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A Sensation Labeled As VoIP

Most people have made overseas calls, and through the years a lot of development has been made to make this more effective and affordable. Now there’s a simple, remarkable new way for us to talk, through VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol. In the most basic essence, VoIP converts analog audio signals into digital data, transmits it via the Internet, and then converts it back to whoever the intended receiver is.

You’ll find different types of VoIP calling methods which are available. An example may be the ATA (Analog Telephone Adaptor) which may serve as a converter/adaptor for our standard phone. It enables our phones to connect straight into our computers net connection. Another is the IP phones. These look a lot more like your standard telephone set. The only difference is that as opposed to plugging it into your telephone jack, it’s got Ethernet jacks that could be connected directly into your router. Lastly the most typical and popular is definitely the computer to computer call. All you need for this is the voice calling software, microphone, headset, and an Internet connection. It is usually an absolutely free service supplied by popular chat and instant messaging software providers like Skype and Yahoo.

So how does VoIP differ from traditional telephone lines? The answer lies in how they transmit voice to and from the calling parties. With the telephone line, voice is transmitted through circuit switching. This circuit is “switched on” whenever both sides are utilizing the phone. This could be very wasteful as it is always open whether or not the speaker is talking. In VoIP, voice is transmitted through packet switching. With this method, voice is transmitted in “packets”. These packets carry data (in our case voice) through the Internet. Regardless which path these packets take through the Internet because it is going to end up with the receiver. The receiving computer will reassemble these packets and convert it back to voice. In this case the connection isn’t always on, it will just turn on if it sends and receives packets. This is certainly very efficient considering that the packets are transmitted through the least congested and cheapest lines in the network.

Obviously, the glaring advantage of VoIP over traditional telephone service is the expense of making a call. This is so because telephone companies need to build up physical infrastructure to support their services. Unlike in VoIP which revolves around the connected virtual world that is the Internet. VoIP offers flexibility because you could literally make a phone call around the globe providing you own an Internet connection.

However, VoIP is vulnerable to disruptions along with your connection to the Internet, which is definitely ordinary occurrence in our everyday connected lives. To put it simply, no web connection no VoIP. Also voice clarity continues to be a problem; this is because of instability in Internet data transfer. It is also prone to power outages as it usually draws power from the wall plug.

VoIP will never replace the traditional telephone anytime soon. However, if the kinks and hiccups could be addressed it could go mainstream and turn into our telecommunication standard of the future.

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Why All Businesses Should Hire A Telephone Systems Technician

For a small business just setting up or expanding, it seems logical to save money by fixing your own business telephone system. After all, there is a wealth of details on the Internet, and you know your PBX from your VOIP, right?

Although in the long run it makes more sense to hire a phone systems technician. Phone systems technicians have exposure to and training with a large variety of systems from simple 4-line setups to complex networks spread over multiple locations and with dozens of custom components. Also, a good phone systems technician will calculate your needs and recommend the optimum setup for your situation, using the most fitting equipment and efficient phone layouts. They are up to date on the latest technology and know where to find the best deals on hardware, including possibilities like refurbished systems, or even upgrading and expanding your existing system instead of the full replacement you had envisioned.

A phone systems technician can save you countless time and anxiety. He or she knows that you need to focus on your business, and as a small business person even a few hours off line can cost you dearly in terms of money and clients! The tech can plan and prepare for the install so that any cutover to a new system takes place during a period of low or no call volume and will plan for any downtime needed for troubleshooting and tweaking to fall over a weekend or other off time, and will commit to doing whatever it takes to have you up and running on Monday morning.

Also, the phone service technician can be a helpful resource to you and your staff. Rather than each person struggling to learn the system, assign extensions, establish rollover patterns, select hold music and ringtones, and set up voicemail accounts, the tech can complete all these tasks and even contribute training to all employees or one or two as a “train the trainer” service so that everyone is familiar with the new system the minute it goes live.

An excellent phone service technician’s job is not over when you receive your first incoming call. He or she will remain a resource to you going forward, able to advise and troubleshoot on any issues or needs that arise, keeping your business’s link to the outside world in perfect working order.

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Prevent VoIP Application Downtime With Better DNS And DHCP Services

When the IT staff plan for upgrades, especially a VoIP deployment, a lot of attention is focused on servers, applications, switches, routers, and network security. Almost no attention is paid to the core network services that allow users to access all these wonderful systems, and are in fact essential for VoIP to even work at all.

