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What Are The Types Of Copyright

Copyright Intellectual Property consists of many types of creative work. They are Literary works, musical works, artistic works, maps and technical drawings, photograph works etc.

The appearance of idea/concept is protected in copyrights and not the idea itself. Many stories may be similar in concept but the written words and its idea makes the work novel from others. Pictures, words, colors and the way of style in writing story make the idea novel.

Literary work means any story or action is communicated by means of picture or illustration in a form suitable of a book or in a paper or in a journals. Computer program comes under literary work. Computer program means a set of instructions expressed in words, codes, schemes or any other readable form. Dramatic work includes the script of the dialogue, choreography, music, lyrics, sound recording used in the drama including performance moral rights.

Musical work defines the work which consists of song and it should not include vocabulary. The song words can be registered as a literary work under intellectual property copyright where the words of the song are cosseted. These rights will be owned by the writer. In case of written music, the words will be protected as a literary work. The rights will be owned by the musician of the music. Musician means the person who composes the music. Sheet music is registered as a separate copyright where it contains the physical outline details of the song.

A sound recording is something where and when the sound recording was made. The owner of the sound recording owns the recording company. The rights of the performer are assigned to the recording company. The recording company owns the copyright sound recording ownership. The performers should give permission when their performance is made. The performers are the creators of sound recordings as they have the moral right. Performer’s right means a performance made by live performers. Musician, dancer, entertainer, actor, singer, a person delivering a lecture or any other person who makes a performance are called as performers.

Work of architecture means structural designs of any buildings which has a design. Artistic work means a drawing or a photograph, sculpture, a painting, buildings which posse’s creative quality. In case of shoot, the copyright will be owned by the shooter who takes the shoot.

Cinematography film defines a copy of the movie formed by any medium. Producer means any person who takes the steps to create the work. movie includes TV programs, cinema and animation where the privileges will depend on the script, the visual images and the sound track. Communication to the public means any work available to the public directly or by means of display or through satellite or cable. Broadcast means communication to the public by means of wireless diffusion.

Learn more about registration act . Stop by Ramaswami Natarajan’s site where you can find out all about online search for brand protection. Also published at What Are The Types Of Copyright.

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IPad Cases – Choose A Best Cover For Your IPad

Every time Apple launch a new product , the market covers and accessories moves at breakneck speed .

Despite the large number of covers, and the different models and ways we can find, choose the appropriate case for our device not always an easy task.

In my case, after leading the IPAD just over a month, I have not yet decided on sleeve that can fit more to my needs. First, the main function I’m going to give the IPAD will be to write out, but then I do not want a cover that is large enough to make me lose all the essence of the products Apple. Taking into account the situation of doubt where I am, I thought , perhaps , many readers may find themselves in this same situation. I therefore felt it appropriate to make a small guide which covers most popular show with their advantages and disadvantages.

The first thing to think about before choosing a cover, is decide the price that we want to spend . Obviously, the higher the value, the greater the number of makes and models to which we can access . Once we have determined the amount of money , we must start think about the type of case that we can come better.

Looking at the most popular brands , I have seen three different models :

The official Apple case or booklet cover

It is the best known, and surely many people end up buying. This case IPAD makes a kind of notebook and allow better device to be used in vertical or horizontal.

This case I tried for a few days and ended up returning for his low stability and the rigidity of their tapas. In addition , the edges of the cover had a very unprofessional finish . Although I did not like , we can always use other models or marks perform the same tasks in a more convincing.

If your Daily life is very busy, and the main use you’re going to give the IPAD is to write , this type of sleeves is perfect, since, in addition to the positions where we can place the IPAD, are generally well enforced. The main drawback is usually the thickness and weight that takes the device once in the case.

The silicone case :

Ideal for people who are “in love” and want your device protect the corners and the rear. Although we can move this type of bags in our daily lives , are not designed for this purpose since the constant movement, and nonexistent screen protection may end up damaging the device.

