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Speed Up IE8 By Using These Relatively Easy Suggestions

While there are numerous web browsers for instance Firefox, Opera in addition to Google Chrome, quite a few individuals still decide to make use of Internet Explorer 8. Every so often however, the operator could possibly see that their load time pertaining to online sites is exceedingly slow and sluggish. This short article will give some hints as well as advice on what you can do to speed up IE8.

You can find a couple of things you can try, therefore we will discuss each one from the simplest to execute up-wards to the more difficult. With any kind of good fortune you shall not have to do every one of these to speed up Internet Explorer.

This particular edition of IE comes with a number of loaded plug-ins, the majority of which you in all probability have no need for nor are going to ever benefit from. These add-ons or plug-ins can cause a slow down, because each time you browse a website every single one that is active will have to be loaded. Initially open up IE8 and then click on the ‘Tools’ tab, from there pick ‘Manage Add-ons’. You can be shocked when you see all the things installed, quite a lot of which are spyware. Click on one and you should see the option to disable. After you have finished close and then restart your web browser. With luck, this has been very helpful to speed up Internet Explorer 8.

If the connection remains to be slow, maybe you ought to look into your anti-virus together with spyware software. You may accidentally have permitted an element that is causing a conflict and might be exactly what is lowering your speed times. Please likewise know that it has also been well documented that several Spyware protection programs are actually the culprit of a slow IE8, as a result of security rules set by its software programs. At times it could possibly delay your browsing as much as 30 seconds. Microsoft declares this edition of IE offers more security measures so you can probably speed up Internet Explorer 8 simply by turning several of these off within your spyware utilities and you ought to be ok with the integrated security controls. Naturally, this is completely up to you, since there is nothing infallible.

Yet another way to speed up Internet Explorer could be identified by adjusting the simultaneous connections, ordinarily it will be set from 2 to 6. This means when you surf a page, and there is a large photo as well as pop ups, or even merely the html itself, it will mainly preload 2 things at a time (if the setting is at 2). This option does call for a little bit more work, and you will have to perform a search for this file ‘fixHTTPMax.reg’ in addition to follow the instructions regarding how to utilize it.

Ideally one of these possibilities has assisted one to speed up web-page.

The author recommends that in the event that these solutions do not speed up Internet Explorer 8 make sure you visit, as there you’ll discover a wide variety of computer repair guides for this problem together with just about anything else regarding a slow computer.

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Get These Awesome Points To Speed Up Your Computer Instantaneously!

A question that seems to pop up everywhere is how do I speed up my computer? It’s quite hard without knowing just what programs you have installed or what computer configurations you have set up. Anyway this article will list a few tips in which can help get your computer back running smoothly again just like a new one.

In the event that you might have had your current pc for over 12 months, the actual possibilities are generally that there are usually 100s of abandoned data files spread within your own system. Making use of the Disk Clean-up tool (arrives along with Windows) will certainly aid in cleaning up these types of files. Many folks are usually informed of this, on the other hand, it is the huge quantity of concealed temporary Java files created by programs, in which leads to the system to slow down.

Clean your computer with a registry cleaner will instantly speed up your computer. The registry is a database which is made up of programs installed on your pc, the more files you have the more your computer will slow down. A brand new pc will be fast due to the registry being empty and smaller so it can quickly scan through it.

The registry cleaner should be used on a day to day basis to help keep your registry files down, the more junk you have on your pc the slower your computer will take to load up and perform. A Registry cleaner will definitely help speed up your loading time.

Manually cleaning the data files in the computer registry can easily be tiresome and a complex job. Figuring out precisely what files as well as records are no longer required is actually almost impossible. One of the factors is that the listing of information could be in several areas and places.

The solution is to use a registry cleaner which removes all the junk you don’t need and is safe to use, there are a few registry cleaners available online. There are also a ton of good ones to use as they are free. An excellent one is called ccleaner.

A few fantastic tips to speed up Microsoft windows

Maintain the operating system to the basic: Prevent personalization (display savers/sound effects/animated cursors)

Remove any programs and files you no longer need. Getting rid of unwanted or unneeded files will instantly speed up your computer.

Thoroughly clean up ineffective files: Removing the program only eliminates particular files. Utilize a computer registry clean up software program to eliminate all the abandoned and unnecessary files.