If users are unable to access the applications that they require over the network, or if customers are unable to get to the Internet-based Web services or applications that they need, all business transactions and many manufacturing process come to an immediate stop. Since application network access is so important, it is at some point important to look at how to make sure everything in the system works reliably.

There are three core network services, and one management process, that have to be working for users to be able to access their applications. These are:

1. DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. This service is what hands the user an IP address on the internal network as soon as they connect. No network communication can take place without having an IP address, as well as the other information that the DHCP service hands out , which is a default route and the IP addresses of the DNS servers. What most people don’t know is that usually the DHCP service is provided by a non-redundant Windows server, or by a router that gives little visibility into the operation of the service. DHCP is essential for VoIP systems.

2. DNS stands for domain name service. This service is what changes easy to remember names on the network, like a URL in a browser, to the IP addresses that the applications running on workstations require. Without DNS, any network-based applications cannot be used. DNS is most often provided centrally by redundant windows servers, and externally by multiple small Linux boxes running BIND. Unfortunately, sometimes the Windows DNS service has stability issues, and it is difficult and error prone to modify the BIND information on the Linux boxes.

3. NTP stands for network time protocol. There are many applications that need the correct time on the servers and workstations, especially SIP-based VoIP applications and network security programs . NTP is in almost all cases served from redundant windows servers.

4. IPAM stands for IP address management. It is important to have an overall IP address management method in order to ensure that DHCP and DNS are working properly. Entire new network subnets are added in a VoIP deployment, as well as a number of devices with static IP addresses, so this is especially important in that case.

As you can see, high availability core network services are essential to the proper operation of everything on the network, and especially VoIP. In your next upgrade planning cycle, it is worthwhile to look at improving the availability of the core network services of DHCP, DNS, NTP, and IPAM.

Find out more about VoIP and Networking. Great articles from voice, security, and network engineers that are in the field doing designs and deployments on a daily basis. Free reprint avaialable from: Prevent VoIP Application Downtime With Better DNS And DHCP Services.

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The Many Sound Reasons Complexity Answers Why Use A Computer Professional

It is no longer possible to truly function in our world without the use of computers. There is still a few holdouts who prefer not to use the devices, but they are few and far between. Any of those who rescued the devices are actually using them in their automobiles, washing machines and just about every other electronic device in their home. Some may ask why use a computer professional when things go wrong and the answer is simple: a novice can do more harm than good.

When the computers first came out with the slow processors and MS-DOS original operating systems those few who knew how to use the device also knew how to take care of it. Although the machine was not capable of as many things as they are now. But for those things it could do maintenance was simpler as well. When things started going wrong, a quick reboot usually solved the problem.

Today the computer is far too complex for simple reboots to solve most of our problems. With the advent of computer viruses and other malicious software transferred from unknown places on the World Wide Web, it is possible to completely destroy your data or even the physical computer trying to fix things. While it is extremely frustrating, it often better to get help the moment you notice there is a serious problem with the computer.

So how does one figure out that it is time to get help? We can’t possibly run off to the computer store every time there is some kind of glitch with the machine. Fortunately there are some solid procedures one can engage in to accomplish a rudimentary analysis of the machine. Many of the basic packages of software necessary to use the computer at all come with diagnosis programs which can help identify if there is a serious problem.

Indicators that there may be a problem come in many types, from unusual or unidentified icons on the desktop to a noticeable decrease in response speeds to the frustrating general lock up of the machine. Here are some help things one can do; reboot the system or defragment the hard drives, which may serve to remove a problem, but if the source of the problem is deeper, continuing to tinker with the system can get you into real trouble.

When the Computer Services Toronto tells you there is a serious problem, or it becomes obvious because you can no longer use the software the way you had before continuing the effort to solve the problem may be the worst thing you can do. Often, malicious software will sit on your computer without causing any overt damage, waiting to capture information.

Unfortunately, there are programs created with greater malicious intent which can target files for deletion or hijack your machine. This could lead to you being identified as the source of devious even criminal conduct while you had no idea anything was even amiss. There are also programs written to cause malicious damage with no other purpose. These programs can cause your machine to continually write to disk, eventually causing damaging to the device.

