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All Decent Editors Will Assume That The Copyright Belongs To You

Do I have to register all my articles with the U.S. Copyright Office? No. “All original work is automatically entitled to copyright protection the instant it’s produced and saved in any tangible kind (on paper, on disk, on canvas, on film),” says publishing attorney Daniel Steven. You don’t need to register it. Also, if your article is published to a copyrighted magazine, your article will be covered under their copyright.

Before your article is published, you may want to protect yourself by having a record of when you wrote it. Your word processing program may automatically “date-stamp” your documents (there will be a “created on” or “last edited on” date embedded in the document’s description). You can also save your articles to disk, organizing articles by month and/or year. If it’s important to you, you can register your works with the U.S. Copyright Office. The forms are available online:

You should be able to use Short Form TX, available for download as a .pdf file. As of this writing, the charge for registration is $20. You do not have to pay a separate fee for each article; instead, you can register a collection of your work (several articles, stories, poems, etc.) together for one copyright registration and one fee.

Some writers select to register groups of their articles twice a year or so. A couple of from the editors I’ve spoken with say it annoys them when a writer submits some thing with a copyright notice on it. It’s almost like proclaiming, “Hey, editor, I don’t trust you and want you to see that you cannot steal this piece simply because it is mine, all mine!”

All decent editors will assume that the copyright belongs to you. The only time you should include a copyright notice is when you’re publishing something on the Web. It discourages would-be plagiarizers from claiming they thought your work was in the public domain.

How does copyright protect my ideas?

It does not. Suggestions aren’t subject to copyright. You cannot copyright an idea, a title, a thought, or a concept. You are able to only copyright the written or recorded kind of that concept. What does this mean to you? Nicely, it means that an editor can legally use suggestions you’ve presented in a query. She cannot, nevertheless, use your words. She can’t plagiarize the manner in which you have executed your ideas. So, if you’ve pitched a story about surfing in the Bahamas, and then see an article in the magazine a few months from now about surfing within the Bahamas, you cannot cry “foul.”

If that article contains excerpts from your query, uses the exact same resources, or is simply a thin rewording of the exact same pitch you sent, then you have a situation. Your have a number of choices at this point. You can write to the editor and publisher, stating your case and demanding compensation and a written correction with your byline in the next issue. If this isn’t satisfactory, you can take the situation to Little Claims Court.

This is slightly tricky, though the magazine must either be based in the exact same state as you reside, or it must be distributed there. You might also file your grievance using the National Writers Union if you’re a member ( They have many well-trained volunteers on board who can advise you for free, and write letters towards the publisher on your behalf.

Finally, if you truly believe your case is iron-tight, you can hire a lawyer. Obviously, you’ll have to consider the expense of legal fees, and weigh this against what you stand to gain.

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Why All Businesses Should Hire A Telephone Systems Technician

For a small business just setting up or expanding, it seems logical to save money by fixing your own business telephone system. After all, there is a wealth of details on the Internet, and you know your PBX from your VOIP, right?

Although in the long run it makes more sense to hire a phone systems technician. Phone systems technicians have exposure to and training with a large variety of systems from simple 4-line setups to complex networks spread over multiple locations and with dozens of custom components. Also, a good phone systems technician will calculate your needs and recommend the optimum setup for your situation, using the most fitting equipment and efficient phone layouts. They are up to date on the latest technology and know where to find the best deals on hardware, including possibilities like refurbished systems, or even upgrading and expanding your existing system instead of the full replacement you had envisioned.

A phone systems technician can save you countless time and anxiety. He or she knows that you need to focus on your business, and as a small business person even a few hours off line can cost you dearly in terms of money and clients! The tech can plan and prepare for the install so that any cutover to a new system takes place during a period of low or no call volume and will plan for any downtime needed for troubleshooting and tweaking to fall over a weekend or other off time, and will commit to doing whatever it takes to have you up and running on Monday morning.

Also, the phone service technician can be a helpful resource to you and your staff. Rather than each person struggling to learn the system, assign extensions, establish rollover patterns, select hold music and ringtones, and set up voicemail accounts, the tech can complete all these tasks and even contribute training to all employees or one or two as a “train the trainer” service so that everyone is familiar with the new system the minute it goes live.

An excellent phone service technician’s job is not over when you receive your first incoming call. He or she will remain a resource to you going forward, able to advise and troubleshoot on any issues or needs that arise, keeping your business’s link to the outside world in perfect working order.