Free guide to Speed Up Computer Visit us and we will show you the secrets to Speed Up PC, exactly like when you got it brand new. Visit

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Reno Computer’s Services’ 7 Reasons Why Your Computer is Running Slow

1. Too much software is running slows your computer down. When installing software, some programs enable themselves to start when Windows starts. The more programs that run with Windows, the more system resources are needlessly being used up. You can easily see what programs are currently running in multiple ways. Here are a couple that I prefer.

A: On the right side of you task bar, down where your clock is, you will see the icons of some of the programs currently running. The more icons there are, the more system resources are being used.

B: press CTRL+SHIFT+ESCAPE on your keyboard. This will bring up the Task Manager. Select the Processes Tab. This lists each process (most are programs) running on the computer. It also tells you how much processor and RAM these processes are using. The longer the list, the more stuff is running – the more stuff running, the slower your machine.

Reno Computer Remedy: Go to Start -> Run and type msconfig. If you’re using Vista/7 and don’t see Run, type msconfig into the search box. When you have the System Configuration window open, go to the Startup tab. This lists all of the software that are set to run when your system starts up. You can clear the check box next to any of these to stop them from starting with the computer. One other place to check would be to go to Start -> All Programs -> Startup. If there’s anything in this folder it will also start with the computer. You can delete anything you don’t want there as well.

2. Hard Drive Fragmentation. As you use your computer to save documents, surf the web, view photos, install software, etc. your computer is busy opening, closing and saving various files (some you are unaware of). As it does this, it causes what’s known as fragmentation which is files being saved in various places on the hard disk instead of in a systematic order. What ends up happening is when you go to open a file the system has to go looking for that file. Keep in mind that when you go to open a file there’s a lot more going on than just opening that document. With the disk fragmentation, it will take longer for the system to find all the files needed to do various things – in turn, slowing your computer down.

Reno Computer Remedy: Go to Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Disk Defragmenter. Try not to interrupt the scanner while it’s operating. I recommend setting it to run when you go to sleep, that way it can run while you won’t be using it. Turn off screen savers and system standby as well to prevent interruption. You can run Disk Defragmenter once a week if you use your system a lot, otherwise once a month will do.

3. Spyware. Although not always malicious in intent, spyware can bog down your computer and breach your privacy. It can be anything from a cookie that monitors your web surfing habits in order to deliver more targeted advertising, or can be something as malicious as a key logger that detects every keystroke you make on your computer with the intent of giving someone else your passwords, credit card numbers, etc. One way or another, you don’t need any of these on your computer.

Reno Computer Remedy: Spybot Search & Destroy is a free software that I recommend. Download it at Here at Reno Computer, I run this every day, but once a week is ok.

4. Viruses. They all come in many forms (viruses, trojans, worms, etc.), and you don’t want any of them on your system.

Reno Computer Remedy: The Free version of AVG Virus is great and can be downloaded at Like Search & Destroy, I run this daily, but once a week works as well.

5. Registry Errors. The registry stores file locations and configuration settings needed by Windows. Sometimes the registry gets modified incorrectly, causing errors or a slow system.

Reno Computer Remedy: I recommend CCleaner. It is free, and will scan your registry, as well as fix any problems it finds. You can find it at

6. Not enough RAM. RAM is used by the operating system to load programs. It’s called Random Access Memory (RAM) because it is temporary storage unlike your hard drive. Programs get loaded to your RAM until you are done with them, then they are removed from your RAM. New software tends to need more RAM, so older computers start lacking the amount of RAM needed as time goes on.

Reno Computer Remedy: First off, check number one in this list. It may help remedy how much RAM is constantly being used. RAM is a very quick, inexpensive and easy way to speed up a slow computer. Although it’s easy, I wouldn’t recommend installing it yourself unless you know what you’re doing.

7. Full Hard Drive. If your Hard Drive is starting to fill up you may also start noticing your system slowing down. As well as utilizing RAM when programs start, they also create temporary files on your hard drive. If you are lacking hard drive space, this can cause your machine to crawl at snail pace.

Reno Computer Remedy: Adding a second hard drive to your computer may be the answer. This can be done this very easily and inexpensively. Alternatively, you can go through your downloads folder, music files, pictures and videos to see if anything can be deleted to free up space.

