of the big buzzwords in both politics and business around the world for the last few decades has been decentralization. When formerly communist and socialist governments start selling off state-owned industries, and huge multinationals take management decisions down to the lowest possible level and region, clearly the message has gotten through. That message is that dynamic systems empower the front lines in a company or government agency and allow the most knowledgeable people, the ones who are on site and on the job, to access the power and prestige of the larger entity.

The phrase, dynamic media building, is a simple one when you get past the component words. Dynamic means that up-to-the-minute, creative operations are now possible, and that a distributed sales force and marketing personnel can create their own, high-quality, company-approved promotional materials quickly and easily. With access to pricing, regional contact data, company logos and product/service descriptions, these sales and marketing professionals can meet any deadline and do so without regard for what time it is at corporate HQ.

The core is yours

If you are a sales rep or marketing specialist, you are in the driver’s seat if your company sets up the right kind of system to manage your marketing assets. These assets are the items that we just mentioned (logos, product descriptions, pricing, etc.), with which you can now assemble a customized promotional piece. The tech-savvy way to say this is that your marketing asset management system is driven by your online digital asset library, which simply means that all of the pieces will be available to the marketing and sales personnel that need them.

The benefits go both ways, of course. Not only do field personnel have access to the assets, corporate executives are assured that these personnel have access only to the company-approved components. This allows regional sales and marketing staff to create accurate, attractive and company-approved materials that are specifically tailored to the local client or prospect. Your brand is front and center in a customized message, extending brand awareness while simultaneously targeting a potential customer with a unique message.

How it works

If you are fortunate enough to work with a business solutions provider that offers this sort of leading-edge service (and there are very few), you will find that they operate in a very well-defined, deliberate manner. Security, of course, is always a concern, and you will find that corporate assets are well-guarded, with the latest Web and computer security technologies on the job. There are multiple advantages of this approach:

Simplicity – When copy and imagery are together in one place, controlled for quality and applicability, users at any level can use pre-made templates or (if they have the requisite talent, and permission) create their own designs. This also simplifies the process of co-branding for companies that use that form of marketing, as management can make the digital asset library available to trusted partners.

Consistency – Because the process relies entirely on copy and images from your online digital library, a dynamic system for building media and promotions empowers your sales channels, as well. While distributed users can create localized marketing materials that are tailored to the precise firms (and selling points) that are targeted, the corporate marketing executives continue to exercise total control over the images, ad/brochure templates, company logos, copy writing and other materials. When ad messages, logos or marketing plans require a change to the digital assets from which they are made, all of these changes will occur simultaneously. You can update media materials or change marketing directions whenever you choose, while being assured that the changes will be instituted once for the entire organization and everyone using its asset base. Consistency is crucial, and dynamic media building comes through.

Ease of use – The systems are built to be easy to use and trouble free. After logging on to the appropriate secure server, users will choose from various templates (from sell sheets and promotional print pieces to direct mail, e-blasts or other marketing materials) and then select both graphics and text content from the pre-approved batches of each. The number of options and the range of building blocks are completely scalable for large organizations, while remaining straightforward to use for companies of all sizes.

Effectiveness – The easier it is for your sales team to tailor marketing materials to specific prospects, the better those sales efforts are going to be. In addition, the easier it is for everyone to use branded materials and company-approved copy, the more coherent your overall branding efforts will be.

Clearly, dynamic media building is a classic win-win for forward-looking firms.

Are you looking for a digital asset management or photo archive? Brand management, marketing asset management or video management platform? Widen provides web-based digital asset management systems aka Hosted aka Software as a Service (SaaS). All hardware, software, implementation, training, integration, upgrades, maintenance, security and technical support is handled by Widen.

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Let A Software Coder In India Make You Rich

You are familiar with shareware, who isn’t? But, did you know that shareware titles may be downloaded over a million times a week? For example, last time I checked on a title called Spyware Doctor 3.2 was downloaded around half a million times every week. A free shareware antivirus program called AVG AntiVirus Free Edition was being downloaded well over a million times a week from alone!

Now, think about this for a moment. If you had 500,000+ people looking at your product every week do you believe you could think of a way to make some money?

What do shareware developers know that most people don’t? Here are some ideas: 1. To achieve big download numbers try to develop an application that has mass market appeal. However, even niche market applications can do very well.

