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Why You Should Use A Password Manager

Nowadays everything is done online. Every website that you purchase from or pay bills on require website. Furthermore, sometimes these websites require that your password meet certain in guidelines such as having a certain amount of numbers and letters and even including special characters. This is why having a password manager can be extremely beneficial.

Not only do the different websites require different password requirements, it is not safe to keep all of your passwords the same. Having the same password for every website gives hackers and data views the ability to access all of your personal and billing information with one single password. Having too many passwords is too difficult for even the smartest of people to remember.

This program is a great tool for allowing you to have individual passwords for multiple websites. In fact, many password managers come with a password generator which will assign random, more secure passwords to each different account. Because you do not have to memorize these passwords or try writing them down, they can include extremely complex combinations of letters, numbers, and such characters.

Security is what people are most concerned about when it comes to password management software. This does not have to be a big concern because many of these programs use the most technological encryption and security methods available. All of your passwords will be secured under one master password that only you know. Using password manager software is actually much more secure than using the remember password functions and most web browsers.

A great feature that is software has is that it will automatically include your username and password when you go to a website. This prevents you from accidentally inputting the wrong password for mistyping it. Once you have you have typed in your master password, all you have to do is connect to the website and it will do the rest.

Another neat function of these programs is that a lot of them also offer a portable version. Utilizing this tool, you can use your password manager on a USB thumb drive or a flash drive at any computer. All you have to do is connect the removable media to any computer whether it be at work or in a public place and you have all of your passwords with you.

Using a password manager, you can save time and effort while knowing that all of your passwords are secure and safe. You can encrypt all of your passwords into one file that only requires one out for that you need to know.

Efficient Software is a leader in password manager development, providing Efficient Password Manager and other software products.

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Why You Should Consider Using Free Password Manager Software

So many of our most important and private transactions occurring online nowadays. Be it sending a personal email, making an online purchase, or checking our credit balance, we end up with tons of passwords and PINs to keep track of. To help you handle all this, you should consider using free password manager software.

Almost anything you do creates a password. If you use email or shop online every now and then, you’ve got a few passwords. If you use internet tools to pay your phone bill, cable bill, or credit card bill, and perform banking transactions, that’s a bunch more. You’ve most likely accumulated quite a handful of passwords over time.

Sure, you could just choose one password that satisfies all the character combination requirements that websites usually impose for creating passwords, but if you do that, you’re severely compromising your information. If you only choose one password for everything, all it takes is for someone to break into, say, your iTunes account. Now they suddenly have the power to access your bank accounts, credit card information, and personal emails.

The right answer is clearly to create a unique and difficult password for each online account you create. Of course this presents an entirely different problem. You have to keep track of all those unique and difficult passwords.

The solution to that messy problem is using a manager to store and protect all your passwords and keep them at your fingertips for whenever you need to keep them up, with one master password securely locking them all. You can store your passwords on your personal computer or on a smartphone. Depending on where you put them determines their accessibility.

You store this information in a database stored on your personal computer, or a more mobile option for a PDA or smartphone you may keep with you. And best of all, you can use this software for free. There are many open source versions of free password manager software available to the public to help you protect your most important and secret of passwords.

From our experience, the best password software is a program called Efficient Password Manager.

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