Reno Computer is a license Reno business that provides fast and friendly computer repair in Reno. You can find this, and many more informative articles, in my Reno Computer Articles section.

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How To Speed Up PC With Registry Error Cleaner

Most devoted computer owners understand how crucial it is to keep their machine healthy and happy. Computers have become a vital tool in our society for both business concern and personal use, and when they loose their speed or crush, it can put a serious hitch in the day-to-day schedule. Fortunately, developers have produced different tools to keep computers running up to speed, including Registry Error Cleaner, cleaning software package for computer registries.

The good news is that the developers have created necessary and important tools to keep computers operating up to speed, including Registry Error Cleaner, cleaning software package for computer registries.

The more files the computer must wade through to start up programs or continue running, the slower it will work or even it will stop working. A registry error cleaner is designed to remove damaged, duplicate, and unnecessary files to smooth out computer operations and make it operate faster.

You can scan your computer %100 free with Registry Easy. One of the most important functions of a registry cleaner is to not remove files, the ones that are necessary for proper function of the system and programs. This registry error cleaner has a great track record for not causing operational problems while still speeding up the computer by having an extensive blacklist of important files that it cannot remove.

It has customizable functions and very easy to use. One very useful and important asset is the undo feature. By having this feature, the users can review deletions and replace the files that they want to delete. Besides the removal of damaged, duplicate files such as history or temporary files, it also has a start up feature. With this feature, the users are able to manage the programs and remove the ones that they are not using and it also provides a back up mechanism for any repaired files. This allows users to make any changes if it is necessary or easily recover the files.

Author Jacqueline Gharibian: In this article, the author has written some important features of the Registry Error Cleaner Registry Easy. You can read more about other important features and find out why Registry Easy is one of the best registry error cleaners.

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Checking Computer Memory Usage To Improve PC Speed

Is your computer as fast as it was when it was new? Has its speed dropped noticeably for no apparent reason? Are you getting error messages about low memory and trying to find a way to improve your pc speed.

Your computer speed and operation can be changed by many things, but one of the leading factors is lack of computer memory space. While your PC may have had plenty of memory when you bought it, that capacity begins decreasing merely through everyday and regular use. Sometimes this creeps up slowly, and it can be hard to know how all that memory disappeared.

TreeSize Free is a program designed to check the memory usage on a PC. It scans your computer and lists how much memory each program or file is taking up. This allows you to easily locate memory “hogs” and take back some of that precious space. The program is freeware designed to work on Windows 2000/Vista/XP. An earlier version works on systems using Windows 9x/ME. The program requires 2.1 MB of free space to install.

After you download and install the program, an icon appears on the desktop. The program launches from the desktop shortcut and opens a blank window with two menu bars at the top. Choosing the “Scan” button drops down a list of available drives on your system. Selecting a drive starts the scan. The folder icon will open a browser panel from which a specific folder can be selected. Clicking “OK” begins the scan.

While scanning is in progress, mousing over any displayed sub folder will pop up an information display panel demonstrating details of that item. Once scanning is processed, folders can be expanded as required to show exactly how much computer memory each area is using. The memory is shown in megabytes by default. Buttons along the top menu bar will show options of KB (kilobytes), MB (megabytes), GB (gigabytes), or automatic selection of units based on data file size.

Other display modes let you see memory usage as a percentage of drive or folder size or by file count. Results are ordered numerically by default, but can be sorted alphabetically if you prefer clicking the appropriate menu button.

For examining the results, look for large blocks of memory being used by programs or files that don’t add up. You can then mouse over any files that you can not recognize, and search for clues in the details. Enlarge the folders as far as they go looking for documents that may point to the parent program. To see the documents more easily clicking the open-folder icon and it will open the file in Windows Explorer.

The temporary files can be deleted safely to give you more space and free up more memory. The old programs that are no longer in use can pile up. To uninstall them you need to go to your control panel and use “Add/Remove Programs”. If you do decide to delete any file, be sure to make a backup copy or wait a few weeks to empty the recycle bin. That way, if a problem shows up you can restore the item.

