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A Quick Look At Best PIM Manager

There are some features of EfficientPIM that you might find out could prove to be the Best PIM Manager, and you can download it and try for free. They have a portable version, too, and all of them come with multiple interface styles.

Easy Search – If you have ever had a problem being able to find you information after it is entered, there is a very easy to search feature with software that gives you back your information when you want it. EfficientPIM helps you know where to look for the information you must have, right this minute.

Powerful Document Editor – This software has a powerful embedded document editor similar to Word, to allow you to enter all those notes you must keep for future reference. The electronic dairy provides you with the tools you need to keep track of every important thing in your life. There is even a feature to keep desktop notes for instant reminders.

Password Management – There are many people who find it difficult to remember all those passwords scattered about the Internet, and this handy feature makes it possible to keep all of them in a protected place for easy retrieval. This can be a good way to protect those passwords by only remembering one.

Information Safeguards – Things happen and you find you just deleted the information you were entering. Not to worry, the recycle bin catches those things and keeps them safe. Backup Function that lets you Restore data and conveniently saving and migrating information, and encrypts your passwords in the proper format.

Important people are busy and their information must be quickly are hand to keep up with their hectic schedules. If you are considering a new PIM for your needs, you might like to try out EfficientPIM to see if it turns out to be the best PIM manager you can have.

Want to know which PIM program our research found to be the best of all? Try EfficientPIM.

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Personal Information Management Software (PIM) Explained

PIM software, or Personal Information Management Software, to give it its full name is an application which allows side by side scheduling and organisation of home and/or work events. They tend to look like many well known applications (think of an inbox), so require little user knowledge to get them up and running. When in place, they offer a central storage of passwords, calendar dates, to do lists, reminders… And the list goes on.

The essential advantage of this central storage is its quick and easy retrieval which relieves the user of those endless searches for information that was filed “somewhere safe”. It couldn’t be quicker to take that step towards an easier life!

Some say that PIMs are the modern equivalent to the 80′s incarnation that was the PDA. Of course, PIMs offer the user the advantages of modern attributes like speed, intuitive options and user friendliness. Of the many PIMs available, Efficient PIM (visit is a popular choice due to its fully featured nature.

Efficient PIM has a version to suit everyone, with free, professional or portable editions on offer. With the choice of 8 interfaces and over 20 operating languages, it is easy to customise. Its fully featured options include a password manager, electronic diary and document editor.

But do you really need one? Well, just like we didn’t all need internet access or a cell phone, you can of course get by without a PIM. But, what it offers is simplicity – a chance to have a more ordered life. If you live in a world of post it notes, his and her diaries, scribbles on calendars and more fridge magnets than fridge, then there is definitely a chance that yes, you really do need one, is the answer.

The world moves at such a pace these days that it is hard to keep up with even the simplest of routines. Using Personal Information Management software can take the hassle out of juggling schedules, and free up time to concentrate on the important tasks – at work or home. Give yourself a well deserved rest, visit

Get a free personal information management software from .

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