Second, you need to spend the money and time to create a product that out-performs everything else out there regardless of the cost. Most good shareware creates a “buzz” in the Internet community. People love passing on a good deal and if you can tell a friend about a five star rated program that is not only rated the best but is free to download you will have earned a whole pile of brownie points with your friends!

Remember two things. First, software is a digital product. Your cost per unit is zero because sites like tucows and are only too happy to provide the bandwidth resources so that millions of people can download your software. shows that over ten million people have downloaded a copy of Spyware Doctor from their site, so far. These free download sites do all your promoting for you because they attract literally millions of visitors a week. Tucow’s Alexa traffic rating is 988 while’s traffic rating is a phenomenal 89! That means there are only 88 web sites in the software category (that has over 7 million competing web sites) that have more traffic on the Internet. You will want to have your software listed on every site that offers free software to the public.

My research showed tens of thousands of such sites but there are probably more. Just type in free downloads or free software as a search term in Google, Alexa or . You could not spend enough money to get anywhere close to that level of traffic. So, why bother? Why even have a web site?

Shareware Millions Most people are unaware of all the ways someone can make money giving away free software. Here’s some ideas Thomas Deedy told me about that might surprise you as much as it did me.

There are several powerful income generators that you could employ. For example, if you create a complicated program that has many applications you may want to offer paid support services. Some developers know the answers to every possible complication in the installation, development or on-going operation of their software. So, they create a powerful trouble-shooting menu tree that any technical person can follow.

You can actually sell support by the minute, hour or for an annual fee. You can install your trouble-shooting tree on a site accessible only by support staff. The database of solutions keeps growing until there is virtually no problem that a mildly technical support person can suss out by following the support issue tree.

Of course, every time that happens the programmer adds that problem or glitch to the trouble shooting menu until it is a rare day indeed when someone asks a question that has never come up before. When a customer encounters a problem he clicks on “help” (from within the software) and finds out that support is happily available for a modest fee by “clicking here”. He pays for support by the minute or by the hour.

Believe it or not 900 numbers can be a profit source with support. The user simply picks up the phone and is charged either by the minute of a flat fee.

An alternative would be to create a detailed installation and use video that shows actual screen shots of how to use the software and has a built-in trouble-shooting program. For a complicated and valuable program you could price the video/software combination at $250.00 and bundle it with two free hours of support services.

Now, imagine that 250,000 people have downloaded your software that’s designed for small businesses and would have cost them upwards of $2500 if something comparable was available. Let’s imagine for a second that just 2% of those 250,000 people decide not to be frustrated trying to install and use the software with the basic instructions.

That works out to 5000 orders for the video and trouble-shooting software @ $250 each or $1,250,000!

If you handle it this way you can actually automate the entire business and your costs are limited to the initial development costs for the software and the cost to create a powerful video tutorial and help file. You can outsource all this work simply by creating a detailed flow chart of exactly what you want the program to accomplish and how you envision it working for customers.

Then, go to or or and enter your Project Proposal (no charge) to get a pile of bids from experienced programmers who want to work for you. You will be shocked at how reasonably you can get powerful software programs designed and built.

Once your shareware has been created and tested you own the rights. That means you can license the program to other companies to collect royalties on all their sales or agree that you will provide support services and keep 100% of the revenues from support.

I believe shareware development may be one of the best ways to build a million dollar revenue but you need few technical skills to succeed.

Support is where the big money is but some simpler software programs don’t really have any support issues; they are that good! Developers of simpler software can make money in other ways.

One way is simply to ask users for a monetary contribution, a donation, within the software. By inserting a pay-link for a donation to support the programmer many people who like the software will decide to contribute five, ten or twenty dollars. After all, they’ve received really useful software at no charge and they want to encourage the programmer to support his software and come out with newer, improved editions. And, that is exactly what programmers say:

————————————————————————————————————————– ” Please support my efforts to provide users with support and improve this software with a small donation. In return, you’ll receive a link to an extensive tutorial, help files and you’ll be advised when you can download the latest updated version of XYZ software. You’ll receive lifetime updates all for your small contribution of $10 or more.” ————————————————————————————————————————–

You can leave the amount of the donation up to the user but I recommend putting in three contribution levels: A $5 donate button, a $10 donate button and a $25 button that offers bonus software valued at hundreds of dollars at that level.