I have never recommended this type of covers, because, besides the little protection they provide, often significantly increase the size the apparatus , losing the essence that characterizes devices Apple.

If you want to take care of your IPAD, Do not mind losing the thinness and light weight that characterizes and displacement that you’ll give is scarce , this type of covers can cum really well.

The sock case:

They are a classic covers. Surely many of you , if not all, have ever had in his hands the case “sock .

If you’re going to move the IPAD with some regularity , but not going to use very often. This type of bags is perfect, since, not increase in size over the apparatus, allow move in a very comfortable and protect it in its entirety.

Although we can find more prototypes of covers on the market , usually these are the three most popular types and most demanded among consumers.

Now, once you’ve decided the purpose for which you are going to give your device, you only have to analyze the advantages and disadvantages each of them and choose what best suits your needs.

Best iPad Cases has some valuable information and reviews when it comes to finding your ideal Ipad sleeves. If your looking for information and a huge selection of iPad accessories visit the website at iPad Case.

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Top 5 Apple IPad Cases

Now that the Apple iPad has made its debut, those purchasing the popular tablet computer should make sure that they have the appropriate case to protect the computer from scratches, dents, wet environments, and other situations. There are several protective cases and sleeves available for the Apple iPad. The following list highlights the top 5 cases for the Apple iPad.

Griffin Technology offers the Elan Sleeve case for the Apple iPad. This great looking slim-fit slipcover has a smooth synthetic outer shell and a tab closure for easy access and secure. The interior of the Elan Sleeve has a micro suede finish. When covered, the Apple iPad is still compact enough to fit inside a briefcase or backpack.

The TrendyDigital WaterGuard Waterproof Case is designed to protect the Apple iPad from wet environments through the use of protective plastic case. The WaterGuard Waterproof Case can also protect it from other elements such as dust, dirt, water, and sand.

The Scratch Defense Neoprene Sleeve is a form-fitting sleeve that provides protection to the Apple iPad with its weather-resistant and high-density material made of neoprene according to the product page on The zippered sleeve has a slim design that will protect the tablet computer from scratches yet is compact enough to fit in a computer bag. The nice-looking cushioned case has a suede lining and also has room to store the USB power adapter and other accessories.

The CaseCrown Faux Suede sleeve comes in a variety of colors and has a nice exterior stitched design in faux suede. The zippered case comes with a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap and an exterior pocket that can hold the small accessories for the Apple iPad.

The canvas-backed corduroy sleeve for the Apple iPad is one of the new products from Wrappers, a maker of cases and sleeves for electronic products. Available in three stylish colors, Midnight, biscuit, and shrimp, the protective sleeve has a faux suede finish that will complement the design of the iPad.

All 5 iPad Cases that are created by Griffin Technologies are very good, but we are offering top branded iPad Cases for your sensitive iPad.

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Podcasting – The Joys Of Podcasting

Podcasts are basically radio-shows which instead of being listening online can also be downloaded and saved to a portable media player or computer. There are many websites and applications which are oriented to the popularization of podcasting. Podcasts are made about every topic you can think of and the best part is that they’re made by ordinary people like me and you. This way you can hear an opinion about a topic which isn’t manipulated by media or something like that. And besides that you can listen to podcasts whenever you won’t unlike the television or radio-shows where you have to be at a certain place at a certain hour.

Podcasts give you the latest news and information about a topic which is in your interest. Like this you can listen to a podcasts about complex numbers while drinking your morning coffee. All the tools that offer podcasts get them ordered in different classes so that the user can easily be pointed to the topics which he wants. Most of the tools offer you not only a sorting system, but also a ranking one. This way you can leave the bad quality podcasts in the background and only see the best podcasts and podcast authors.

Of course instead of listening to podcasts you can also try to create your own. You won’t need any special equipment to record and broadcast a podcasts. You will just have to possess a microphone and a computer connected to the internet. Then it is all to you – choosing the topic, choosing the community, choosing the website on which to share it. And if you have more luck and ability to talk about interesting topics and keep the users focused on your thoughts you may even make some profit from broadcasting podcasts.