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Importance Of Web Design Leeds

According to statistics, the world’s population has reached seven billion people. So far, an estimate of 1.8 billion people has used the worldwide web. Not surprisingly, the internet is a favourite place for many activities. Web design Leedsis important when it comes to attracting internet surfers.

People use the internet to date, shop, socialize, perform banking and even earn a degree. Currently, online marketing is a more successful marketing method compared to offline marketing. Owning a website is a major aspect of online marketing.

It does not matter whether you own a small business, medium or large one. A website is the best way to promote and market your product or service. There is a higher tendency to attract more customers and increase your business. Even those who are doing freelance jobs or individual home business should think about having a website of their own.

By doing so, there are better chances of getting more lucrative assignments and contracts. So, if you do not own a website yet, consider hiring the services of a web designer. Find someone who has the necessary working experience, graphic design skills and knowledge to do the job of web design Leeds.

You can discuss with the person about your planned budget, marketing goals and other aspects. It is part of the web designer’s job to work within your proposed budget. If the person is experienced enough, he or she can create an attractive and functional website in spite of your budget.

For web design Leeds, the appearance of a site, its content, visibility and user-friendly aspects are main items. In order to attract many web users, an appealing site with good content is vital. Web users prefer to access a site, which is quite easy to download and navigate. As you may know, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a prominent feature of online marketing. Hence, the visibility of a site in main search engines is a feature not to be missed.

In short, consider setting up a website if you or your company does not possess one yet. By hiring a web designer, it is also possible to improve on your existing website.

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Local Directories Bring Your Business Customers

If you are looking for ways to market your business, don’t forget local directories. They have been around for years but they are still one of the main ways that customers will find you. You do not want to ignore such a simple but effective way to market yourself.

When people are looking for a service or product, they still have a habit of picking up a local directory. It’s just easier for most people, especially those that are not really comfortable on a computer, to pick up a book. And believe it or not, there still are many people who aren’t fans of using a computer.

Not only that, it can be a lot more convenient to grab the directory, especially if the computer isn’t already on. Directories are handy because you can flip through them, see all the businesses in your category in one place and more easily make a choice of who to call. The thing is, if someone goes to use a directory and you aren’t in there, you definitely won’t be getting that phone call.

When people first move into an area, they need to find new places for all their products and services. They often use directories to find them. If you miss out on this call, you may never get another chance at this new customer.

Many of the directories also have listings online. This way, you can be found easily in both places. If you have a website as well, there is no need for concern that you won’t be found on the Internet. Being in the directory just gives you more exposure and at a much more reasonable price than most advertising.

Local directories are still one of the first places people look when they need something. If your business isn’t in it, you could easily lose prospective customers. Considering the low cost of advertising in them, it doesn’t make sense not to.

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Affordable Templates Within Your Grasp Here

Is static HTML still your preferred method of design for your affiliate review websites? As you probably know, it takes a lot of time to develop a page using static HTML. At minimum it could take you nearly a week to build a website if you are designing each single page from scratch. And when you want add a page or make some changes, you will have to redesign again. What a pain in the neck!

I definitely suggest that you utilize Content Management System, or CMS, to develop your website. WordPress, Xoops, Plone, Joomla, and other types of heavily used free CMS options are available. The majority of CMS are free to use for anyone!

WordPress is perhaps the easiest and most simplest way to build a review site. I don’t need to use any page designing tools to develop a single page of my website now. Instead, I just install WordPress on my domain, set up a SQL database, come up with a nice looking theme, then install the necessary plugins. In this manner, I am able to get my review site on the server and operating in literally a couple of minutes!

Some themes are better than other for developing review websites. Make sure that the one you choose is optimized and designed to work as a landing page. Are you wondering what you need to focus on when developing a theme?

Here are some tips to help you adjust your theme effectively:

1. Delete navigation on top of your homepage.

2. Turn off any widgets. There should be nothing the takes your visitors away from your theme.

3. Make use of a light or white background with dark text so it is easy to read.

* Orchestrate the sequence of your posts to better sell your products. Your best selling item should be on the very first post. After that, categorize the other posts in descending order by popularity.

Those were only a couple of ideas to get your WP review site up and running. You need to find themes that are suitable for building review sites and some affiliate plugins.

wesite Flash web templates are free at our site. Designers templates are not very expensive here. Css web templates are so easy to use.

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THe Best For Articles And Online Press Releases – Online Publicity

Building links and online publicity is such an important aspect when you are creating a website. You can go out there and get 10,000 pr1 or pr 0 sites but then you go ahead and just get one link from Microsoft or Entrepreneur and if that link is going to stay, the benefit is, it only takes you one of those links to get all of the same benefit you may have got from all of those other links.

