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Five Things Which Make The IPhone Stand Out

The iPhone is a genius device. The features that are included on it make it truly incredible; it’s like several different machines in one. But while the native software, like the GPS and camera, is good, the iPhone really shines when it comes to third-party applications.

Here are just five things your iPhone is capable of.

It can be a flashlight! Not many people walk around with a flashlight on them; if you drop something in the dark, just whip out your iPhone and find that elusive item.

For instance, have you ever been putting on chap stick in the dark and dropped it by accident? Depending on where you are, you might not want to get that stick back… but if you do, your iPhone can help you find it.

Another interesting little feature of the iPhone is geo-tagging. This is when you take a picture and then attack it with the location where it was taken. It can be kind of fun and websites like Flickr can use it to plot your pictures on a map.

If you’re bored one day, you can look at different locales using Google Street View on your iPhone. Take a tour of places you may never see otherwise. It can be a fun little activity.

Slideshows can be displayed on your iPhone’s screen. And they can be displayed effectively; the screen is large enough that a fair number of people can see it without straining.

Just change your iPhone’s settings and it can be used as a slideshow device. But this can drain your battery, so be careful when you use it.

You can usually iPhone to utilize Google’s speech to text feature on their website. Search the Internet without typing in a single letter; just say what you want to find and Google will find it for you. So, basically, talk to your iPhone and it will find things on the Internet for you.

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How Twitter Can Help You

Finally caught the Twitter bug? Twitter is perhaps more popular these days as people around the world find ways to bridge communication gaps faster.

Status updates you post on Twitter are called tweets. Twitter is a free social media. You can direct your tweets to a particular group and get your message across when they follow your status updates.

You can organize your followers through Twitter. It allows you to create lists of group you might want to communicate with or avoid. This way, it is easier to direct your updates to a particular group. You don’t have to pay for anything for the service all you have to do is register.

More and more people agree that Twitter is one of the most effective marketing tools available online. You can post updates regarding your business or website to draw traffic or increase sales.

Send an invitation for gatherings, parties or promotional stuffs through short notices through Twitter. This is one way you can make internet marketing work better for you.

A powerful profile on Twitter is a great tool to increase the number of your followers. What purpose will many followers serve? You can make the traffic work for you. A good example of this is inviting them to click on an Adsense on your site. This is one way you can earn.

Traffic is very important when establishing an online business. The more people become aware of your website and the services or products you are promoting, the higher is the chance to boost your sales. Hence, the power of Twitter. All you have to do is tweet your way to larger sales.

Twitter is an effective marketing tool to help you gain the much needed traffic to promote your site. You can use it to become an internet success in no time.

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Online Poker Beginner’s Guide

Online Poker is a booming multimillion dollar industry with fortunes won and lost everyday. As a poker player keen to start playing in the online poker world, it can be daunting with some many poker rooms and bonuses available.

There are many common mistakes and pitfalls that can be easily avoided and this article aims to deliver over ten years of experience in an easy to follow guide.

1) Select a reputable online poker room that is easy to navigate – Sounds obvious enough but many players pick the first room that gets advertised. The largest and most reputable poker rooms include sites such as Pokerstars, Full Tilt Poker, Ultimate Bet, Cake Poker, and Party Poker.

2) Sign up for a deposit bonus and rakeback deal – The first time you sign up with a poker room, you have the opportunity to set up your account to make extra money for the rest of your life. This requires a Rakeback Website and the most popular are Rakeback Power, Raketherake, and Rakebrain. When you sign up you will usually receive a) Deposit Bonus, b) Rakeback c) Rake Races / Chases and sometimes Freerolls as well. Check out a few providers and find the one that suits you best.

3) Get used to the poker room and practice with play money – Start at the play money tables. Tweak the poker room settings to your liking and get used to buttons, sounds, and graphics. When you are comfortable with the room, it’s time to consider a real money deposit. Deposit Bonuses usually match your initial deposit i.e. Deposit $600 and get a $600 Bonus. The bonuses are slowly released after you play a certain number of hands.