Podcasting is getting more and more fans as we speak. Podcasting is the most comfortable way to get in touch about the latest news about a certain topic of interest. The possibility to listen to the podcast whenever you want is also very attractive. You just upload it to a portable media player and you can listen to it on every place you want. This way you don’t have to worry about missing the TV news or an ordinary radio-show so you have the ability to save time and use it for something more important.

Other then that the thoughts expressed by the podcast artist may be the same as yours, this way you can start building a certain community which is interested in a topic and of course you can choose the users that are really interested in it and have something important to share about that given topic. And not only that, but if you are lucky enough you can even make a new friend who thinks like you and offers you the ability to talk about your favorite topics with someone who is interested in them. Podcasting is surely one of the most modern ways to create and grow new and old communities which want to share their thoughts about a certain topic.

Learn more about podcasts and podcasting today. There is always so much to learn Check out our free tutorial on podcasting at how to podcast. You can also listen to podcasts online at podcast directory, the best podcast directory site around.

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N550 Intel – The Core 2 Duo Atom Notebooks Has Launched

Intel prepares to launch dual-core microprocessors for low-cost, portable size, notebooks. One model would be the Atom N550 processor with two cores and four threads of actioning native with a frequency of 1.5 GHz would be made available in the third quarter.

The Atom N550 have 1 Mbyte second level cache and a TDP of 8.5 watts, including the consumption of the Intel GMA 3150 integrated graphics with a 200 MHz core content consumption, only two watts above the limit for Atom N475 1.83 GHz, with simple micro kernel would also be marketed this year in line with the second generation of Atom.

The Atom N550 DDR3 bear and her two 1.5 GHz cores and four threads processing willingly increase in power and possibilities of the notebooks, especially in multitasking, said Intel VP, Mooly Eden.

Benchmarking tests in multimedia and gaming have proven that the X6800 can lead the best AMD processor by up to 36% in performance.

The new chips are also smaller and less expensive to produce than Intel’s Pentium D900 series, and they are much smaller than the Athlon 64 X2s despite packing more transistors. The smaller die and greater amount of manufacturing facilities creates more pricing flexibility for Intel than AMD.

The Core 2 Duo technology also allows for compatibility to existing systems and creates versatility.

One physical desktop can be turned into several virtual systems (all running different applications and operating systems). As an example: an individual can play a game while an FTP server is executed and a Web server is operated on another system. Meanwhile, at the same time, a database can be worked on.

Another important feature is the security platform the Core 2 Duo chips provide. Before the release of the Core 2 Duo processors, only business PCs had Trusted Platform Module (TPM) trade protection built in to the system.

Now, with the Core 2 Duo, all PCs have TPM. Within the hardware, all passwords, logons and personal data are protected from hackers, spyware and identity thieves

Web resources: core 2 duo Or Core Duo

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Positives Of Attending An Online College

Being able to return to school you know that your going to need to go to a college to get the proper education. However, you might not have the time to go and sit in the classroom to get that education. If that is your case you should know the positives of attending an online college.

One benefit that you can find is the courses will be just as good as what you get in a classroom. The courses that you are taking are so good that you cannot even tell the difference between attending a class and the one that you take on your computer.

Another benefit is that the courses can generally be taken during your available time. You might think that you will have to sit in front of your computer all the time, but for most of these you just have to get the course work done within a certain time period. So that can help you out in managing your schedule more than if you had to make time to sit in a classroom.

Something that you can find out is that you will not have to worry about going to the classroom at all the various times in the day. The classroom is often a place filled with disease and illness that you do not want to get. So using this method you will not have to worry about exposing yourself to that problem.

With many of these courses you can still maintain your full time job if you are a returning student. Being able to keep your current job is going to be a nice thing. That way you can keep the same one that you have without having to worry about finding a new one once your done with your education.

