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Methods Of Mending Broken Xbox 360 Gaming System

Getting a damaged Xbox 360 elite console can actually be disheartening. Individuals are just so absolutely hooked into video games nowadays that gaming methods are so widely utilized. Xbox is one of the most common video gaming methods in the state. Individuals just love their video gaming console. Possessing a broken Xbox 360 system though is yet another story. A damaged Xbox console is annoying and will truly expense you some money. In accordance with different reports in the press the most frequent problem of Xbox 360 is its tendency to warm up quick to the stage of getting too hot.

Once you learn how to repair a broken Xbox 360 elite console on your very own, you truly would be able to save a lot of funds. For those who have had experienced difficulties with your video gaming system you almost certainly are currently acquainted with the three red-colored light error. Microsoft refers to this as the red ring of death. There may possibly be a quantity of factors why you get the 3 red light error on your gaming gaming console however for many of these reasons that makes you have a broken Xbox system can truly be repaired on your own.

In seeing red lights on your video gaming system, count initial how numerous there are. If you are seeing four red lights, this would indicate that there may well be a difficulty with the video and audio cord links. Look at your physical connections and make certain that the cords are securely connected. On the other hand if you only see three red lights, this means you are experiencing the red-colored ring of death. Not to get worried due to the fact you can correct your broken Xbox system on your personal by only sticking with such steps:

Heating up is the most common result in for Xbox to show three red-colored flashing lights. If your video gaming console has been running for a lengthy time frame it will have a tendency to overheat thus you get a damaged Xbox 360 elite console. To fix this trouble on your very own, what you can do as soon as you see those three red-colored lights is to quickly turn off the entire video gaming system system, disconnect all the wire links in order to give time for your console to cool down.

An inadequate power source can be a cause for your video gaming to have 3 red-colored lights. This may be due to the arm candy gadget that might be connected to a shared energy bar. Just remove it from the shared power bar and plug it into a dedicated outlet.

In the event that none of these provided situations are allowing you to have 3 red lights, what you can do is to download an online fix guide which is recognized as the 3 Red Lights Correct. This restore guide will give you step by action directions on how to correct your broken Xbox 360 elite system on your personal. It is very much cheaper compared to sending your broken Xbox 360 elite system to Microsoft. Aside from the truth that they will charge you $140 for it, you require to wait for about 30 days to get it resolved.

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Wii Repair And Doing It On Your Own

Today, everything is repairable. From market cars, televisions, computers down to your home game consoles, all of them can be fixed. But, there are only few people who have the know-how in repairing these gadgets. If you are one of them, then, you can save money. However, if you do not have what it takes to troubleshoot the problems, it is time that you need to be honest. You need to blurt it out that you need a car, television, computer and wii repair and other whathaveyous at the moment, but you are open to learning it!

Because high technology continues to emerge and has almost brought us to outer space exploration, different gadgets consistently flood the market. One of these high -tech gadgets are the video games. Apparently, these games almost become a part of the player’s lives by starting to passively interact with the characters in the game. The meat of the matter is that the video game popularity is continuously increasing across countries in the world. Indeed, there are several video games in the world and so are hardware and software errors, too.

One of the greatest video game consoles ever created is the wii. Despite the fact that it has just newly existed, it has already exposed its fair share of errors which have already become so familiar to the users because they continue to repeat. Console broke down, software and hardware issue, these are the most common scenarios that confront the users of the console. Most of the time, they would send their wii to a local shop and use the warranty repairs. However, in some cases, the users would attempt to do the wii repair by themselves with the help of a repair guide.

When repairing the Wii, the consumers need the significant tools to aid them identify the main problem. In case they have already an exceptional maintenance guide, it will eventually guide them systematically. Exactly, the professionals do this same manner in diagnosing the problem of Wii. Opposite to famous notion, the consumers ought not to get a specialized proficiency of schooling to troubleshoot the trouble. Much more so, it seriously is not important that they have any diploma in electronics. The process of Wii repair is generally basic and straightforward if consumers have fundamental tools and Wii repair guidebook. More notably, the particular errors commonly faced with the consumers by their Wii are controllable and not difficult should the end user is using a good Wii guide repair.