Because the machines have themselves become so complicated and because criminals have spent a lot of time creating the means to subvert the computers of others, an entire industry has developed. Our data is so important in this digital world that the drive to compromise access to it is intense in the criminal world. For this reason alone the answer to why use a computer professional is obvious.

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The Relation About Viruses And Your Computer Running Slow

Most people surf the internet and download files without even having any form of anti-virus program installed on their computer. If you are one of these people then you need to seriously consider getting your hands on some form of anti-virus software. See most forms of malicious software (like malware, spyware or even viruses) will find a way to install themselves onto your computer and then they will run the background performing their malicious actions.

These programs are usually installed on your computer by simply pretending to be another program so that you will download and then install them. Once they are installed on your hard drive, they have full access to all of your file and usually will run in the background doing their “dirty” little tasks. This is one of the biggest reasons people’s computers slow down – these viruses will run in the background and eat up your computers resources without you even knowing about it.

So, what’s the best way to stop a virus? Well the obvious answer to this would be to simply not go on the internet – but as we all that just isn’t possible. The alternative is to use an anti-virus program but this also opens another can of worms – which anti-virus programs out there will actually protect your computer without wasting money and not slowing down your computer? Luckily for you, I have used many different anti-virus programs over the course of a few years and I have my top two to recommend to you so you don’t have to waste your time or money (like I did) to figure them out.

The main program that I use for my anti-virus is called AVG Anti-Virus. Now to start off I’m going to warn you that there is a free version and a paid version of the software. If you are short on cash don’t worry to much – the free verion work just fine and it was the main one that I used for a long time. That being said, obviously the paid version of this software just has a few more fany features on, but you dont really have to have them. If you do decided to use AVG, you are going to need to tune it to make your computer faster (it will natrually make your computer slower). There are many ways to configure AVG to do this, but for the purpose of this article we are going to focus on the biggest one: preventing AVG from performing a scan as soon as you turn on your computer. What this means is that you are going to have to manually tell it to perform scan when it is convenient for you. To do this just click on “Computer Scanner”, select “Manage Scheduled Scans”, select “Edit Scan Schedule” and uncheck the box that says “Enable this task”. T34sh just click on save.

The other piece of anti-virus software that I will recommend to you is called ESET Nod 32 Anti-Virus. Sadly there is only a paid version of this program but you do get a lot of protection, it is not annoying to use and you do not have to configure it at all. This is probably the best anti-virus that I have ever use and you should get it for yourself.

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Switching To VOIP Today Can Save Considerably On Communications Costs

The economic news for North America has been dismal for the last year and one half, and although it appears there are signs of a possible recovery, the immediate future remains troubled. In such an environment, businesses have to evaluate their processes carefully to identify any and all means of increasing efficiency to remain profitable. Savings gained through greater effectiveness may have social implications as well, retaining employees that might have otherwise been let go. One means of saving money for almost any organization is gained by reducing the cost of communication. For rapid results a company may wish to switch from regular telephone packages to VOIP today.

The telephone has seen a number of modifications and improvements over the years. Early in its history it was a marvel of communication technology and a testament to hard work and creativity, as a network was built to connect literally ever household and business in America together. Though there were many tribulations relating to the any practices of some companies, eventually it was settled the NOrth American way, competition wins.

The phone instrument has also undergone many changes from the original. The French phones were soon joined by the princess and slim line styles. Party lines disappeared and mobile phones were introduced. By comparison with current devices, these early mobile types would more precisely be referred to as movable, not portable.

The cellular phone opened a whole new world of telephone use. Now the user was not tied to a facility to use the device. The cell phone has been a tremendous advantage to society in the form of communication during emergencies and for individual protection, and of course it has had its down sides. One of the problems is the distraction is causes for individuals who are trying to communicate while driving.

After the breakup of the some systems, a wide range of companies entered the fray, competing for your communications dollars. Cell phone availability and coverage increased and continues to improve. Satellite technology has made access easier for telephone companies and the advent of cable bundling has diversified the companies entering competition.

Businesses have always relied on communication and now the telephone has capabilities one could only dream of in the past. They are so sophisticated that the line between portable computer and portable phone is blurring, but all of that comes at a cost. The smart phone class of device has a hefty monthly bill to provide the services businesses have come to rely on. Yet for a businessman on the go having immediate access to phone, fax, e-mail and internet is worth it.