You could discover that these courses might not cost you as much as what you would be expecting to pay. The overhead for these courses is typically be significantly lower than what you are used to seeing. Because the overhead is lower you will see a decrease in the amount of money that you pay. So that is going to be a nice thing because that is going to mean that you might be able to afford the courses.

If you need to get your schooling back on track you know that it can be a challenging thing to do. However, your going to find that you should explore the positives of attending an online college that can help you with getting the education and being able to keep your job.

Thank you for reading our Helpnets article on online college in your search for help with online college online. Visit today for all your online help needs.

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Getting Started With Online Payroll

Get on the web. Google online payroll and take a look at the different companies. There are many choices and prices. Spend some time reading the different options. Many of the on line companies are good.

Deciding on the needs of your company is the first thing that needs to be done. Are you only using it for payroll? Workman’s comp is important. Do you want it included, or will you pay for it separately? Is a time card that can be checked off daily important to you?

Most companies have a monthly fee. What they do for that monthly fee is listed. The fee will vary according to your needs. If you want to do your own Workman’s comp that will save you a few dollars a month.

Now that a company has been picked, sign up. Answer all the questions honestly. This will determine the monthly fee.

Get the names, addresses, social security numbers, and wages and forms filled out. Put all employee information into the program. In order to access the new program, a log in and password will be needed. Pick your bank account that will be used.

This might sound like a lot of work. Once all the accounts are set up. The vendors are entered. The chart of accounts is done the excitement begins. Sit down at your computer, pick employee payroll, be sure you are on the correct pay week, and you are ready to go.

It is time to write checks. Your accounts are set up and ready. Go to employee paychecks. Be sure the current week is showing. Click the pay paychecks button. If you have not ordered you checks to print on, then use a regular company check and you can print the stub on a piece of paper. Most business envelopes will work.

Take your blank check that you ordered. Put it in the printer. The check will need to be set up with the printer. When you set it up, they asked if you want weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly paychecks. The computer will calculate the amounts to be deducted and give a total. The printed check as well as stub will print. If a hand written check is done then you can print the stub on a blank paper for your employee. The companies have great step by step instructions and good help keys so help is close at hand.

Thank you for reading our Helpnets article on online payroll in your search for help with online payroll online. Visit today for all your online help needs.

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Consider These Advantages Of A 1080p Media Player Device.

There are those consumers that are completely satisfied with a Blu-ray or DVD player because it perfectly meets there needs. But what about the consumers who have most of their movie files on a computer hard drive? A lot of the aforementioned system can not play these. Because of this they should consider some of the advantages behind a 1080p media player.

So what is a media player machine and why might you care to utilize one? Well the answer to this is actually quite simple. These small boxes have computer hard drives within them that can be loaded with most popular computer formatted video files. The level of machine we are discussing is able to play progressively encoded video that offers a high definition image.

Another very popular question that some readers might have is why people have such a demand for high definition, progressively framed, video files. Well these files offer quality that is not to different that what people experience when they view a Blu-ray title. The color and definition is splendid and the progressive motion looks very cinematic.

You might be wondering what type of advantages such a machine could have to offer to those who purchase it. Keep in mind that these machines are typically not only slim and small but very light in weight as well. You could easily carry such a unit from one room to another or even from one home to another. Also keep in mind that small units ship in most regions, for very effective prices.

Some people are very surprised to learn that a good portion of these machines have a nice little remote control to offer a user. This is because most people will want to be able to use them in the same way that they would use any of the disc playing machines. People typically utilize these remotes to browse through the media files while sitting in a comfortable chair.

By now, it is much hoped that you are able to understand some of the advantages enjoyed by those who own a 1080p media player. These units are very small, light weight and often cost effective. They can be as easy to use as a DVD player through the utilization of their remote controls. People should also keep in mind that many great models are out on the market.

