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How Do You Implement Parental Control On Your PC?

Although the internet is a wonderful source of information and entertainment for your children, it can also expose them to inappropriate material and even sexual predators. Social media sites allow your children to interact with their friends without running up an exorbitant phone bill, but it exposes them to dangers they shouldn’t have to face. Your children and your computer can be kept safe simply by implementing parental control on your PC.

Statistically, 1 in 5 children between the ages of 10 and 17 have received a sexual solicitation. Protecting your children from online threats is easier than you think. As the problem becomes more prevalent – and in most cases highly publicised, software manufacturers are introducing more parental control features in their browser programmes. Once you are familiar with the settings you are able to adjust on your PC, you can easily set them to a level that will allow you to effectively protect your children.

You can add additional filter software to your computer. These programs will block pornography, questionable chat rooms, hate sites and other known dangers. Most of these are easy to install and customize, and can be configured to block online gambling sites as well. You may want to consider blocking online game sites too, so your child can only play games with parental ratings that you deem appropriate.

Social media can be predators’ playgrounds. Some parents choose to join the same social sites to monitor who their children interact with. Some children, however, especially as they get older, may resent what they perceive as an invasion of their privacy. Children should be aware of online dangers, and apply the same safety rules they use in real life to their online interactions. As a parent, you can ask them to limit their circle of friends to people they know, and to keep you informed should they feel threatened in any way.

Placing the home PC in a central area of the home can help ensure more visibility of your children’s online activities. An added benefit to this is that children will feel less compelled to spend large portions of their time on the computer. At some stage though, your child is going to want their own PC in their room, and that’s when internet filter software can help give you peace of mind.

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Have Fun With Online Barbie Dress Up Games

Doll dress up games are waiting for you and other fashion fans in the World Wide Web. Such games let explore the latest trends and are popular with gamers of all ages who enjoy expressing themselves in a creative way. You and other players can access various Flash dress up games in the case that you just look. Many of such computer fashion and dress up games let you and your children discuss fashion trends with other gamers through social networking model so you may contact fashion fans who enjoy fashion and share your creations with numerous players.

Virtual Barbie dress up games are very exciting , however these games could be even more than that in the case that you really are fan of fashion. These Java makeover and dress up games allow women who have a passion to fashion to meet other people. You have a possibility to chat with fashion fans from each country.

Girls with no doubt are finding that they enjoy browser games including Barbie games. Women that are more than 40 y.o are two times more likely to have fun with virtual makeover and dress up games. Sometimes such adult women have a possibility to turn such Internet relationshios into real-world relationships. Many PC doll dress up games allow you and other gamers communicate by the Internet with gaming fanatics from all around the world.

Which Facts Do You And Other Players Need to Learn to Entertain Yourself With Virtual Barbie Games?

Flash dress up games can be very simple to begin. You or other people just need to find a website that provides you with access to virtual fashion and dress up games which you and other gamers may perform by searching bing. Then you or other players may become a registered member at the fashion portals , that means that you and your girl can upload an picture, start creating styles for virtual dolls. You will also have a possibility to save a user webpage where you or any other fashion fans share some facts about yourself and you can also communicate with others. As soon as you are logged in and have everything ready, you can without problems meet gamers.

MultiplePC Barbie dress up games let you and other people to play even if you aren’t registered. A lot of those video virtual character dress up games can be downloaded without charge and easy to download in a minute. Try accessing Flash Barbie games right away to find out some new things related to outfits.

Alice Kournikova, creator of popular dress up games

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Some Interesting Things About Computer Barbie Dress Up Games

Dress up and makeup games can be compared to a magic planet. Dress up games may become the amazing thing that lets you imagine your personal place, the university where you and your little girl are able to dress up Bratz and Barbie dolls the way you want it and be so happy doing this. Every one of us can enjoy fashion and dress up games, from the age of 2 to 40 and even more, male or female it doesn’t matter at all, PC dress up games are for a very wide public. When playing web dress up games, you can join a community in which you can review other’s creations and upload your own creations.