To give an example of that, I know someone who hosted an E-Biz show, it was hosted on a well known station. They’ve got a lot of internet radio shows on it. But they also host radio for a major shopping internet site who has radio services. It has hundreds of millions of members, but the important thing is, its home page cycles ten times. So every time you hit the refresh page, it cycles ten times. It may have changed since. Because it was hosted on a major site my site was doing well with the site’s home page. My page rank was five or six out of ten.

I didn’t know why. I didn’t know how, it didn’t matter. It was five out of ten. Because that site was linked to my radio site and the radio site was linked to my site. That enabled me to have a high page ranking. I rely on different ways than search engine ranking for people to find me. With online publicity it’s direct relationships, direct referral, word of mouth marketing, buzz marketing, all those sort of things are definitely publicity. The online articles are great because people can immediately click. The next is online press releases. The online press releases are great because if you use a service like and you don’t use the free one, you use like the $80 to $100, they have different price ranges. But if you use a minimum of $80 you can make it onto the front page of Yahoo News, MSN.

I’ve done press releases for companies and we’ve had something like 127,672 views in a single 24 hour period to our website, for $80. This is in contrast to sitting down trying to figure out what’s going on behind the Google black curtain and sand box and getting slapped and doing the Google dance and everything else. You write a press release really well, a good headline, newsworthy, helpful information, and you drive 127,000 people to click on a link.

That’s the objective with online publicity. One of the things that I really like, is systems. What you really need to focus on first before you build your system is, what is the objective? Is the objective of your website to increase your credibility? Is the objective of your website to get people to sign up for your newsletter? Is the objective of your website to get people to click and buy? Whatever your objective is, you have to work your system. If you’re building a canal for ships, it is, I want the ships to go from Lake Ontario to Lake Eyrie. So I know the direction I’m going from, where I’m going to, do I want to blast through bedrock or do I want to dig through clay that I can easily take care of? I go a little bit longer route, but I get there just the same. The objective is gained, I save a ton of money, I don’t blow up two dozen people in the meantime.

Once you know what your objective is, then you can balance off what software you want to buy, what free stuff you want to use, how you’re going to do natural search engine ranking versus pay per click and your online publicity. If I did pay per click to get 100,000 clicks, even if I just got it down to a nickel, you do the math, that’s quite a bit of money versus $80 for a press release.

One of the other things you can do along the lines of publicity when you do those articles is send it to a syndicater. That syndicater takes that article and distributes it to other sites for you. So it’s something you can do once and then someone else is doing the work to distribute it for you.

So there are many ways to get publicity and drive traffic to your site. Choose the ones that work for you and you will have a popular site.

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Some Tips On How To Improve SEO For Your Website

Anyone who wants to make a success of themselves online will need to understand search engine optimisation in order to do this. Understanding SEO will enable you to drive traffic straight towards your website. If you want to seo leeds, here are some tips that should help you do so.

You need to be looking to the future at all times and therefore when you purchase your domain name it is a good idea to purchase this is a longer. Often domain names that have been purchased for many years are going to rank more highly on search engines simply because they do not like it when websites come and go.

It is crucial that you think about the keywords you use. The keywords you using any article or in any content should always be included in the title and littered throughout the body of the content as well. Add as many keywords as you can without cluttering up the content, as the more keywords you have on the main page, the more likely you will have high rankings.

Keeping an active website is crucial. Active websites that always have fresh content added and always being updated will always rank more highly. Do not simply let your website become inactive as this will simply cause it to slowly slip down the list when people type certain keywords into their search engine.

Make sure that the quality on your site is very high and that it is easy-to-use and to navigate. If people visit your website and find that it is very difficult to get around and the content is not very good, they are not going to revisit it. This will certainly cause your website to take a hit.

Adding links and setting up a good link building strategy to improve seois also an excellent way of generating additional traffic to your website. Make sure that you add links with as many other websites as you can within your niche, with a particular focus on those that are popular.

If you need link building services leeds then talk to improve seo and link building services leeds today, from the most ethical seo company their is.

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Latest Gadgets Are Free With Freebiejeebies

How many times have you been wondering around the internet and seen the big adverts pop up which advertise a free iphone or other expensive gadget.

A free iphone or free games console, we have all seen then and most of us will just close the advert and ignore it. But ask yourself this could they really give away such great expensive gadgets?

Well I cant speak for all the websites offering a free iphone but I can say that freebiejeebies are one website which do offer people a free iphone and the iphone 4 is not the only free gift you can claim either.