You can be sure a substantial number of people will contribute $$ but the capturing of the user’s name and email address may ultimately be worth more than the donation. Anyone who can build a massive opt-in emailing list has the potential to earn roughly a dollar per name per month. Major players like Mark Joyner built lists of around a million names. A single email to his list could generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales.

If you’d like to become a shareware millionaire try and find an application that will have wide-spread appeal. Look at what others have done and then do it better.

Finally here are a few more ways to make money with free software.

1. You’ll want to create a full version and a basic version from the start. Deliver the full version but make it function with an unlock code. Then, when users pay for the upgrade just send them the unlock code.

2. Offer users a newsletter and collect their emails.

3. I created a free lesson creator and reader for students. Then, I set it up so that teachers could purchase a much more powerful lesson creator which would enable them to create Advanced Lessons that they can sell on my site. I share the revenue from these Advanced Lessons. See

Yes, some of these ideas will take effort and cash to set up. But, I believe this may be one of the most realistic ways an ordinary person can become a millionaire almost overnight.

Before you spend big bucks creating software consider becoming a shareware posting agent to earn a fee on every paid upgrade. Click on shareware posting agent for complete details. This article, Let A Software Coder In India Make You Rich is released under a creative commons attribution licence.

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What Is The Best Free Shopping Cart Software?

To someone who is relatively new to e-commerce, you may be surprised to discover that there are a number of e-commerce solutions that are offered for free at an entry level. For someone who is just starting out and may be unsure of how fast their business will grow, these free solutions are great options. But before you start to look at the various software packages available, it is helpful to first establish your e-commerce needs. You can do this by evaluating your business.

Making Sure the Shopping Cart You Choose Is Right for Your Business

Take a look at the products you plan to sell. Are they items that are already widely available on the Web or are they things that are truly unique? If you are entering an already competitive market, take some time to browse the websites of your perceived competitors. Many of the free shopping carts require that the website displays their copyright notice on the footer of the page. In this way, you can gain some insight on what shopping carts they are using. At the same time, you can browse those sites to get an idea of the different set-up options available and the functionalities of the systems. This will give you ideas regarding the features you can have on your site. Things like discount coupons, signing clients up for newsletters, comparison features, and product recommendations can help you create a successful e-commerce website. It is also a good idea to do an online search and see what shopping carts are recommended by IT forums.

How Does a Shopping Cart Integrate into Your E-commerce Website?

A shopping cart on its own is not a comprehensive e-commerce tool. It is simply a virtual shop front, a place where customers can browse through the various products that you have on offer and select what they want to purchase. The shopping cart provides a place where the customer can collect and store items until they are ready to proceed to the checkout counter and pay for the items. Your shopping cart generally does not include your checkout, shipping or payment gateway. It also does not include your merchant account which is needed when accepting credit card payments. It is therefore important when selecting your shopping cart to choose one that integrates with your payment gateway and merchant account. If you are already a merchant account holder, speak to your card processing firm and find out what their recommendations are.

Essential Features of a Good Shopping Cart

You want a shopping cart that not only showcases your products but also helps you to grow your business. You also want a program that can accommodate your business as you grow and does not set limits on the number of products that you can have in your store. Look for shopping carts that has customizable product fields and options to include different sizes and pricing options. The shopping carts that make recommendations of additional products or allow customers to compare different brands are in a way virtual salespeople for you. These are the carts that you want to choose for your business. Make sure that the cart has an easy user interface and is easy to navigate. Otherwise customers may get frustrated and leave your store. Integration with your design and payment software is also a must.

Some Top-Ranked Free Shopping Carts

Opencart is a software package is a user-friendly open source program that is designed using PHP. It is known for its search engine optimization and simple user interface. A nice feature is that customers can post their reviews of products. This means that your customers can see other customers’ feedback on your product and this can help boost sales.

Prestashop is a professional e-commerce solution that can be obtained via a free download. A strong feature of the program is that it allows you to track and update your inventory and process orders in real time. The enhanced security features allow for payment to be made directly into your commercial bank account.

Storesprite is another software package that is free but carries a copyright notice. You can pay a small fee so you don’t have to feature the notice on your site. The system has helpful calculations features, and it is easy to install and use.

WordPress is one of the most widely used open source shopping carts available. It is easy to install and use, and integrates well with other plug-ins and software applications.