If consumers fix the Wii they will save considerable money and time. Local Wii shops typically ask professional fees while some “garage shops” do not actually have places of work. Thus, the restoration of one’s Wii will need much time.

If users find the problem already not manageable, this is the time they should ask help from local wii shops. However, they need to see to it that the shop is reliable and can be trusted. Users can determine the reliability and the quality of services of the shops through doing a little research.

People have gone crazy about play gadgets that it also gets it share of wear and tear. This is why you need wii repair to fix your toy and get you back on your feet once more. Or you may want to try iPad repair.

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Protecting Your New Xbox 360 From The Red Ring Of Death

Just bought a new Xbox? If so, you’re probably not worried about where to locate your console or if it’s to be placed upright on its side or positioned horizontally. This seemly trivial consideration can actually affect the performance and life span of your machine.

The Xbox 360 has a long history of problems as compared to other game consoles. There are literally thousands of articles written on the various reliability issues of the Xbox.

Therefore it is in your best interest to do everything you possibly can to use it in the most optimal fashion. Location of the console will be the topic of this article as well as the issues of tipping it on its side or placing it horizontally.

1.) The position of your Xbox 360.

This seems like a very small issue but remember that the Xbox has always been stricken with many problems. This machine is extremely delicate.

The argument in favor of positioning it horizontal is that it’s very stable this way. It’s not likely to be toppled over. If it is located high off the ground, it can strike the floor with a lot of force.

It it gets sufficiently jarred, its life span has probably been reduced substantially. Don’t allow its cables to get strung out all over the place because someone may yank the console to the floor accidentally. Make sure that the cords aren’t all bunched up next to any of its cooling vents.

On the other hand, tipping your Xbox on its side will expose a greater amount of surface area to the surrounding air. A logical approach is to place it horizontally first and if this causes the Xbox to run too hot, then place it vertically.

2.) The location of your Xbox 360.

Why is location significant? Because the environment around your Xbox is a big factor on whether or not it runs too hot. For its cooling system to operate properly, the console must be in a well ventilated area.

The temperature of the air has to be cool and there mustn’t be any heat sources in the vicinity. In addition to this, its location should be clear of cigarette smoke and dust. Dust inside the console is like an insulator which will lock in the generated heat.

The tars of cigarette smoke adhere to and cause the internal components of the Xbox to get sticky. Dirt and dust will then cling to the inside surfaces of the console.

When you have utilized the above suggestions, your chances of trouble free gaming are much improved.

Got reliability problems with your Xbox 360? Get more Xbox troubleshooting information about repairing the Red Ring of Death.

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How To Repair Your Xbox 360 Yourself – Your Questions Answered

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 is owned by millions all over the world and has several reliability issues. Chief among its troubles is the three red light error.

There is a 3 year warranty that deals with the 3 red light error. But for some, using their warranty is an unattractive option. They know that doing the repair themselves is possible but they don’t think of themselves as having the right skills.

The usual questions they might have are:

1.) Do I have the skills?

Can you use ordinary tools like a flat head screw driver, pliers, and knife? Can you follow clear step by step tutorials? If that describes you, then you have the necessary prerequisites for the job.

2.) Will I create even more problems?

There’s no absolute guarantee that you won’t make any mistakes. But the important thing to remember is that you should take your time and exercise some care. If something isn’t clear to you, then don’t do a thing until you have figured out exactly what to do next.

Be careful not to damage or short out the motherboard. This can happen at a certain point in the repair process . Most people use a flat head screw driver to lever and pop off the xclamps.

Damage can happen if you start improvising. Washers are going to be employed as spacers. You must use the correct type of washers specified by the instructions.