Having the title of being the UK’s number one free giveaway website Freebiejeebies, have dispatched more than one million pounds worth of goods to their members.

Richard and Alex(female) are the two Managing directors of freebiejeebies and they are both offering support not just though the website but also through a forum called eXceem. This gives their members the confidence and support they need.

On joining up with Freebiejeebies you are required to give them some personal details as you would joining any online website, they do ask for you home address but this is required to send out your free gift.

The requirements to claim a free gift start with you having to choose one of the offers displayed, by completing one of the offers you are then qualified to carry on and claim your free gift. Please ensure you read the offer requirements carefully.

The offers are varied and depending which country you reside will depend on which offers are open to you. There are free offers which can be completed for most country’s making this whole process very inviting.

Considering it may take you on average 8 weeks to qualify for your free gift, this is not very long at all is it? The time scale from person to person is different and can be as little as a few weeks.

There are no charges made to you for the delivery of the free gifts, all charges are included in your free gift no matter where you might live.

You will never have spam sent from Freebiejeebies neither will they ever sell your personal details.

Want to get started with freebiejeebies, then visit and start claiming your own free macbook or choose from any of the free gifts offered. This article, Latest Gadgets Are Free With Freebiejeebies is released under a creative commons attribution licence.

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The Best Benefits From SEO

It is not only the content words in the presence of a few discrete positions between the top web search would rank. Relative information content and full of words must be to improve the information correctly. This would impel visitors to a web page for more information or go to revisit some of the time. Also recommended that its peer.

It is very profitable business now as each company was selected for the website to increase their sales and reach more customers. The SEO process can be for any kind of search. This can be an information search, or an image search and video search, etc. The optimization process is done according to the specified search for the visitors.

Recommended to the website owner to hire an SEO professional in his area communities. This can be beneficial as an agent of South-East Europe to work on the marketing of products. It’s easy to meet the needs of local customers for the first time because they know local demand. Also in this way can be a foot in the business over the Internet. Once they are established in this business, and then we can think of to customers worldwide. Therefore, local SEO Optimizers be the best option for the novice.

Optimization will be necessary, but you always need to keep your eyes open for others. The higher the ranking of your site’s success is not dependent on the unique optimization. View the contents of the site’s visual appeal and also plays a very important role behind. Therefore, the process of site content should be monitored very carefully, and.

It is like the popular Google search engine can search your keywords in the search engine’s credibility. You can easily monitor this group of words really increase your website traffic, what is not. Therefore, the keywords correctly judge, you may decide to pay the keywords, not paid. hear are some search engine optimization process points, but also a member of the rich.

You do not want to do a typical Link Exchange, if you really want to go to the top then you want One Way Links.

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Mobile Application Ipad Or Iphone Development Get It Right

Businesses and companies need to decide whether they should build for 2 platforms both the iphone and ipad the first platform has over thirty million daily users all of whom are massive fans the second has a extremely large marketing budget and an initial hard core set of fans, however it also has a long list of people who are against it, against it at least until version 4.

Once a business’s has looked at their local marketplace and decided to move ahead with an iPad application they will need to look at the design of this very carefully, in addition to having to design for a wider screen they will also need to remove some of the functionality that comes as standard for an iphone such as GPS and voice control.

Businesses and companies need to decide whether they should build for 2 platforms both the iphone and ipad the first platform has over thirty million daily users all of whom are massive fans the second has a extremely large marketing budget and an initial hard core set of fans, however it also has a long list of people who are against it, against it at least until version 4.

Any budding iPad developers will have to ensure they build all their applications to the same high standards as an iPhone application, which include writing the code to the same rule base and best practice techniques as previous standards.

Businesses and companies need to decide whether they should build for 2 platforms both the iphone and ipad the first platform has over thirty million daily users all of whom are massive fans the second has a extremely large marketing budget and an initial hard core set of fans, however it also has a long list of people who are against it, against it at least until version 4.

Once a business’s has looked at their local marketplace and decided to move ahead with an iPad application they will need to look at the design of this very carefully, in addition to having to design for a wider screen they will also need to remove some of the functionality that comes as standard for an iphone such as GPS and voice control.

ipad application developmentis and will be around for a long time, judging on the apps or applications that are currently available in the app store then they also range from a cheap bad nasty standard to being visually stunning, it is widely known that people do not like poor designed cheap apps.

Any budding iPad developers will have to ensure they build all their applications to the same high standards as an iPhone application, which include writing the code to the same rule base and best practice techniques as previous standards.

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