The infrastructure for phone service can still be a considerable cost when constructing a new facility. Despite all the progress, there are still costs associated with pulling all the wires for internet accessibility, power and telephone wires. Although many companies issue mobile phones to their employees, few have made the move to all wireless telephone capability, notably because there will always be a need to have a home station phone for customer inquiries 24 hours a day.

There is an increasingly popular notion gaining strength in the business community that leverages the existing internet infrastructure to provide telephone access. This innovation, known as Voice Over Internet Protocol, obviates the need for the traditional telephone line and can significantly reduce the costs of business communication. By using VOIP PBX today, a business can get intra-company phone service for software that can be downloaded free, doubling the computer as a telephone.

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Business Center Solutions For Large And Small Scale

A great business Center Solutions plan will include the use of an IP phone. An IP phone is a phone courtesy of an internet provider that rather than use regular phone lines, instead relies on internet air waves to relay voice communications.

This technology has opened up new possibilities for lots more people. Open source call center is a great for large scale businesses, but its flexibility offers convenience and affordability for small or home office set-ups as well. Previously, the cost of a large multi-phone line system may have been out of the reach of start-up businesses and solo entrepreneurs looking to compete with the professionalism and automation of their larger counter-parts. Not so anymore.

Why is an IP phone a great business solution? It’s simple, as an IP phone allows a business to make phone calls from along distance, helping a business to avoid high paying tolls. Also with an IP phone you can use numerous phones without having to pay any extra fees. As well any customers making incoming calls will never hear a busy signal.

If one has a call center style business an IP phone is a really savvy business solution. It will not matter how many people are on a single line, whether it be one or twenty plus. The system will run without any glitches, so fear not.

If you can form a mental image of being on the phone for one of the most crucial phone calls in your professional career, and out of the blue the phone goes completely dead. What would you do? It would probably be enough for you to leap off a tall building. But with an IP phone for a business solution there’ll be no more dropped phone calls. With an IP phone you’ll remain connected with important and unimportant clients alike.

There are call centers that offer IP phones in two separate packages geared for the exact needs of a given call center. One package is the hosted package. The features included here are plug and go, non-server perfect for companies smaller in size, say 25 employees and under. Other packages include premise versions.

This specific feature is quite elaborate technically speaking as you must install your very own operating system. But soon you’ll be up and running, you’ll manage it with ease, and it will allow you to work with up to 600 employees. With this you don;t even need regular internet. Gone will be the days of fretting about when internet service is out.

This system might be at first a little difficult to master. The reams of wire upon wires might be too much to handle, along with the brand new equipment. Your first instinct upon entering a call center might be to run right back out the door, the prospect so daunting. If you observe this with a new employee, of course reassure them. Ease there worried minds and begin with training. Your IP phone, work ethic and other techniques will be the perfect business center solution.

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The Bluetooth Earpiece Fit For You

Cell phone accessories are very apparent in the market these days. One of which is the Bluetooth headset which is considered the most developed and superior among all other accessories. It applies to a vast range of uses and is more flexible for everyday use.

There are many kinds of Bluetooth mobile phones from which you can purchase in accordance to your choice and the purpose they serve.

Multi-purpose Bluetooth Headsets

We use Bluetooth headsets primarily for communications in the form of VOIP services, cell phones, and landline telephones. Other than that we could also use them for voice recording together with computers and the like. More importantly, these Bluetooth headsets allow data to be transmitted with full ease from one device to another. Software and plugs are not required anymore. This improves accuracy and reduces the time with which you could have done so many other things. Along with this are Bluetooth wireless telephones which come in a variety of style and designs and having different purposes according to what you need.

The Right Bluetooth Headset for your Mobile Phone

Mobile phones are widely used in all aspects of daily life. With the existence of Bluetooth headsets the use of mobile phones has been made easier as ever. Being wireless and used under the Bluetooth technology, talking through a cell phone does not require you to hold the device anymore. You can talk more freely now than you used to upon the usage of the Bluetooth headset.

Bluetooth Headsets and VoIP

The Bluetooth headset is naturally workable with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). They go together and operate effortlessly giving communication more comfort and ease. In case you are to purchase this kind of headset, make sure it is able to work in VoIP.

