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Okidata’s C5400 Color Printer – Exactly The Device Your Office Demands

The Okidata c5400 Printer is a desktop tool suitable for home or small office use. It’s good for printing both colored and black and white documents with professional quality. It has several different features, including room for expansion, so it can match your productivity needs easily. It’s a flexible and affordable machine that doesn’t skimp on the quality of its C5400 toner.

Inside it is a powerhouse – a PowerPC processor with 400 MHz speed. It’s fast enough to produce 16 color prints per minute, and 24 black and white prints per minute. Likewise, it only takes 13 seconds for a color print to come out, and just 9 seconds for a black and white print to be produced. Backing up the speedy processor is a 64-MB standard memory. But thanks to the available expansion slot, such can be upgraded up to a 320-MB memory.

Achieving professional looking printouts each and every time is never an issue with this Okidata product. It’s capable of producing print resolutions of up to 1200 dots per inch x 600 dots per inch. This impressive resolution is available for both colored and black and white Okidata replacement toner. With such resolution, it’s possible to enjoy printouts with vibrant colors and crisp details. It doesn’t matter whether you’re printing recipes for home use, or important documents for office use.

Document feeders come automatically, with support for a variety of media sizes and types. Compatible media sizes range from 8.5 inches x 11 inches (letter A), 8.5 inches x 14 inches (legal), to 8.25 inches x 11.7 inches (A4). But it also can work on banner size media, which can be up to a maximum of 8.5 inches x 47 inches. Compatible media types include plain paper, proofing paper, transparencies, labels, envelopes, card stocks, etc.

Upon purchase, this printer carries with it a media capacity standard of 400 sheets. However, should your print volume demands increase in the future, there’s no problem. It’s because the c5400′s media capacity can be expanded to a max of 930 sheets. A monthly duty cycle of 50,000 pages is ideal for stretching your budget. Such lets you keep printing and operational costs low as your productivity needs go high.

It’s also possible to install an optional duplex unit, which allows for two-sided printing. There’s no need to reload a page to the document feeder for printing at the back of it. Such allows you to save on precious time, as well as office supplies. Included PCL 6 fonts amount to a total of 80. Power supply is built internally, and the machine requires AC 120 volts for operation.

When it comes to connectivity, this Okidata model can be attached directly to a computer by means of a high-speed USB dock. Additionally, it can be easily attached to a network by means of a parallel IEEE 1284 (EPP/ECP) connectivity. Such options make it possible to have this desktop companion for personal use or for use with a small network structure.

The Okidata c5400 Printer has a compact body, simple to operate, flexible and delivers professional Oki C5400 toners performance. It comes with an affordable price tag and high-quality printer toner, making it ideal for home use or in a small workspace.

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Okidata C9600 – The Able Home Printer

For so many companies, there never seems to be enough time. They have the clients and the staff to do a superb job, but the smallest thing can throw a wrench into smooth operations; something simple such as a slow or unreliable printer. Okidata, the premier printer company, must know how that feels because they have offered as one of their C series line the Okidata C9600 printer using Okidata C9600 toners.

The Okidata C9600 printer is a full color laser printer designed primarily for the office. With extremely high specifications, this print is certainly sets new standards for speed, reliability and quality. The specifications of the sprinter are simply amazing, making it ideal for everything from the small office to the much larger business.

Coming from one of the most reputable organizations for making laser and LED printers for office use, you can be sure this printer will be reliable and have a long life span for a number of reasons. With the ability to handle large quantities of work and the paper capacity for minimal refilling, it minimizes the need for user intervention that in turn minimizes the risk of it getting damaged and enhances reliability.

It has 256 MB of memory built in and available for multiple projects. This means they can handle much larger print queues and will happily function effectively in an office environment that has dozens of computers. It also has a 720 MHZ processor that dramatically enhances performance and reliability.

It can also handle large quantities of work with a 10 GB hard disk built in and 64 MB of memory that is upgradeable to a gigabyte in total. This means that it will handle large print queues and jobs coming from multiple computers over a large business network.

To start, it can print up to 40 pages per minute in monochrome and 36 pages per minute in color. That is an incredibly high amount and you really can’t complain about that. In fact, with 64 MB of memory built in and a fast processor, it can happily handle all your office needs. Being able to handle large queues and dozens of computers, it is ideal for the larger office environment too.

With its upgradeability options, this printer is both versatile and reliable and most importantly, as future proof as possible. While it might cost a lot of money in the first place, it will be a very good long-term investment and much more effective than buying a cheap model which is probably going to break a after a couple of years.

With Okidata C9600 replacement toner, stylized and precise looking prints are all your printer will produce with phenomenal aptitude. The stunning details and print speed are top notch and prove why the OKI C9600 continues to be an superior selection for any small office that will more than impress employees and owners alike.

Offering a user-friendly interface, the OKI C9600 makes printing like a pro easy to control and highly efficient. Suiting the needs of any user, this OKI printer has a very tiny learning curve and is easy to use regardless of technical education. Just as simple and convenient as the machine’s utilization is the application and removal of the Okidata C9600 toner.

Add Oki C9600 laser toner to your machine is one way to ensure consistent quality prints. Okidata printer toner cartridges provides stunning, crisp prints.