The “My Documents” folder always takes up lots of memory for most users because that is where music and pictures are saved by default. You can remove some of those records that you rarely open and get plenty of space. You can also transfer the seldom-used files and programs to other drives or archived on external storage.

Daily logs and backup folders can be created without the past editions being removed. This can take up your memory space after some time. Make sure to check everything before removing or deleting.

After cleaning up or moving any unused programs and files, run another scan to see the improved memory usage. The program allows you to print out reports for reference later. Scanning on a regular basis will make future problems stand out easily, so they can be handled before performance suffers.

Jacqueline Gharibian is the author of this article. She is hoping that this can resolve some of the problems that most people have with their computers. If you have to work constantly with your computer but your PC is very slow, or you are in the middle of some important project and your computer crashes, it can get very frustrating. To read more you can visit her site Registry Error Cleaner.

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Is Your Computer Slow? Seven Tips to Fix Your Computer’s Speed

To answer the question “Why is my computer so slow”?, it seems that the longer you use a computer, the slower it will go. Most times, the age of the computer is not the problem. Instead, years of surfing the Internet, saving files, and downloading media has slowed it to a standstill. Before buying a new computer, try the following tips to speed up your slow computer and performance of the one you already have.

1. Run Disk Defragmenter: Disk fragmentation will close up and hinder your computer’s performance. When files are broken, the computer must find the hard disk to locate all of the pieces before the file can be opened. A fragmented disk will slow your computer down , especially when you run large programs or files. If you organize your files, your computer will work faster and perform better. Use your computer’s disk defragmenter at least every thirty days.

2. Repair Disk Errors: If your computer has ever crashed or shut down improperly due to a power outage, your computer may have disk errors. Windows provides an error checking utility to search the hard disk for bad sectors to repair, giving your computer extra performance as a result.

3. Remove Fonts: Most computers have a list of fonts to use in word processor applications. Some of these fonts, for example the TrueType fonts use a big portion of your computer’s system resources. all the fonts, but those you normally use.

4. Scan for Viruses, Spyware and Adware: Some viruses can wreak havoc on your computer, while other programs such as spyware and adware will stay dormant in the background as they collect personal information and display random pop up messages. Whether you have a virus, spyware, adware or all three, programs such as Ad-Aware can be used to protect your private and personal information from a third party. When your computer is free of viruses, spyware and adware, its speed will also improve.

5. Limit Programs at Start Up: Some have set their computers to start some programs automatically, when the computer is turned on. This can slow down your computer and it is important to limit these so that they do not eat away at the speed and performance of your computer. The less that is running on your computer, the more space can be saved to run the programs you really want.

6. Clear Browser Cache: Your browser cache, also known as the Temporary Internet Files folder, stores some of the images, sounds, video, and web pages when you are surfing the web. Most of these stored items will never be visited again and by clearing some of the cache on a regular basis, you can free up some memory space on your computer.

7. Delete Cookies: Nearly every website will give you a cookie. Most times you will never use these cookies again. After a while your computer will build up thousands of cookies that take up space on your hard drive and slow your machine. It is best to delete your cookies every month to keep your computer at its optimum performance.

Before you buy a new PC, see what you can do to make your current computer work for you. By using these seven tips, you can easily shorten the time that you spend staring at a screen waiting for your program to load. Computer lag doesn’t have to happen. By tweaking your computer to make it work for you, it will run at its optimum performance once again.

The author: Jacqueline Gharibian. She is hoping that these tips can help you save lots of time and money. You can visit her blog Registry Error Cleaner to read more and get other information and resources.

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My Personal Experience Of Using Registry Cleaners

The following is my experience of utilizing registry cleaners. We have a computer which I actually acquired several years ago. Before you think this may be an old pc which is not worthy of talking about, please listen to me for two reasons: First, the pc with its age and related problems gave me the best chance to test out the most used registry cleaner available on the market which my research uncovered. Secondly, the pc, although old was a high spec computer during the time I bought it and it’s still good for my family’s needs and is a useful second computer in the house.

We had problems with this computer but we have tons of stuff on it so we really wanted to keep it. It was showing error messages all the time, sometimes in the middle of doing serous work it will just freeze on you and you have to restart the computer. Any unsaved data is usually lost. It was frustrating but we put up with these problems for a long while putting the problems we are having down to the computer’s age.