The Right Bluetooth Headset for Business and Home Uses

Go for this kind of headsets if you want both style and proficiency in work and even at the confines of your home. Manage your time and business and personal concerns more properly and efficiently with the use of this advanced device.

Bluetooth Headsets Used in Call Centers and Other Places

Call centers and many other places need Bluetooth headsets for a more competent work performance. Since both the workplace and the device are absorbed in technological advancement they jive in the most perfect way making work more productive. However, in choosing a headset, make sure that your choice fits your purpose in order to lessen regrets in the future.

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Business Center Solutions For Any Size Business

The use of an IP phone is one of the best of the business center solutions on the market today. An IP phone systems are an internet provider phone that uses the internet air waves instead of phone lines to transmit voice communication.

I remember the first time I used an IP phone for a call center job I had. I wasn’t trained at all. They just threw me on the sales floor and handed me the headset. I looked at the person sitting next to me with a look of bewilderment that would make Laurel and Hardy laugh. I proceeded to push what I though was the call button. Little did I know that it was the mute button.

So how does this present a business solution? Using an IP phone allows a business to make long distance telephone calls without paying the normal tolls. The nice thing about an IP phone system is you can use as many phones as you like without having to pay extra. Customers that are making incoming calls never hear a busy signal either.

Using an IP phone is also a good solution for any call center type of business. When you place the system into effect, it won’t matter if you have one person or thirty on the line. You will see that the program runs as smooth as silk.

Can you imagine being on the phone with a very important client and you are in the middle the biggest negotiation of your career and all of a sudden you cannot hear them? This scenario would be enough to make Donald Trump tell the phone company “Your Fired!” The great thing about using an IP phone as a business solution is not having to worry about dropping a call. You stay connected with that big client and all sorts of other people as well.

Some companies offer IP phones in two different packages that are structured for the specific needs of a call center. The first package choice is referred to as a hosted package. These packages offer non-server, plug and go features that makes this package ideal for smaller companies with less than 20 employees. The other package is a premise version.

This package is a little more technical than the hosted in that you have to install your own server in order to operate the system. Once you install the system though, it is easily managed and can handle up to 500 employees. If you choose this option, then you don’t even have to have the regular internet. You won’t have to worry on those pesky days when the internet is just plain unavailable.

New employees may find this system takes a little getting used to. The tangle of wires and all of the new equipment seems a little overwhelming. Walking into a call center they may feel a sense of hitting a wrong button and blowing up the world. Just reassure them that this is not the case and proceed with training. Your employee will end up being your best business center solution!

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The Apple iPad Will Change The Rules With VoIP and Cell Phone Contracts

In only several short months we will all get our chance to buy Apple’s latest gadget, the iPad. It is a pretty sweet gadget if you’re so inclined by Apple’s ability to construct shiny digital toys for you to play with. It really is going being a magical device much like the iPhone continues being.

What makes the iPad such a revolution is not so significantly in the device itself, which is quite interesting. No, what makes me definitely want an iPad is that it is planning to be an always connected 3G device with no contract.

Not having a contract is huge and I mean like really huge. In the rest of the world it’s hard to understand maybe how in the United States we get stuck with horrible phone service and crappy contracts. It’s just the way it is.

Nevertheless, the iPad is proceeding being VoIP enabled. That means it is possible to make Skype style phone calls proper on the device. The iPad is literally a digital telephone pad. How cool is that?

It’s like all of a sudden we’ve gone from the dark ages of Nokia cell phone rubbish to a full fledged Star Trek communicator in a few short years. How is this even possible right?

What is definitely remarkable is that instantly men and women will be able to get a $30 per month plan that works just like their normal phone would, only without having a contract, minutes, etc. to worry about. No more paying for texting or separate services. 1 price, a single web connection, one cell phone service. I’m stoked.

What gets me even more jazzed about this is that it’s not going to be on some crappy device. It’s on an Apple iPad. That is like the top of the heap in terms of industrial design. I love quality industrial design, so this is going to be like the best toy ever.

I guess maybe I’m just excited simply because it’s one extra step toward the kind of freedom that we have with a traditional web connection. You don’t pay for extra services like YouTube just since it would make the world wide web company a lot more cash. You pay for internet and it is possible to do whatever you want over that connection. The future looks awesome.

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