Jemma Goldsmith is an expert writer for 1080p Medial Player and have bee writing for over ten years. She is a AV fan and is fascinated by al things to do with audio and visual. If you enjoyed this article please visit her site

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A Guide For Intel Core 2 Quad Computer VJA.

The processor performance leader look no further with four cores the Intel Core 2 Quad running at high speed allows high-level task processing in demanding multitasking environments and makes the most multithreaded applications.

Whether you’re creating multimedia annihilating your enemies in a video game or run demanding applications at the same time new quad-core processing will change the way you do everything. Be the first to enter the new world of quad-core and unleash the power of multi-threaded technology.

High level successfully introducing the new family members developed Core 2 Quad 45nm technology and Intel’s hafnium-infused circuitry. These new processors provide outstanding performance and extraordinary efficiency in energy consumption.

Whether you try to encode, file, edit or distribute make the most of his professional multimedia applications with a PC equipped with Intel Core 2 Quad. With four cores and up to 12MB of shared L2 cache and a front bus up to 1333 MHz will have a multimedia powerhouse at home and enjoy more intensive entertainment and more multitasking. Intel Wide Dynamic Execution enabling delivery of more instructions per clock cycle to improve execution time and efficiency in energy consumption Function Intel Intelligent Energy which by virtue of their design increased performance with efficient energy consumption Access Intel Smart Memory which improves system performance by optimizing the use of all data bandwidth available Intel Advanced Smart Cache providing a cache subsystem with higher performance and greater efficiency.

It comes optimized for multi-core processors and dual-core Intel Advanced Digital Media Boost accelerating a broad range of applications such as video, voice and image, photo processing, encryption, financial applications, technical and scientific. Now enhanced in the 45nm versions with Intel HD Boost utilizing new SSE4 instructions for even greater performance increase in multimedia applications allows applications to run multiple threads with simplicity.

Take advantage of the growing number of multi-threaded programs with quad-core technology from Intel. With four processing cores, a PC equipped with Intel Core 2 Quad can enjoy more intensive entertainment and more multitasking run media like never before. I hope this would helped.

Web resources: core 2 duo OR core 2 extreme

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Value Added Education At An Online University

For better or for worse, the possession of a college degree has taken on immense importance in the job markets of today. Yet these can be seen as a detriment to some, such as eager entrepreneurs, and as a financial burden to far too many. College is expensive and time consuming at its best. So what about online university? Is this a sound option?

This question is up for debate. Many in the tried and true real world physical schools with the ivy walls will say no, it is a lesser degree. But realize that their jobs may soon be at risk when the student body flees for the freedom of cyberspace. High quality instructors are getting online and doing very well at teaching those students who populate the internet halls of learning, so the tide is shifting a bit.

In time the status of a distance degree should catch up to those of brick and mortar gigs, but in the world of commerce they already are. Most hiring firms, and human resources departments, are not as concerned about where you went to school as they are with how well you did while attending. Some do not even truly consider what your major was.

Of course, this standard cannot be applied to certain types of degrees, such as those in hard sciences, but it is particularly suitable to more modern degrees. Communication studies, education, and electronic media are all taking place on the internet, so what better place to teach about them? In fact, the fact that you are a competent distance learner can set you apart from the competition in many cases.

In the near future the lines between actual universities and online institutions will blur considerably. The day will surely arrive that what you learned is far more important than where you went to do so. A bachelors degree form an accredited institution, whether it is over the air or in a building, requires the same level of work and dedication.

One distinct advantage of earning a degree online is that it proves that you are cutting edge in your actions, and not one to become mired in tradition. Mind you, some companies frown on such edgy attitudes, but new and exciting ones do not.

This is a matter of staying current with the new life changing trends surrounding us, or getting mired in the past and the same old ways of doing business. Competition is indeed tough in the world, but movers and shakers, those who dare to be different, will always have tremendous value. Matriculating at an online university may be just the thing you need.

Thank you for reading our Helpnets article on online university in your search for help with online university online. Visit today for all your online help needs.

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