At Card Processing we provide credit card processing services and debit card processing, literally setting up hundreds of clients per month to process card payments for storefront, Internet and phone/mail order-based businesses. We also offer services in electronic check and gift card processing. Visit online today.

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The Best Benefits From SEO

It is not only the content words in the presence of a few discrete positions between the top web search would rank. Relative information content and full of words must be to improve the information correctly. This would impel visitors to a web page for more information or go to revisit some of the time. Also recommended that its peer.

It is very profitable business now as each company was selected for the website to increase their sales and reach more customers. The SEO process can be for any kind of search. This can be an information search, or an image search and video search, etc. The optimization process is done according to the specified search for the visitors.

Recommended to the website owner to hire an SEO professional in his area communities. This can be beneficial as an agent of South-East Europe to work on the marketing of products. It’s easy to meet the needs of local customers for the first time because they know local demand. Also in this way can be a foot in the business over the Internet. Once they are established in this business, and then we can think of to customers worldwide. Therefore, local SEO Optimizers be the best option for the novice.

Optimization will be necessary, but you always need to keep your eyes open for others. The higher the ranking of your site’s success is not dependent on the unique optimization. View the contents of the site’s visual appeal and also plays a very important role behind. Therefore, the process of site content should be monitored very carefully, and.

It is like the popular Google search engine can search your keywords in the search engine’s credibility. You can easily monitor this group of words really increase your website traffic, what is not. Therefore, the keywords correctly judge, you may decide to pay the keywords, not paid. hear are some search engine optimization process points, but also a member of the rich.

You do not want to do a typical Link Exchange, if you really want to go to the top then you want One Way Links.

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How Online Faxing Can Benefit Your Business

While cost efficiency in operating expenses is a huge part of any business’ success, it can be absolutely crucial in the survival of a new business. With all of the options available to help you streamline your business and help your office run as efficiently as possible, some of the seemingly smaller factors can wind up having the greatest long term bearing on your business. A good example is the evolution of fax technology. If your business is still utilizing traditional paper-and-ink, dial-up fax machines to receive documents, switching to online faxing can benefit your business.

Traditional fax machines use a printer, paper, and ink to print out copies of visual data (documents, photos, contracts, blueprints, receipts, orders, etc) distributed over a phone line. Online faxing services offer an easy and affordable way for your business to deal with faxed information without being subjected to the many shortcomings of traditional fax machines. Let’s review some of the benefits.

A Green Choice

Old fax machines are notorious paper wasters and landfill fillers, using one toner cartridge after another to spew out mountains of printed sheets, which then need to be sorted, collated, distributed, and filed away in cabinets (taking up ever more space). An online faxing service provides your company with a phone number and an online interface (often via the company’s website) that help you receive and manage all of your faxes. Documents that are faxed to your business (using the number provided for you, which will usually be toll free or local, depending on your business needs) are automatically converted to a digital file format and stored on the interface as an email attachment. The attachment can then be forwarded from your company’s interface to any number of email addresses are required. This scenario uses no paper or ink, allows you to quickly distribute the digital document without having to print up a single copy, and takes up much less storage space (if any at all).

Easy Access

When you receive a document via traditional fax, it is printed out and filed away in a real hardcopy folder. Searching for important information from your incoming faxes means you need to physically sort through all of your paper-and-ink files until you stumble across the data your require. An online fax service automatically stores all of your incoming faxes in an easily searchable and sortable archive–allowing you to peruse and search hundreds of documents instantly–through something as simple as an email keyword search from your laptop or phone. And because the data is accessed via the Internet, all of your faxed documents are only as far away as the nearest online connection.

Online Faxing is Scalable

This is especially important to keep in mind if you are operating newly developing business. While online faxing services are usually offered for an affordable, flat monthly fee, the cost may be even lower depending on the needs of your company. This means that a smaller company requiring only moderate faxing services can often get a lower monthly charge that only increases in proportion to the business’ growth. In addition, the eco-friendly aspect of online faxing is not only good for the environment, it’s also good for your finances. By eliminating the costs of paper, ink, extra phone lines, the fax machine itself, and repair, online faxing can really help you keep your costs down.

Saving Time

Initially, it might not seem like the time taken to receive a fax printout and either file or distribute it (or both) is significant enough to have an impact on your overall productivity. However, those small time wasters rapidly add up throughout the year, as well as the time spent printing, collating, photocopying, sorting, redistributing, and even re-faxing the document. Online faxing offers an easy and efficient way to catalog your received faxes online, as well as a way to instantaneously access and forward the documents via email. The time saved can be readily invested into areas of company growth, such as customer service or product development for example, strengthening the overall quality of your business.