While you and other gamers can have fun creating style for your virtual model, this is not all that computer dress up Barbie games have to offer. You and other gamers may also get numerous friends and talk about fashion. As every of us knows, web fashion and dress up games can often be various and there are numerous features and this can become lots of fun to see what other users design.

Studies prove that adult women 30 y.o play PC dress up games quite often, a lot more than men, 20% more actually. It may be very interesting and that gets even better because 30% of these online players make new friends from various video dress up web portals. You and other players may start with a simple chat online and this can become a basis for a friendship.

It can appear really easy to get get an idea about a web Barbie dress up game. All you have to do is a basic search so you should soon get the options that such web fashion and dress up games can offer. You and your daughters register and you are ready to start playing PC dress up and fashion games, drag and drop the outfits you would like to apply or just double-click on a corresponding pictogram. One more surprising thing, once you are done with your style you should upload it to the portal and get feedback. You can create your personal account so that community members can visit you and , in the same way, you can visit other users. You and other players can review games and just have fun.

Do not worry about the onsite registration and personal pages, because if you and your little girl do not wish to take part of such a community you can always play without registration and simply be happy. Different Web dress up gaming portals can be used for free and don’t require any download or registration.

Alice Kournikova, author of articles about dress up games

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Safety Tips For Online Dating

The internet has gone from a fun toy to an absolute necessity. The world is a much smaller place thanks to the way the web has changed the way we communicate with each other. We can interact with almost anyone almost anywhere.

The internet has also changed the way people date and start relationships in just a few short years. Many people have started great relationships from people they met online, and every year there are thousands of couples that get married. One main reason for online dating success is the safety it offers.

Before starting to date someone you meet online, learning a couple and basic rules will help keep yourself safe and away from unexpected problems. These tips can make the online experience fun, enjoyable and worry free.

The number one guideline in online dating is trusting in your intuition. We all have this instinct and it is there for a reason. When something just doesn’t seem right, our instincts kick in to protect us and we need to learn to trust them. Being in a situation like meeting someone from the internet requires vigilance.

When you do meet someone on line, you may be able to talk, chat and email them, but you do not really know that person until you meet them face to face. Additionally, the person on the other computer may or may not be who they say they are. Take time to get to know who you are interacting with, and don’t rush into anything.

The various online dating sites out there also include a email feature for members. Using this resource is a safe way to communicate with strangers.

Never give out your real email address or phone number or address to someone you just met online. Also, try and avoid giving out too many specifics about your schedule and daily patterns.

When the time comes to actually and physically meet someone, make sure it is in a public place. Anything from the food court in the mall to a park downtown, pick a place where you two can talk, yet in a place where there are other people nearby.

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Finding Alternatives To The Expensive IBook

The new technological marvel that is the iPad offers many unexpected features that will surprise those looking for more fun things to do with it.

In my own experience, the most amazing and enjoyable thing I have been able to do with my iPad is reading books. I have nothing against regular ink and paper versions, but with my iPad, I have access to so many titles, and buying regular books can get expensive.

The easiest option for users is to use Apple’s own application, the iBook, which is found in the Apple store. Users who are familiar with iBook will agree that the price is a little high, and there is not a great selection available.

This is a lot of money to spend, especially right after I paid a lot for my iPad, which was quite a large investment.

There are a couple of really interesting features iBooks offers that are worth mentioning. First, you can preview books before you buy them, just like at your favorite bookstore. Also, when you turn a page on the iPad, it looks like you are turning a real one.

But, benefits or not, I reached my monthly spending limit after only purchasing two books and I couldn’t get any more. I dove into the internet hoping to find another e-book site and even got in touch with the Apple store, all with no luck.

After a lot of research, I was surprised to discover a service that blew my mind out of the water. Not only do they have an incredible selection of titles, but they only charge one fee, and it is good for life. I don’t have to worry about paying for individual downloads again. I’m sure once you learn about it, you will enjoy the benefits as much as I did.

From comics and newspapers to the latest best sellers and up to date magazines, there is an awesome selection to choose from, and you will never run out of money or things to read.