A metal washer with too large a diameter may cause an electrical short. If the instructions require a nylon washer, a metal washer should not be used as a substitute.

Static electricity can cause great harm to the motherboard. Repair to the console should be done in an uncarpeted room.

Disconnect the console from its power supply. If the instructions require that your Xbox be plugged in, use extreme caution. Under certain conditions, getting shocked by 110 volts AC can stop your heart.

3.) What tools are required?

These would normally include a knife, screw driver, pliers, a Torx screw driver, and various washers and machine screws. You will also need Arctic Silver thermal compound. You can get these items at a hardware store and also online.

4.) Where do I acquire a trustworthy instruction guide?

Excellent guides can be found online. A quality guide will have both video and text instructions with lots of pictures. The videos provide the basic instruction while the written text will fill you in on the details, parts, and tools required.

Having problems with your Xbox 360? Get more Xbox 360 trouble shooting information about fixing the Xbox 360 red ring of death.

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Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death – Why The Towel Trick Is A Bad Idea

Mistreatment is the tradition when it comes to easy fixes for electronic gadgets. You basically give it a solid whack to make it operate again. This generally worked because a loose wire or connection would reconnect after enough abuse. But the device would then fail at a later time as a result of other connections getting jarred.

The towel trick is one of these quick fixes for the red ring of death problem. It too belongs to this category of fixing something by abusing it. The cure involves baking the internal chips rather than using mechanical abuse. The idea is that broken connections will hopefully get re-soldered at extreme temperatures.

The towel trick starts with wrapping a few towels around your Xbox. Run your Xbox for about fifteen minutes and you’re all done. Now it’s time to enjoy some games. If your Xbox gets the ring of death again just grab your trusty towels and repeat the trick.

So what’s wrong with this method if it fixes your console? The trouble with this technique is that the internal chips get exposed to extreme temperatures. A major concern in electronics manufacture, is avoiding heat damage to components during manufacture. It’s a tricky thing to find the right solder temperature that does the job without causing chip damage.

In essence, the towel trick is a temporary remedy that works at the expense of damaging the Xbox’s internal components. This damage eventually leads to more problems in the future. When the towel trick is used to fix these new problems, more damage is done which weakens your Xbox even more. Eventually the towel trick will stop working because the heat damage becomes too extensive. Repeated application of the towel trick is a downward spiral for your machine.

Another problem is that it can be very hazardous. A great deal of heat is produced by your console when it is operating. Since the towels trap all of this heat, the console gets extremely hot. If your Xbox starts burning, other combustibles adjacent to your Xbox (like your house) may also burn.

The towel trick doesn’t make any sense. An undersized cooling system causes the ring of death in the first place. Trying to solve the problem by applying more heat is like fighting fire with fire.

Marc Sandford is a gaming addict and author. Get more Xbox troubleshooting information about fixing the Xbox 360 3 Red Lights Error.

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Stop Xbox 360 Screen Freezes

Are you getting a screen freeze up problem on your Xbox 360? Is your Xbox giving you no clue as to the source of the difficulty? In other words, is there an absence of error messages or red lights flashing on your Xbox?

Assuming that you have already tried turning the unit off and then back on again, try these troubleshooting tips:

1.) Is an accessory causing the difficulty? Detach every one of the accessories. This includes the consoles hard drive. If the freeze up persists after removing the accessories, then you will have to look elsewhere for the problem.

If the problem gets resolved after removal of the accessories, reattach each accessory one at a time until the freezing occurs again. This will identify which accessory is causing the freeze ups.

If it’s the hard drive, the hard drive cache should be cleared. Go to http: // for further information.

2.) Are you using a disc that is dirty, scratched, or do you have a game disc that has known problems? When you clean your discs, do it with a cloth made of a nonabrasive material. Don’t use paper towels.

All paper products are slightly abrasive and may produce scratches on your disc. Scratches can be easily seen by placing the disc next to a light.

3.) Do you run your Xbox too hot? Heat can induce screen freezes. You should only use your console in a cool and dry environment.