More Options

In the old days, if your office fax machine broke down you were out of luck until it could be replaced or repaired. Many online faxing providers offer things like a toll-free customer service hotline to help you work through any fax issues that you may encounter. Even better, a lot of the providers offer this as a 24-7, round the clock courtesy–insuring that you’ll never get stuck in a jam. Other options you may encounter are pricing plans (set number of faxes vs. unlimited) or larger data-transfer rates if your business requires particularly large, hi-resolution, detailed-oriented documents related to things like graphic design and media arts.

As a comparison, you wouldn’t trust a single dial-up Internet connection to handle your company’s network, would you? Of course not. Not when there are infinitely faster, more adaptable, and more efficient options available. Trusting your fax needs to traditional analog fax machines is no less ridiculous in this day and age. If you’re not yet taking advantage of an online fax service, it’s high time to reap the benefits.

Metro Hi Speed is a leader in internet fax solutions for any sized business. Less expensive and more reliable than traditional fax services – you’ll enjoy the convenience and well as the cost. Visit us today for more information on our small business and corporate fax solutions.

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How To Pick The Best Online Fax Service

People use faxes in different ways, and in very different quantities, too. Whether for personal or business use, if faxing is a big part of your everyday routine, you should really consider an online fax service if you have not already done so. For businesses, especially (of any size), it is important to reach all the people you can with your marketing message, not to mention confirming orders, placing orders, sending invoices and all the other things you may need to do.

All online fax services will offer you a number of core benefits, such as savings in paper, ink/toner, electricity and, perhaps most valuable of all, time. There is no reason in the world that any business looking for more efficient and less costly ways of doing business should not have an online fax service. All of your competitors use it, most likely. It is, therefore, not a matter of asking if you can afford it. It is something you cannot afford to be without. After a brief discussion of the range of benefits that online faxing offers, you will learn how to pick the best online fax service for your unique needs.

Multiple benefits

You will use your online fax service either through your e-mail program or a Web-based form. Typically you will send your fax as an e-mail attachment in one of the common, cross-platform formats (Word documents, text files, PDFS and graphics files like JPEG and TIFF), and the online service translates it into the form the recipient will see printing out from her fax machine. The immediately noticeable benefit is security, as everything is done privately rather than in the middle of the office by a fax machine.

In addition to being much more secure than using fax machines in common areas, online faxing saves paper, ink/toner, electricity, employee time and hassles. There is no software to buy, few things to go wrong and no task more difficult than most things computer users do every day. Anyone can learn it, and the technology is time-tested, stable and fast.

Singing up

As you shop around to online fax services, you will note the similarities easily, but the things that will set one service over another may take a little digging. All of the, will assign you an incoming fax number. Often you will pay extra to get a number in your local area code, or even a toll-free one, but with today’s calling plans it really makes little difference. Faxes sent to your number will arrive to you in your e-mail, as attachments that you can view in most common document viewers in Windows (and on Macintosh and Linux computers, too). You may also, or instead of, have a Web interface from which you will manage your faxing. Often you get both.

There are probably a hundred or two Internet fax services out there. Many offer plans that vary slightly in details, while others are quite different. The things you want to look for are based on your actual daily/monthly use, since you can get plans that have a monthly fee and certain send/receive limits, or pay by the piece. There are still ways to get free online faxing, too, but it is not as easy as it was, and if you have regular need for faxing the freebie deals are no bargain at all. The established, leading services typically offer monthly plans from $12 to $20, but there are some at the $6-to-$10 level. The full-featured plans with hundreds (even up to a thousand) pages, incoming plus outgoing, will be at the higher end of the range, of course, but for heavy users, they are the way to go.

Other deciding factors There really are some things just as important as saving your firm a few dollars, and you should never skimp just for a small savings. You may need some good customer service one day, so check each company’s reputation for that, plus tech support (and find out when it is available, too). Make sure that everything is spelled out in plain English, and do not take anyone’s word for it. If it is not in the contract, you will not get it, period.