4) Finances and Depositing – There are a few security procedures to go through when depositing real money. Often you might need to provide evidence including a license and utility bill to ensure you are a real person. There are many deposit options available and you should take the time to read through the different options available and work out the best for you. A recommended international and secure option is Neteller.

5) Forums and Strategies It is time to start improving your game. Check out Two Plus Two Forums. This is the oldest poker forum on the Internet and any question you have about poker is likely to have already been answered.

6) Reading Material – I recommend reading as many books on poker as you can get your hands on. Two recommended first books include Harrington on Holdem and Super System. Both excellent beginners books.

7) Poker Programs – Depending on the poker game and style you enjoy, there are many helpful programs out there. Holdem Manager is an excellent hand history tools and heads up display. Table Ninja is a useful hot key utility.
8) Training Websites – Numerous poker training sites exist to make you a better play and the leading site would be Card Runners – packed full of poker training videos for all games and skill levels, blogs, strategy forums and coaching also available. Worth checking out. Other training sites include Deuces Cracked, Poker Savvy, Grind School and Poker Pwnage.

9 ) Extra Bonuses from different site – Once you have collected your first deposit bonus, I recommended cashing out and redepositing at a new site and starting over on a new bonus.

10) Have fun and look after yourself – Poker is supposed to be entertaining. It can be hard on your financially and emotionally, but also very rewarding. Take the time out to relax a little and try to keep smiling.

Looking to find the best deal on Poker Rakeback and Bonuses, then visit to find the best advice on the best rakeback deals for you.

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The Different Uses Of Facebook

There are many ways to use Facebook in a professional capacity. You can look for jobs, promote yourself, or just use it to network. Any professional networking techniques you use can be implemented on Facebook.

If you are job searching, Facebook can help you. Posting status updates and messages about how your job search is going is one way, or you can ask if anybody knows of any opportunities available.

If you’re looking for a job as a waiter, for example, try saying so on Facebook status. One of your friends may know the restaurant that is hiring and will be more than happy to tell you to apply there.

You may wonder how you can use Facebook to promote your business. One thing to take into consideration is that you don’t want to come onto strong when promoting yourself. Posting a status that promotes your business is certainly fine, but if you do it too often or aggressively, you may end up losing friends and connections.

Setting up a fan page is also a good idea. Many professionals use Facebook in this capacity; fan pages are much more conducive to the marketing approach than traditional Facebook profiles are. When people “like” your fan page, they are linking their profiles to you. This could potentially drive in more traffic through the pages of people who have already liked your page.

People are always looking for work. Odds are, if you are looking to fill an open position in your company, one of your Facebook friends is looking for just such an opportunity. Post a status asking if anyone is looking for work and explain the position briefly. Before the end of the day, you’ll probably have quite a few responses and may even be setting up a couple of interviews.

By reading the statuses of your friends, you can potentially find business opportunities and clients. The most innocent and unassuming status could be the start of a beautiful partnership.

Think about this: you are a DJ and one of your friend’s mentions on his page that he is about to throw a massive party. Sounds like a business opportunity to me, doesn’t it?

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Elements To A Sick Hip Hop Beat

As of the moment, we can’t deny that we are still enjoying the hip hop music and it has been there for more than twenty years. Because technological advancement brings good result to our lives, it evens improve the mix of music. Beats can now be created and enhanced.

Hip hop sound is easy to distinguish that is why creating it is easier. This can be easier if you have your own studio and can dedicate time for it. You can refer to standard hip hop beat construction guidelines to get an idea.

There are some tips for a better sound development and production. Once you are familiar with it, you can reveal your artistic side by creating own hip hop beats. This is a proof that hip hop remains popular. The rules here are flexible, broad and open for great expansion.

What makes a hip hop song? It has two parts called beats and vocals made of numerous tracks.

When creating hip hop beats, you must fully understand what a “beat” is. It has more than elements but to distinguish beat, regard it as the whole song without vocals. It includes MIDI drum patterns, bassline, orchestration, dubs and snips.