There should be lots of ventilation. Don’t operate your Xbox in an area full of clutter or that is closed off.

Don’t allow the cooling vents to get clogged with dust, grit, or dirt. Know where each cooling vent is located and make sure there is nothing (and I mean nothing) blocking the vents. Don’t place your Xbox on soft surfaces as this can cause a reduction of the vents air intake. Also make sure that the power brick is not placed on any surface that is soft or shaggy.

Keep the Xbox away from any sources of heat. This also means direct exposure to the sun. Maintaining your Xbox at a cool temperature is not an option. The cooling system is barely adequate so the console can easily overheat.

Try to limit the number of hours of continuous gaming. Restrict your game sessions to three hours. The warmer the operational environment is, the shorter the game session should be.

Marc Sandford is a gaming addict and author. Get Xbox 360 repair information about fixing the Xbox 360 3 Red Lights Error.

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Five Signs That Your Xbox 360 Will Get The Red Ring Of Death

Worried about an Xbox 360 that is acting funny? Your console may be giving you warning signs of the red ring of death which is a general hardware failure. It’s usually caused by problems with power supply or it may be excessive heat buildup.

Here’s a list of the common warning signs:

1.) A message appears when you start up that says the disc can’t be read.

2.) Your Xbox freezes up.

3.) The sound freezes or there are static like sounds.

4.) You’re seeing problems with the graphics. There will be odd things like checker patterns, pin strips, or anything that’s obviously not part of the game.

5.) The only functional item is the on/off button.

These problems typically happen randomly as occasional occurrences. They may or may not occur at more frequent intervals with usage. If your console gives you three red lights after restarting it, then you’ve got the red ring of death.

It isn’t unusual for the console to start working again after it’s been turned off for a while. Many people would assume that the problem fixed itself. But you’ll have to face up to the possibility that the problem will continually repeat itself again. With each occurrence of the red ring of death, your console may suffer more heat damage.

The best way to deal with this is to first eliminate causes that are easy to fix. The simplest of these is that the console isn’t getting adequate power. Another is that the console is not cooling itself effectively and is overheating.

Does the console get adequate ventilation? Have you been playing games in a warm environment for long stretches of time? Is dust building up in the vents?

If none of these suggestions help then it’s time to get your console repaired. If your warranty is intact and you can stand the several week delay, you can ship your Xbox to Microsoft. If you don’t have an intact warranty, Microsoft will still repair it for a fee ($140-$150 or so).

The cheapest way to go is doing the repair job yourself. If you are serious about doing the job right the first time then you can get a reliable guide ($20-$30) that has a money back guarantee. If you’ve used basic tools and can carefully follow directions, this solution will get you back to your gaming quickly and cheaply.

Marc Sandford is a gaming addict and writer. Get Xbox trouble shooting advice about fixing the Xbox 360 3 Red Lights Error.

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Efficient Xbox Repair

Xbox repair is now as easy as ABC. I bet nearly everyone who is agog into this kind of gaming gadget will certainly nod in approval. This is now an easy thing to deal with especially with the fact that many service shops for this kind of gaming gadget are readily available to do the task. The advent of modern technology has also revolutionized xbox repair.

You can simply do it right in the comforts of your room through the Internet. In this highly advanced society, you need not have to go to service shops just to have your broken xbox repaired. Yes, you can choose to fix your gadget yourself as down loadable do-it-yourself guide is simply a click away.

Having these things in mind will surely keep you on the right track in deciding how to have your gaming gadget fixed. But before you have to decide on how to have the right xbox repair you need to at least identity the problem. Aside from knowing what the matter with your xbox is, you should also try to figure out what could have been the culprit.

Otherwise you might end up regretting if it turns out the other way. Should you decide on having it done yourself, and then you need to make sure you really can do it. If being on a tight budget is your sole reason for having yourself fix your troubled xbox, I guess you should think twice before actually creating more damage to your gadget.