Some service providers give 30-day trials, so that is a way you can give the plan a real test drive and see if it will work for you month in and month out. The benefits of online faxing greatly outweigh any costs, and a further benefit is that you can integrate faxing into your computer-centered digital workflow. Your computer is your conduit and your channel, both to and from the rest of the world, and there is no reason that one communications method (faxing) should require you to get up, leave your workspace and waste time. Even having your own desk-mounted fax machine is much more trouble than routing faxes through your computer. Time to get with the 21st century workflow!

Metro Hi Speed is a leader in email fax solutions for any sized business. Less expensive and more reliable than traditional fax services – you’ll enjoy the convenience and well as the cost. Visit us today for more information on our small business and corporate fax solutions.

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What Are The New Features In Timeslips For 2010?

Timeslips is a well-known software package used by service industry businesses to track and bill their time more efficiently. The program allows service providers to log their time spent with customers directly into the system. Once this information is captured in the system, billing is automatically generated which saves time and resources spent on administration and accounting work. Like many good software packages, the developers are constantly looking at ways to improve the system to make it easier to use or more efficient for customers. Here’s a brief rundown on some of the improvements and features of the latest 2010 release:

New Client Default Rates Report

You may have different rates for different clients, and inputting this information manually can be time consuming. Perhaps you offer a particular client a five percent discount on all work you do for them because they have been a loyal client for a number of years. Naturally, if the system then kicks out a standard invoice that doesn’t reflect this discount, the client could get quite put off. The new Timeslips for 2010 allows you to input different default rates for different clients. This means that if you have a discount structure in place for a specific client then you can easily do their billing without having to manually add the discount at the end of the invoice. The system automatically does this for you. This saves you time and effort, making your business more efficient.

New Clients Not Billed Report

This feature helps you track your billing cycles. If you have regular customers that suddenly stop sending you business, this will get highlighted in the Clients Not Billed report. This will then alert you to this fact and you can get in touch with your customers to find out the reason for this. You may find that it is because another competitor has swept in and offered better prices, or maybe your customer is unhappy with your service. Either way, you will have the opportunity to rectify this and salvage your client before you lose their business permanently. You can be certain that they will appreciate your proactive approach in keeping their business.

New Preview Feature of Bills and Reports Without Saving

Now you can have a look at the Reports and Bills without having to save the changes. This is helpful if you want to quickly refer to information but not necessarily save changes in the system.

New Print to Exel as Displayed Feature

Exel is a widely used costing and spreadsheet system. It can be integrated with a wide variety of different software systems so you can access your data in a variety of forms. Now printing from Exel is easier than ever. You can export the data into an Exel spreadsheet and then print it from that program in the same format as it is in the system. This provides a convenient way to print bills if needed.

New Improved Slip Notes

Often you need to add a note to a bill that is relevant only to a particular client or service that you have performed. An enhanced feature now allows for freeform text. There is also a feature which now draws through these slip notes to a report so you can easily call up a summary of all notes made.

Improved Purge Feature

Often systems get clogged with data and user information that is no longer relevant. You may have sales people listed on the system who no longer work for your company and each time you search for a user you have to scroll down through a whole long list of names. Similarly, you may have clients listed on the system that no longer send business your way or are no longer in business themselves. All of this data may have been relevant at some point in time but it is now just hampering your day-to-day operations. The new improved purge feature allows you to highlight and archive these old files or delete them completely. Perhaps you have backed up your system and have all your old customer information on an external drive. This feature would then allow you to sift through your current database and make sure that it only contains names and details of current customers and sales people. This will make the system and the way you operate far more efficient.

Home Security equipment and point of sale systems are only the beginning of what we have to offer at Gemini Computers. Visit us online to peruse our spectrum of products including POS System, Point Of Sale Software, ELO Touch Screens, symbol Barcode Scanners, Printers, Cash Registers, MSR, Scales, Intercom/Video Phones, IP Cameras, Accounting Software, and much more.

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The History Of Facebook

Today, Facebook is one of the largest and most successful social media networks worldwide. It is used by people to connect with friends and family, and keep updated on what is happening in their lives. There are many heartwarming stories of people connecting over Facebook after being out of touch for years or even decades. Businesses too are seeing the value of Facebook as a marketing tool and a way to reach their target markets. The applications have grown so wide that almost any company in any industry can use it as a marketing tool. It would be interesting to know if the founders of Facebook ever dreamed that it would become such a large organization.