MIDI drum patterns are commonly referred as audio drum loops because it comprises the entire drum tracks. The bassline has something to do with the MIDI sequence while the dubs and snips work on the accent and characters. As for supporting orchestration, it can be in the form of synth pads, string section or horns.

The beat can be longer or shorter depending on your preference. The shortest beat is made of eight bars that can be in a loop. The longer ones however basically have verse and chorus along with introduction, break and ending. The introduction follows a classic pop form of eight bars as well. The ending ends in fade out. This structure can be modified from time to time.

The vocal tracks of the hip hop song have main vocal, second vocal, background vocals and overdubbed vocals. There are different tools that you can use to make your own beat. One of them is the hardware samplers which is the basis of older beat construction.

Software synthesizers are also introduced for bassline and orchestration accuracy. Vintage synths also provide benefits when used. There are many synthesizers that you can select from and you can choose based on your preference.

If you want to find out about a hip hop beat maker you can see it here. You will learn how to make beats and make professional beats for your music.

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Safety Tips For Online Dating

The internet has gone from a fun toy to an absolute necessity. The world is a much smaller place thanks to the way the web has changed the way we communicate with each other. We can interact with almost anyone almost anywhere.

The internet has also changed the way people date and start relationships in just a few short years. Many people have started great relationships from people they met online, and every year there are thousands of couples that get married. One main reason for online dating success is the safety it offers.

Before starting to date someone you meet online, learning a couple and basic rules will help keep yourself safe and away from unexpected problems. These tips can make the online experience fun, enjoyable and worry free.

The number one guideline in online dating is trusting in your intuition. We all have this instinct and it is there for a reason. When something just doesn’t seem right, our instincts kick in to protect us and we need to learn to trust them. Being in a situation like meeting someone from the internet requires vigilance.

When you do meet someone on line, you may be able to talk, chat and email them, but you do not really know that person until you meet them face to face. Additionally, the person on the other computer may or may not be who they say they are. Take time to get to know who you are interacting with, and don’t rush into anything.

The various online dating sites out there also include a email feature for members. Using this resource is a safe way to communicate with strangers.

Never give out your real email address or phone number or address to someone you just met online. Also, try and avoid giving out too many specifics about your schedule and daily patterns.

When the time comes to actually and physically meet someone, make sure it is in a public place. Anything from the food court in the mall to a park downtown, pick a place where you two can talk, yet in a place where there are other people nearby.

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Finding Alternatives To The Expensive IBook

The new technological marvel that is the iPad offers many unexpected features that will surprise those looking for more fun things to do with it.

In my own experience, the most amazing and enjoyable thing I have been able to do with my iPad is reading books. I have nothing against regular ink and paper versions, but with my iPad, I have access to so many titles, and buying regular books can get expensive.

The easiest option for users is to use Apple’s own application, the iBook, which is found in the Apple store. Users who are familiar with iBook will agree that the price is a little high, and there is not a great selection available.

This is a lot of money to spend, especially right after I paid a lot for my iPad, which was quite a large investment.

There are a couple of really interesting features iBooks offers that are worth mentioning. First, you can preview books before you buy them, just like at your favorite bookstore. Also, when you turn a page on the iPad, it looks like you are turning a real one.

But, benefits or not, I reached my monthly spending limit after only purchasing two books and I couldn’t get any more. I dove into the internet hoping to find another e-book site and even got in touch with the Apple store, all with no luck.

After a lot of research, I was surprised to discover a service that blew my mind out of the water. Not only do they have an incredible selection of titles, but they only charge one fee, and it is good for life. I don’t have to worry about paying for individual downloads again. I’m sure once you learn about it, you will enjoy the benefits as much as I did.

From comics and newspapers to the latest best sellers and up to date magazines, there is an awesome selection to choose from, and you will never run out of money or things to read.

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The Dangers Of Exposing Too Much Personal Information On Facebook

These days it seems like everyone is a part of the Facebook crowd. There can be a lot of pressure to join when all of your friends and family already have accounts.

