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Protecting Your Netbook

Netbooks are not a cheap piece of equipment to buy, yet those who buy them rarely take any precautions to protect them. So, what can be done to minimize the risks that exist?

Have Your Netbook Engraved – Marking your notebook computer reduces the worth of it to potential thieves as it makes it more difficult to re-sell it. Have your name, address and phone number on the outer case in a prominent place. It may even lead to it being returned to you should you lose it.

Register Your Netbook – The majority of people are so excited when they get a new netbook that they skip registering their netbook with the manufacturer, thinking that it is boring and unnecessary. Taking a few minutes to do it has a couple of big benefits though. Firstly, it may be necessary for the manufacturers warranty to become valid and, secondly, if it gets stolen and someone later tries to update or repair it, then it will it will be flagged up as a stolen machine and may be returned to you.

Cable Locks – Cable locks are used in a variety of other circumstances to keep thieves away, so why not use one to keep your netbook safe and secure too? Using even a small, lightweight one will be enough to put off most thieves, who are generally looking for the easiest target possible, which your netbook will no longer be.

Privacy Shield – These are used to protect the data on your netbook rather than the actual netbook itself, and should be considered by anyone who regularly uses their netbook in public places. They are a simple plastic device that, when attached to your netbook, prevent anyone not sitting directly infront of the netbook from seeing what is on the screen.

GPS Tracking – Stolen netbooks can be electronically tracked and recovered. These tracking systems use GPS (global positioning system) to relay the netbooks location to a central tracking computer.

Software Tracking – Another way to increase the security of your netbook is by using a software tracking code placed inside the hard drive. The software, which lies inside undetected, will communicate with a central system through the Internet.

Install A Firewall – There are obvious issues with someone having free access to valuable data such as client addresses, credit card details etc. Firewalls such as ZoneAlarm are a cheap layer of security to act as a buffer between you and data harvesters. They only take a few minutes to install but can save weeks of heartache.

Insurance – Even the most careful owner is at risk from accidents occurring. Wires can be easily tripped over or coffee can be spilled over a keyboard. An extended warranty or an insurance policy should be considered.

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