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Okidata B6100 – Makes for A Superior Printer

When a company cares what it produces, cares that those who purchase get their money’s worth, that’s when you get a reputation for excellence. Okidata is such a company and their offering of the Okidata B6100 printer from their B series line is certainly topnotch. No matter the text request, the Oki B6100 ink and toner used in this machine provides stunning prints each and every time.

Okidata makes printers to help increase your company’s productivity and the Okidata B6100 printer does this admirably. The B6100 printer is affordable, cost efficient and reliable. This printing can handle large amounts of printing each month as the monthly duty cycle is 150,000 pages per month.

Besides your standard printouts, the B6100 also can print memos, correspondence, proposals, schedules, spreadsheets and much more. It is compatible with the newest operating systems and has a networking card.

The 1200 x 1200 dots per inch resolution produces professional, high quality printouts of which 26 sheets can be printed per minute. The memory is expandable, starting with 256 MB of memory and maxing at 643 MB. You will not have to daily fill the paper trays as the 650 sheet tray can be upgraded to hold 1,750 sheets.

The B6100 also comes with several other options so you can customize your printer to fit your business needs. There is an optional 75-envelope feeder, output catch tray or document stacker, and 5 GB hard drive storage. It is even possible to have double-sided copying with the duplex unit and this makes the printer even more cost efficient.

By staying within the monthly duty cycle you will ensure that your printer lasts a long time. The printer comes with a starter toner cartridge and the only regular consumables include toner and paper. It is a good idea to purchase additional toner cartridges with your printer, as the start cartridge does not last long.

Your Okidata B6100 printer comes with a starter toner cartridge, CD-ROM that includes all utilities and drivers, user’s guide, manufacturer one-year warranty, on site parts and labor warranty and round the clock technical support.

Okidata refuses to sacrifice quality for speed and you will receive professional black and white print outs at high speed. For the cost this printer is an excellent option and you will be pleased with its reliability.

Combined with Okidata B6100 compatible toner the printer administers an uncanny talent to create some of the most stylized and precise looking prints on the market. An incredible selection for any home business, the B6100 provides exact details and print speeds that are second to none and will impress employees and owners alike.

Printing like a pro is speedy and casual with the easy to operate and efficient Okidata B6100 providing its user-friendly interface. The B6100 has a gentle learning curve and can suit the desires of any user, regardless of their toner learning or affinity. Just as stress free and effortless as the machine’s utilization is the application and replacement of the Okidata B6100 toner.

Okidata B6100 printer toner replacement can be made via an online company for quick shipping and great prices. Okidata cartridges is one that you really can’t pass up!

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Okidata B6200 – Makes for A Wonderful Printer

One of the premier companies in the printer market began and remains with Okidata. A pioneer in affordable printers they have remained at the vanguard of reliable printers and the Okidata B6200 is no exception. Delivering picture-perfect prints reliably and precisely with Okidata B6200 compatible printer toner cartridge, this printer is an function office expert, no matter of the workload.

The Okidata B6200 printer is a powerful machine that lets your business productivity achieve new heights. This machine is perfect for those who use their printer frequently as it has no problem with heavy-duty work. It is highly efficient and can be networked for workgroups and multiple users.

Printing clarity and resolution are excellent at 1200 x 1200 dpi. The output is very large at 25 pages per minute. No matter the operating system it is possible to connect to a Macintosh or PC. It is also possible to expand the printer memory from 128Mb to 576 MB. Printer connections can be made using a serial connection, USB or parallel cable.

The printer has excellent paper handling with a tray that can hold 400 sheets. There is a 150 sheet tray and a 250 sheet tray. When printing multiple jobs the offset catch tray will separate each printing job. If you print a lot on envelopes then an envelope feeder can be obtained as an optional feature. It is possible to print over 150,000 pages per month without any issues.

This printer has a fast warm up period and only takes 10 seconds for the first page to be printed each morning. The monthly duty cycle is 75,000 sheets and that’s at a fast 25 pages per minute. This black and white printer is an excellent option for professionals looking for crisp, clear, high quality printing.

Okidata produces printers that have a complete package of reliability, flexibility, speed and versatility. The B6200 will quickly print the first few pages of the document but still have enough memory to complete the job without stopping.

Okidata printers are considered some of the most cost-efficient printers and are frequently listed as best buys. They allow you to increase your company’s productivity without having to worry about paper jams and other printing mishaps.

For the most stylized and precise prints on the market, add Oki B6200 toner to your printer and you’ll see the uncanny production potential of the B6200. Enough to awe employees and owners alike, the OKI B6200 is an incredible choice for any office that provides unsurpassed print speed and exact detail.

Providing a user-friendly interface, the Okidata B6200 makes printing like a pro easy to manage and highly streamlined. Suiting the requirements of any user, the B6200 has a very minimal learning curve and is no problem at all to use regardless of technical learning. Additionally, the installation of Okidata B6200 toner is just as stress free and effortless.

B6200 printer toner cartridge combo is the right choice. Smart consumers know that incorporating a peak performance Okidata toner cartridge to your printer will only ensure that the quality of your prints.

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