Don’t be so quick to create your own profile though – there are some definite dangers that you may be exposing yourself to. While some are more serious than others, they all deserve your attention if you use Facebook regularly or if you’re thinking of making a profile. In either case, consider the following:

As a social networking site, Facebook depends on your personal information. The site’s users create its content by posting updates about how their days are going. It’s also quite easy to add sensitive information to your profile without realizing that it’s visible to everyone.

Unless you’re very familiar with Facebook’s privacy settings, you may inadvertently allow your personal information to be indexed on search engines like Google. Thus, personal information such as what you’re having for lunch, the location of your school, and your work location may be visible to people using free, easily-accessible search engines.

Even worse, Facebook makes things very easy for stalkers. If there’s someone who would make you feel uncomfortable by knowing too much about you, you definitely don’t want to become his or her friend. Your friends can easily learn private information about you from looking at your pictures and seeing info such as your date of birth and relationship status.

Before the revolution in social networking, our personal information was kept between our friends and family. Now it can be viewed by anyone listed as your friend on Facebook.

Remember that Facebook is a business. They may claim that they just want to provide a way for people to stay connected, but their main goal is to make money, just like Google.

Every business is out to increase profits, and Facebook does a great job of this. They earn millions of dollars in revenue from the ads displayed on your screen when you visit their website. Even worse, these ads are targeted to appeal to you, based on the information that you willingly provide on your profile.

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Ways To Save Up When Purchasing Computer Ink Cartridges

Do you have an inkjet printer in your home, office, or school? If so, you are probably familiar with the challenge of finding quality inkjet cartridges for a reasonable price.

With so many inkjet cartridges available, it’s best to do a little homework before deciding which cartridges to buy.

If you haven’t already done so, look at the inkjet cartridges that came with your printer. They may not have held as much ink as the ones you’ll be buying, but most printers will have came with starter cartridges. Look at the specifications before buying anything.

The inkjet cartridges made by the same manufacturer of your printer will usually offer the best quality. They are also likely to be the most expensive, so you’ll need to decide which is more important – quality or price?

You can sometimes save substantially by purchasing ink online. This can also save precious time, and because the inkjet cartridges will be delivered to your door, you won’t need to spend money on gas!

You may see deals for inkjet cartridges that seem too good to be true. Be careful. Some inferior products may actually damage your printer. If the savings seem too huge, look into the manufacturer and distributor. Chances are, you can find some good or bad reviews online, which may save you from learning the hard way that the discount cartridge is bad for your printer.

Many people have learned the hard way that skimping on ink can cost them more long-term if they have to have their printer repaired due to faulty cartridges.

Another cost-saving tip that also helps the environment is to purchase recycled cartridges. You can also refill your own inkjet cartridges. But again, you’ll want to stick with ink that is produced by your printers’ manufacturer if you are concerned with getting the best possible ink quality.

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Tips For Distributing CD’s

If for instance you have a plan to make and distribute CD’s, then you have a need for quality CD duplication. It is no good just going out to one company and asking them to produce your CD’s for you, rather than just go to one company for your CD’s. You should shop around and always assess your options.

Whatever matters CD duplication could end up being a major part of your budget, but it should not take up your entire budget. Here are a few tips that you could follow to ensure that this does not happen.

1. Learn to shop around, as everybody regardless of what business you are in needs to find the company that is going to give you the best service and at the best price.

This is where the internet might come in handy; there could be hundreds or thousands of companies willing to help you out with this duplication process. You could then find out what type of quality they offer and at what price. If you find two companies with the same quality standards, but one of them is within your budget, you will know which one to choose.

2. You should always try to find a company that can work within your budget

It is no good trying to get things duplicated by using a means of credit to pay for it, this could come back to hurt you big time.

Quality is the main thing to focus on in any duplicating business, make sure that the company that is making your duplicate content is doing a good quality copy. If their quality is sub standard, you will be the one to lose out in the long run.

No matter what the business is that you need to make duplicates for, it is always important to remember that quality is of the utmost importance. You need to make sure that you are supplied with the quality goods that you need, in order to supply your customers with the quality goods that they are purchasing. If any of these components break down it can have disastrous consequences on your business, and all this has to be done within your specified budget.

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