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Refurbished Vs. New – Which Is Better When Buying A Computer?

Refurbish (v): to brighten or freshen up – Merriam-Webster’s Online dictionary. In essence, when one refurbishes a product, and for purpose of discussion, a computer, you are actually using an old item that has undergone adjustments to give it the appearance that it’s new. When one purchases a refurbished computer, one also purchases a headache waiting to happen. Why is purchasing a new computer a lot better than buying a refurbished one? The list below shows why:

1) A new computer assures you that the parts are new and have not gone through any misuse or wear and tear. Upon purchase, the pc has a seal of warranty along with a warranty card saying that all its parts are brand new as well as in good working condition. A refurbished computer, on the other hand, doesn’t have this guarantee and might even be a digital “Frankenstein”. Since a refurbished computer has logged minutes of use, wear and tear, or even damage can be hidden. When this happens, the pc is a lot more susceptible to bogging down, or even losing information. On the other hand, a brand new computer removes any doubt as to its parts and ensures that it’s got the capability to operate like a new item should, without defects or hidden damage.

2) A new computer’s problems may easily be solved. At the point of purchase, a new computer comes with a technical support system which refurbished computers do not have. Once your personal computer experiences a glitch, help is just one telephone call away. And the issue is easily identifiable. Alternatively, a refurbished computer, with all of the various parts and cosmetic changes, aside from being more prone to breakdown, is more prone to hidden glitches (for example viruses or system malfunctions) due to the previous use of the hardware. So when a refurbished computer has a problem, there is no twenty four hour, seven days a week help desk to call for assistance. In the end, one has to diagnose the problem through trial and error, and this not only increases cost but also inflates losses.

3) A whole new computer’s cost might be front loaded, but over time it could be more cost effective. The argument that it might be more cost effective to purchase a refurbished computer than a new one is misleading. Firstly, though it can be more expensive to purchase a brand new unit, this cost is simply a one time expense in the beginning. Costs for maintenance and repair are practically nil since it is a new item. This also equals to productivity for the purchaser. However, a refurbished computer might have low front end cost upon purchase, if the computer bogs down, the price of repair is magnified by the loss in productivity. Also, it’s a lot more expensiveto maintain an on-call technician to identify an issue unlike in a new one, the help desk can simply provide solutions.

So just why is a new computer a more cost effective investment? It is because of the warranties as well as the totally free help desk. Though initially it is more costly to get a brand new computer, the long term benefit far outweighs the cost of purchasing a refurbished computer.

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Refurbished Laptops For You

If you are planning to buy an affordable refurbished laptop, it will be a better decision if you buy a new notebook. Let us see the positive and negative aspect of buying a refurbished laptop.

Many people think that there is no warranty available for a refurbished laptop. This is wrong as there are many offers where low priced refurbished laptops come with a warranty to cover the basic needs.

Refurbished laptops are cheaper than new Notebook Computers. The warranty available on refurbishes laptops will make you feels safe. It is quite true that owning a new laptop will make you feel secured as it has all new parts. It means less likelihood of any repairs. But if you manage to get hold of a refurbished notebook which is in good condition, you will land up meeting all your expectations.

Refurbished Notebook Computers, lie somewhere in between a new laptop computer and a computer which has been used. Refurbished notebooks are nothing but new as these units have not been used before. They are only termed used. It is just technically called used parts.

One can only see minor defects like dents and technical problems which have been committed by third party. These computers are first tested to make sure that it is fine and only then are they certified to be sold.

Do not base your decision of buying a refurbished electronics on the price. You need to be very careful while buying these laptops. They need as much attention as buying new ones. You may consult someone if you are not sure about buying a refurbished one.

If you want the pros and cons of buying a notebook, take the insight of a computer technician or friend. Make sure that the refurbished notebook you are buying contains all that you need. There are many cheap one in the market which does not have an operating system. Inexpensive notebook with no software will cost you many more dollars later on. In such a case, you will land up paying more than a new one.

You can also buy branded refurbished laptops. Some of them are Toshiba, Sony, Lenovo (ThinkPads), HP (Hewlett-Packard), Gateway, Fujitsu, Dell, Apple and Alienware. You may have an equally hard time buying a refurbished laptop as you would have buying a new one. There are many websites also who sell them. There are many models and brands available.

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