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The Dangers Of Exposing Too Much Personal Information On Facebook

These days it seems like everyone is a part of the Facebook crowd. There can be a lot of pressure to join when all of your friends and family already have accounts.

Don’t be so quick to create your own profile though – there are some definite dangers that you may be exposing yourself to. While some are more serious than others, they all deserve your attention if you use Facebook regularly or if you’re thinking of making a profile. In either case, consider the following:

As a social networking site, Facebook depends on your personal information. The site’s users create its content by posting updates about how their days are going. It’s also quite easy to add sensitive information to your profile without realizing that it’s visible to everyone.

Unless you’re very familiar with Facebook’s privacy settings, you may inadvertently allow your personal information to be indexed on search engines like Google. Thus, personal information such as what you’re having for lunch, the location of your school, and your work location may be visible to people using free, easily-accessible search engines.

Even worse, Facebook makes things very easy for stalkers. If there’s someone who would make you feel uncomfortable by knowing too much about you, you definitely don’t want to become his or her friend. Your friends can easily learn private information about you from looking at your pictures and seeing info such as your date of birth and relationship status.

Before the revolution in social networking, our personal information was kept between our friends and family. Now it can be viewed by anyone listed as your friend on Facebook.

Remember that Facebook is a business. They may claim that they just want to provide a way for people to stay connected, but their main goal is to make money, just like Google.

Every business is out to increase profits, and Facebook does a great job of this. They earn millions of dollars in revenue from the ads displayed on your screen when you visit their website. Even worse, these ads are targeted to appeal to you, based on the information that you willingly provide on your profile.

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What You Need To Know About Scams

Doesn’t it grab your attention every time that you hear something that leads you to believe you are going to get something for nothing? We have been told since we were little that if it sounds too good to be true it most likely is. If it sounds too good there has almost always got to be a catch to it.

One instance of this type of scam caters to students. They offer free grants and scholarships but are nothing but a lie to steal the student’s money. There are actual legitimate scholarships and grants available, but make sure that you are not being taken advantage of before you sign up for anything.

We get junk mail every day. Some are innocent and some not. There are too many scams out there that look legit at first glance by using a name that you recognize but just change a couple letters in the name to make you trust them. Don’t do it.

Read the fine print and the wording of the text in each and every piece if mail you consider before signing up for a grant or scholarship that comes to you unexpectedly.

Victims to these scams and first picks of prey for these predators are often students with ‘less than great’ GPA’s. They will most often say things like “First come first serve” on their bogus offers.

Another line to suck in victims of this type of scam is “You’ve Won.” Don’t believe it. If you win something, you most likely applied for it. This again falls under the rule of “If it sounds too good to be true it most likely is.”

One tell tale sign that you are being scammed is often being asked for your credit card or bank account information. Do not ever give this information away unless you know to whom you are giving it to.

Yet another great clue is to never believe anything that says “It’s Guaranteed.” Even life isn’t guaranteed so really think about the validity of that offer.

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How To Guarantee Safe Net Surfing For Kids

These days, online predators are all over the internet. We’ve heard a lot about ways of protecting our children from them, but have we really done anything about it?

Two of our children use the internet daily. Below are some rules we impose on them that may help you ensure that the internet is a safe place for your children as well.

Make sure to approve any email requests. Don’t allow your child to send emails to strangers, and don’t allow them to subscribe to unfamiliar websites either. You don’t want your child dealing with junk mail. Often times, these emails can contain viruses and inappropriate content.

Also, keep the computer in a visible place in your house. Allowing your children to surf in private keeps you from monitoring what sites they visit. This is especially troublesome since the internet has made it so easy for children to access things, even sites that they’re not supposed to see. Just make sure that you monitor what your kids are viewing on the internet. If you please, you can check the internet history once your child is done surfing.

If you still feel that your children have been sending inappropriate emails, you can always double check by accessing their email accounts. There you can see the sent messages as well as the ones they deleted.

Come up with a list of favorites for the websites that they’re allowed to view. If they want to check out a new website, make an effort to screen it first.