I know what you are thinking: “why don’t you get a new one and transfer the data on to it and throw away this computer”? Yes I know, but apart from the emotional attachment we have to this computer for various reasons, in my family throwing out something like that is not that simple so please reserve your judgement.

There was a computer technician in our area so we took the computer to him to fix it. We needed him to stop the computer from freezing and crashing and make it work faster without losing any of our data saved on it.

We paid a computer technician in our area to fix the computer but it was a complete waste of money and time. after working on the computer for 4 days he was not able to stop it from freezing and crashing and the machine was still slow.

I started to check the internet to see if I can find a solution to the computer problems. I discovered registry cleaners for the first time as a possible solution to the computer problems. I also found that there are different kinds of the registry cleaners and that some work better than others.

Since most of the Registry cleaners do the same job I focused on the one that is popular with more people buying it. My reason for this was that people will only buy if it was a better registry cleaner. on this basis because Regcure registry cleaner has over 60 million downloads I purchased it.

First I scanned the computer with the free scan feature that Regcure offers. The scan produced in excess of 2000 errors and went ahead and deleted few of the errors from my computer. For the rest to be removed I paid for the full version. After payment a second scan was done and this time all the errors were removed. From this experience I can say registry cleaners work. My computer now runs like new.

Looking to find the best solution to fix your slow computer,fix pc will do it for you. Visit to find the best advice on regcure registry fix pc errors.

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Fix A Slow Computer – Help and Ideas

Our computers make it possible for us to accomplish many things we cannot do without them. I don’t think we can imagine our lives now without them. So we need to keep them functioning as they should and at an adequate speed. Here are some good ideas to speed up your computer.

Programs your pc does not need: All computers built and sold retail by brand name companies load programs that the computer does not need. I have stopped this in the past by getting computer shops to build my computer with components to my specifications rather than purchasing a packaged unit. This eliminates some programs operating on my computer that I don’t need and don’t want. Now I realize it it too late to purchase a different computer and what you need now is a solution for your existing problems. I think I would let an expert technician delete them. The programs could be connected to other much needed applications and the removal could have serious consequences.

Data storage: This involves two types of computer memory that can make your pc slow down. The fix is either adding more memory or removing some of the data you are storing. The more your pc is used the more memory storage is necessary. Computers now are loaded with much more capability than just a few years ago. But they have to have more to run their own systems. Our data is stored in different drives and by many a lot of software applications of your computer. As with any storage location – warehouse, storage room, closet, etc. – the space needs to be optimized. If it is not organized or optimized it will not be efficient and slow down your computer.

Hard disk and random access memory: The two types of memory are your computer’s hard disk and its RAM or random access memory. The hard disk is where data is stored long term and the RAM is used for short term storage. Computers that do not have enough RAM will be slow because the Windows system will use up most of its capacity. This problem can be solved by buying and installing more RAM into the computer. And you can do this yourself.

Windows registry: A computer that has had a lot of programs removed, or un-installed, will most likely need a registry cleaner. We don’t actually eliminate those applications completely, some parts of it remain. Optimization of the registry can help take out unneeded information and that has proven to be a slow computer fix in and of its self. The more you work your computer the more the registry becomes cluttered. And you want remove it with just emptying the trash.

Registry cleaning is something you can do and is probably your best route. Since I’ve had a windows registry cleaner I believe my personal computer runs faster and is much safer.

Find a good, proven Slow Computer Fix and Slow Computer Repair Help at

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Initial Research Can Considerably Lower the Costs of Computer Repair

Computer repair can be somewhat expensive. Everybody every so often faces problems that require the support of a professional. Nevertheless, there are a couple of steps you can take to reduce the price of your impending repair. While repairing computers can be thorny, a little effort can make your technician’s job a lot simpler.

Good Maintenance Helps

Fixing computers is about making a correct diagnosis. It is simpler to determine the problem that plagues your computer when there are only a few variables. Proper machine maintenance will cut down the number of slight errors that appear to be serious technical problems. This will permit your tech to quickly figure out the issue. Dust buildup, fragmented hard drives, software compatibility problems, driver errors, and malware are examples of problems that good maintenance can prevent. Occasionally a boatload of inconsequential problems can conceal the actual problem that hurts your machine’s performance. For example, laptops often overheat when the fans are clogged with dust. Notebook system repair is a lot easier when you can rule out these kinds of common problems. If you take good care of your pc, your technician will be able to diagnose the subject extremely rapidly.