Humble Dorm Room Beginnings

Facebook was originally started by Mark Zuckerberg while he was studying at Harvard University. It was originally called the facebook and just a part-time hobby for Zuckerberg. It was created as a social networking platform for Harvard students. On the site, students could log in and share information about events and what they were up to. They could also post pictures and social events to share with their friends. As the concept caught on, it was widely endorsed by Harvard students. Soon the network was expanded to the universities of Yale and Stanford. A fellow student Edwardo Saverin helped finance the project. As the project grew, two fellow students, Dustin Muskowitz and Chris Hughes, joined Zuckerberg in his efforts to grow the site. Several months later, thefacebook was a nationwide phenomenon among universities and colleges in America. In order to pursue their dreams, Mark Zuckerberg and Dustin Muskowitz dropped out of Harvard to work full time on thefacebook concept. In August 2005, the name was officially changed from thefacebook to Facebook and the domain was purchased for a reported $200,000.

Expansion of the Facebook Concept

In its early days, Facebook remained a closed community, accessible only to registered students of universities and colleges in the United States, Canada and other English-speaking nations across the world. There was also some controversy surrounding Facebook as fellow Harvard students accused Mark Zuckerberg of stealing their idea. There was ongoing litigation for some time before a settlement was finally reached out of court in 2008 for an estimated $65 million. By this stage, Facebook was a worldwide phenomenon that had opened up to broader audiences. No longer were the users all university students. Now professionals and private users were able to connect over this social platform. A wide range of quirky applications allowed users to take quizzes, set up groups, and play games. In addition, networking opportunities opened up as people formed groups, developed company pages and created events.

The New Face of Facebook

Now with an estimated 400 million users worldwide, Facebook has become a major force to be reckoned with in social media. It is now said to have overtaken its competitors such as Twitter and Myspace as the leading social network platform with more than 60 percent of the market share. The activity on Facebook is nothing short of phenomenal. With links to mobile phones, there are more than 100 million users that access Facebook through their mobile phone. These users are said to be among the most active on Facebook. At least half of the registered Facebook users visit the site every day. Over a period of a month, users are estimated to spend 500 billion minutes per month on Facebook. It is a social platform that has a global reach and is now available in more than 70 translations.

In terms of business, it is a platform that is used by more than a million entrepreneurs and businesses in more than 180 countries worldwide. Its success is evidenced in the fact that at least 70 percent of Facebook users engage with platform applications each month. A large majority of top-ranked websites worldwide have integrated with Facebook as it is seen as the single most powerful social networking tool available on the Web. Given that more than 250 billion pieces of content are shared in any given month, it is not difficult to see why it has become such a huge business success.

What This Means for Businesses

No matter how you personally feel about social networking, Facebook is one media tool that no smart business person can ignore. The broad access that it provides to markets worldwide and the dynamic nature of the application is something that any business can tap into.

INT Social Marketing is a full service social media intelligence firm providing Facebook, Twitter, video marketing and copywriting service solutions for all manner of clients.

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You Need Automated Link Directory Submitter Software 3034 And High PR Directories!

Using good automated link directory submitter software can drastically reduce the time you spend manually submitting your business profile and web address to the thousands of online directories on the internet. Automated link directory submitter software 3034 and high PR Directories can help you improve your traffic and search engine results, quickly and easily. Submitting your site to online directories creates backlinks from those sites, improving your page ranking. Manual submission can take hours, particularly as the number of online directories grows daily.

To submit your site manually without automated link directory submitter software, you have to first find good directories – with a decent Page Ranking – then visit each directory, create a profile and then submit your site for approval. This is not exciting work, and although the results may be worth it in the end, the number of hours you have to put in are not. Using automated link directory submitter software can cut out many of the steps involved in manual submission, automating tedious work in a way that makes generating backlinks quite easy.

Automated link directory submitter software 3034 allows you to create a profile and automatically send it to a multitude of directories, 10 at a time. These are not link farms, but targeted, quality, high PR directory sites, most of them with a page rank of PR4 to PR7 (PR10 being the highest page rank). Page Rank is an indicator of the value of an individual web page. The volume of backlinks, and the quality of the page that contains the link are all factored in to calculate your site’s PR and where it will end up in the search results.