You now have all the options to have it done. You need not spend a fortune to have an xbox repair. Aside from the down loadable guides of fixing your gadget, you can also find websites offering this service at fairly reasonable price. Whether you have to decide on doing it your way or have the help of some professional experts on this thing, you need to make sure you will have the most reliable and truly efficient xbox repair.

In this advanced society a lot of gadgets have been sprouting everywhere. But the disadvantage of these gadgets would be on fixing it. The xbox repair would be difficult for beginners. You can choose to check online for fixing it but you should take the risk of adding more problems to your gadget if you do so. To get more tips log on to

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Xbox 360 – Four Tips For Avoiding The Red Ring Of Death

The red ring of death refers to the three red lights on your console that indicate a general hardware failure. Perhaps you have a new xbox that works just fine and want to prevent the red ring of death from happening to you.

Perhaps you already experienced the red ring of death and don’t want it to ever happen again. Whatever your situation, there are a number of easy to follow prevention steps that you can take.

1.) Know where the cooling vents are and be sure to never block them. If air can’t freely flow into these vents, your Xbox will overheat. Make sure there is plenty open space around these vents. Keep them clear of clutter and don’t have them pushed up against the wall.

2.) Make sure that your xbox is kept clean and keep your xbox in a dust free environment. The reason for this is that the cooling vents can suck in dirt, dust, and pet hair which will interfere with the cooling system. The fans get over worked if too much dust gets into the vents and they won’t be able to supply the xbox with enough cooling air.

3.) The power brick must also be kept cool. Therefore the same rules that apply to your xbox console also apply to the power brick. Make sure that air is free to flow around it. Avoid placing the power brick on soft or shaggy surfaces such as a carpet. Place it on a table or try hanging it off a hook.

4.) The xbox should be kept away from sources of heat. Keep the air conditioner running when you are using your xbox on a hot day.

Keep in mind that your xbox runs hotter the longer you use it. Always limit your gaming to no more than a couple of hours each time.

The main point to remember in all of this is that the red ring of death happens when your xbox gets over heated. The xbox has a weak cooling system and tends to run hot. So ensuring that it runs cool is up to you.

Marc Sandford is a gaming enthusiast and author. Get Xbox trouble shooting information about repairing the Xbox 360 red ring of death.

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Xbox 360 – How To Avoid The Red Ring Of Death

The red ring of death happens when you see three flashing red lights on the console. Maybe you want to prevent the red ring of death from happening to your new xbox.

Perhaps you already experienced the red ring of death and don’t want it to ever happen again. Whatever your situation, there are a number of easy to follow prevention steps that you can take.

1.) Know where the cooling vents are and be sure to never block them. If air can’t freely flow into these vents, your Xbox will overheat. Make sure there is plenty open space around these vents. Keep them clear of clutter and don’t have them pushed up against the wall.

2.) Always keep your xbox clean of grit, dirt or dust. Dust can get suctioned into the cooling vents which will block them over time. The xbox’s cooling system can’t function properly with blocked vents. This blockage can also damage the cooling fans. Keep the vents clear by vacuuming out any dust or dirt.

3.) The power brick must also be kept cool. Therefore the same rules that apply to your xbox console also apply to the power brick. Make sure that air is free to flow around it. Avoid placing the power brick on soft or shaggy surfaces such as a carpet. Place it on a table or try hanging it off a hook.

4.) Keep the Xbox away from sources of heat. If you are using your Xbox on a hot day, keep the air conditioner running.

Your xbox will also get hot if it’s used over long periods of time. It’s advisable to give your xbox a rest after a couple hours of use so that it can cool down.

The main thing to remember is that the red ring of death happens when your Xbox overheats. The Xbox naturally tends to run hot and has a cooling system that can barely keep up. So it’s up to you to make sure that it never overheats.

Marc Sandford is a gaming enthusiast and writer. Get Xbox 360 trouble shooting information about fixing the Red Ring of Death.

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