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larly from the practice so prevalent in civilized communities,
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carried out according to this plan, the operation should
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before the Clinical Society of London by Dr. Harry Campbell, on
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explained without any such hypothesis, the physician acts most rationally and philo-
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the distinction between organic affections consequent
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Diagnosis. — Chorea must be distinguished from symptomatic hemi-
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recall some old experiments given in text-books on physics.
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this character, the various conditions of interior and exterior drainage
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is either normal or, what is more common, slightly diminished.
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remedy : general, by opening artery or vein ; local, by use
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Court — Had you any fixed rule of practice directing the treatment of
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cular pleurisy or bacillary meningitis, and purulent pleurisy or meningitis,
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secretion, the effect of which is either to produce fixation of the ferti-
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to side, head thrown back, face flushed, eyelids closed and tremulous,
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There was no nausea or vertigo. His hearing remained as before. A
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clinic, I have come to the conclusion that we cannot properly speak of
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the project is first made to the women of the world who have been rescued
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(»i) Serbian Base Hospital removed to illadenovac.
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not liquefied. In troth the organip/ris grow vd tn h plight
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tocrit. It is thought that there is a shift of water from the
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the facts on which they are based, to works treating at greater length of
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in the future — if you do this, almost every error becomes
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may be able to give us information on this subject.
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fully abducted and slightly flexed position, and in later
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means of distinguishing x pus from mucus. But we now know
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come to me from Philadelphia, Penn., who had been troubled from an infant up to the
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strain,' a term denoting morbid function, not overuse of normal
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from placing oneself so markedly at variance with all
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Copper -was detected in five cases out of six, -when sulphate of copper had
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with alkaline washes. Purges, salines, careful diet when
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lock. The number of deaths amounted to 28,134. There died — at home*
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clothing work in low-temperature rooms where blood, gen-
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of neurons in the cord (System Diseases), and those character-
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Pathan tribes come from a different stock and live mainly in
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disappeared. He was voiding but one quart of tember, 1, 1886. September 7, 1886. Granted
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