Research Error Codes

Every now and then errors will crop up while you are using your system. Your technician will have to replicate these errors in order to uncover a issue. However, an alert user can note them as they arise. This will service your tech diagnose the concern that you face. For example, if you suffer a hard freeze while playing a game, look at your event logs after you reboot. There will probably be errors that caused your concern. If you write those errors down when they happen, you will be able to describe exactly what happened when you talk to your technician. This will save a lot of precious time. You can also investigate the meaning of the error codes. While some of them will imply a variety of potential diagnoses, you can rule a couple out on your own before you go to a geek. This applies when fixing computers of all types. While laptop pc repair might be a bit more complex, it is still incredibly easy to uncover the nature of the difficulty with event codes. If you record them, you can give your repair technician a thorough summary of the events that took place prior to the error.

Investigate General Symptoms

There are various online sources that allow users to investigate numerous technical problems. While machine concerns can vary radically, there are typical errors that correlate to common issues. Online forums and websites will delve into these in intense detail. Remember to take this advice with a grain of salt, and only follow suggestions that will assistance you rule out specific possibilities without altering important files. Online pranksters or “trolls” relish in causing trouble for innocent users, and it can be easy to mistake a sarcastic call to reformat your hard drive for legitimate advice. Whether you need desktop or laptop machine repair, it is much easier and cheaper when you have ruled out a couple of the possible causes of the concern before hiring a pro. Some pc trouble will not appear in the form of error codes. However, helpful clues can be found. You will want to give your repair tech a clear outline of all of the symptoms that relate to the difficulty you face.

Repairing computers is too involved for the typical untrained user. There will inevitably be a few tests you absolutely can not run without professional equipment. Still, there are some steps that you can take to shrink the amount of work that your tech will have to do in order to repair your system. This is equally true for desktop or laptop computer repair.

I works at a nationwide Computer Repair company. At Geek Choice we solve computer problems such as: Laptop Computer Repair, Repairing Computers, Slow computer, Virus Removal, Spyware Removal and much more.

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Slow PC? Can An Automatic Registry Cleaner Help?

registry cleaner is a very useful toolmost of the time. If, however, you utilize the wrong one it can be extremely detrimental to your PC and end up damaging it instead of helping it. The registry is a very delicate element in your computer, so even the slightest error can cause your registry to crash, which will make your computer slow to a crawl. Registry cleaners are a must when it comes to maintaining your computer, it’s like getting an oil change for your car. Since an registry cleaner is needed, you have to be careful which automatic registry cleaner you decide to use.

What exactly is a registry? Simply put, it is the element of your computer that helps your computer run fast and keeps your files organized. With a messy registry your computer will start running slower than normal and you will be seeing random error messages on a regular basis. If you are noticing any of these signs it may be time to have your registry thoroughly checked. Once you administer a scan from a reliable automatic registry cleaner, your computer can run at it’s optimal performance.

Why do you need your registry cleaned? It’s simple. With the daily use of your computer the registry becomes more and more filled up with information. Even the easiest actions, like moving folders, checking your email, or downloading the newest hit single can clutter the registry to the point of confusion. Once it becomes over-filled it accidentally misplaces files which causes errors.

Automatic registry cleaner, such as Registry Easy, has one goal and that is to find and fix any errors you may have in your PC. Once all the errors have been repaired your computer should be back to its normal fast self. It is not necessary to purchase a brand new computer, so before you make that mistake, have your registry scanned for errors by an automatic registry cleaner.

Normally it is hard to find a spare five minutes for yourself in a day, so I went ahead and did the work for you. In my research, I have only found one automatic registry cleaner that did the job correctly, and that was Registry Easy. I trust Registry Easy, and it hasn’t let me down at all. Every time I scan my computer it finds and fixes all the errors on my PC.

If you don’t know which registry cleaner fits your PC best, check out JustForPC’s registry easy review. They delve deep into the functionality of the top three programs and compare them side by side. This registry easy review shows how they each performed on various levels, and gives you an overall score.

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