Don’t allow them to freely search through Google or any other search engine, for that matter. Make sure they stick to the websites that you’ve approved for them to view. This will definitely ensure a safer web surfing experience for your children.

Following these suggestions will certainly help keep your kids safe from online predators. The world our kids live in is a whole lot different from what we were used to. Do whatever you can to keep them safe.

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The Reasons People Continue To Love Online Arcade Gaming Communities

Even in today’s technological society, there are still a great number of dedicated online arcade game communities that are going strong.

Whilst the technological bandwagon rolls on, with graphics that seem to be growing more life like than ever, these arcade game communities still live on.

A lot of this may be down to the fact hat the online arcade games communities still manage to conduct regular tournaments that offer huge prize money to the winners.

In May of 2007, there was a Pac man championships hosted by Xbox live from New York.

The prizes at stake consisted of, a Pac man live arcade trophy, 100,000 Microsoft points and a unique Pac man inspired Xbox 360 console. This was contested by nine finalists from around the world.

Chosen from their final scores on Xbox live leader boards, the finalists came from places such as, Europe, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Asia, Japan, Mexico, the Middle East and of course the USA.

The growth of the online arcade game community can be accredited to the amount of online multi player arcade games that has been introduced.

The arcade game genre may be from another era – one which you would expect to struggle in today’s society, but the arcade game community is a very close knit community.

But thanks to many arcade games seeing a resurgence on hand held apps and consoles, it is safe to say that online arcade game communities are here to stay.

Arcade game communities have fought for years against the new games of the internet, and the new graphical revolution. This has only made the community stronger more resolute than ever.

Even though the number of online arcade game members in the community rose due to the introduction of the Internet, the community still remains a close knit affair.

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Home Schooling And The Study of History

Do you think that passing time in traditional classrooms is a waste? For some people, that is true. For example, an exam is due and the pupils are asked to memorize a list of dates and names. However, after sitting the exam, they will probably forget 75% of those dates and names. That’s what most students do when they have tests. If you are one of these people, you will find traditional history lessons boring, so home schooling, which concentrates more on the history of the world, will probably be of more interest to you.

Just simple memorization is not enough to know the significance of historical, famous people and fateful events. Through home schooling in history, you can study the different cultures of the past in a unique, but interesting way – that is your own way! Through the study of history, you will also realize what is happening in the world.

But, if you think that home schooling is the best method for your child’s learning, you should also be prepared to undertake certain responsibilities. As there will be no teacher physically present, you will have to supervise your child’s educational development by yourself.

Let’s just suppose that your kid is interested in a particular sport. Through combining history and home schooling, you can start by just putting a map on the wall of your child’s bedroom and mark the location of his favourite sports team. Make sure that you track all the team’s activities and schedules. Then, you could return to history lessons by reading biographies of the different athletes, who had been popular in the particular sport that your child follows. Aside from that, you can also look into the history of that particular sport and discover where it started, its inventor, and the other things happening in that particular time in history.

For example, let’s say your child loves baseball, you can teach your child about the history baseball, government hearings on the use of steroids and other favourite hobbies at that period in time. But remember that you can apply this concept to any interest such as dancing, flight, cars or any invention. You can also have conversations with your child about current affairs or read interesting historical documents and other books. Apart from that, you could also watch documentaries together with the rest of the family. There are various resources that you can use while home schooling, such as TV, maps, newspapers, books, a globe, an atlas, and encyclopedias. Due of the exciting adventures that you and your child will read about and see on film, he/she will find it easier to remember the names and dates of the history lessons. After all, learning is better when it is done in an interesting way.

These methods are recommended for when your child is still young, but once your child is older, you must choose an appropriate home schooling program that is suitable for his/her age group. The programs are available at the elementary, high school, and even college levels. You just have to search online for these different programs. A good thing about these programs is that you can tailor them to fit the needs of your child. However, you must see to it that all the lessons are learned by your child.

Once you and your child decide to go for home schooling, you must be prepared to make some changes to your life. The learning environment will now be in your home not at a school and through the various resources that you think best, such as a computer and the Internet.

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