Some directories ask for reciprocal links, but at least half of the directories available with automated link directory submitter software 3034 do not, making them more credible to the search engine spiders. To avoid all directory submissions looking exactly the same, automated link directory submitter software 3034 swops the keywords, description and link title around for different submissions. This makes each directory submission even more credible. Automated link directory submitter software 3034 and high PR directories provide you with more than 1500 out of the 3000 plus directories available that will accept a one way backlink.

By allowing you to submit to 10 directories at a time, automated link directory submitter software 3034 measurably speeds up the submission process. The program includes features like a submission history report, a management system to keep track of your submissions, and you have access to online updates of the directory listing as well. These updates usually add between 50 and 100 new online directories per month, and you can add your own directories to the list to ensure comprehensive coverage.

In order to improve the traffic to your site and achieve better search engine results, you need the time-saving convenience of automated link directory submitter software 3034 and high PR directories. Rather than use chunks of time manually submitting, get automated link directory submitter to do it for you.

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How Contact Management Software Can Help Your Business

Contact management software is one of the essential tools for business success, regardless of the size of the business. There are many advantages to using this type of software program, affecting internal and external business operations.

Contact management software is also commonly known as Client Relationship Management or CRM. A good CRM system can make it possible for you to improve your business communications, increase sales performance, reduce expenses, and better reward strong employee performance.

There are many companies that produce contact management software. Choosing the right program can be very useful to your business in a number of critical areas. Selecting the wrong program for your particular business can produce cumbersome business operations and potentially negative results.

You will want to research your options thoroughly and ensure that the program you choose is appropriate for your business type, size, and structure. A good contact management system must be easy-to-use, quick to install, and will include a full array of support and training tools to ensure that you and your employees get off to a quick and successful start. This important new tool in your business and it is important that it is easy for everyone to adopt the program in order to realize its full potential. Successfully implementing the right software will create a competitive advantage for you in your market.

A good CRM system will help you streamline your business and improve your company’s overall effectiveness.

The centralized location of all pertinent contact information for your vendors, prospects, and current customers will greatly benefit all your employees in their daily operations. When the program is used effectively, it allows your staff to easily see the current status of all contacts.

Your sales staff updates the program with information about leads and recent meetings, customer contracts, project specifications, and agreed-upon business arrangements. Your entire company can always have the most current information at their fingertips. When your CRM system communicates with your other business software programs, you can plan your projects and update your sales figures, record other pertinent information, and produce quick, detailed reports.

It can be difficult for all employees to have the most up-to-date information all the time. Without a central collection point for business information, there are important details that are sure to slip through the cracks. When you use contact management software, you ensure that all your employees have access to the same information at all times.

The CRM system generates more accurate and efficient internal communications for your business. The information regarding which sales person handles a particular customer is always available to your entire staff. Your employees have ease of access to the person “in the know” on any particular customer’s project, and many CRM systems allow you to track other key players in your organization for each customer as well.

Integrating your contact management software with your production and accounting programs can also be critical to your success. Your CRM system can generate reports on sales staff activities. It can give you critical data on customer jobs, including information on which customers or prospects can better round out your business activities to increase workflow and profits.

For larger businesses, contact management software can provide a means of keeping track of the activities of a large sales force. Knowing how your sales staff is performing at all times is essential to the success of your business, allowing you to better manage your sales activities and target operations to build your business.

With the easy tracking available through a contact management system, you can have solid performance information at your fingertips. You can project future workflow, judge current business performance, and more accurately reward good performance form individual sales persons.

For smaller businesses, CRM systems can also be very useful. Even those businesses without a significant sales force can benefit from the use of contact management software. As your business grows, you add clients, network with other small business owners, or meet new prospects. As a result, it’s essential that you organize their contact information.

Keeping your contacts organized is only one of the features of a strong CRM system. You can easily keep important specs of previous customer work that you’ve completed. You can analyze your time, efforts, and expenses associated with completed work. You additionally have the ability to track performance with particular ventures, and better target your future marketing, production or service routes.

When you purchase a good contact management software program and integrate it fully into your business, you stage yourself for success. Selecting the right software is only the first step. Ensuring you use that software to the fullest extent will guarantee that you have a powerful tool at your disposal in your daily business operations.

Bob Walton is a representative for BigContacts, a proven Web Based CRM software and Business Contact Manager that is used by many thousands of small businesses around the world. Our clients tell us that our contact management software helps them to retain more clients, reduce expenses and close more sales. Visit us online today for more information.

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