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fgod i but on the other hand they are indifferent in
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the whole length of the peritoneum and the superficial layers of
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Dr. F. C. Harrison, the Siipi-i'inteudcnt of ilie Home for the
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powdered rhubarb and 2 gr. of bicarbonate of soda ; and this may be
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take its meals outside. During the six months of winter, a seaside place
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(2) The Sympathetic Syndrome is a vaso-motor and secretory
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small intestine, and which are not propelled onwards in the normal manner,
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in the subcutaneous injection of emulsions of the spinal cords of rabbits
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being fuftbcated. Thefe inconveniencies might eafily
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of breath, and fever, together with friction or the physical signs of
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oesophagus, there is difficulty of swallowing, and the passage of a sound
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the foods the following should be represented: — Cereals; wheat, oats,
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coincident with advancing civilisation, leprosy has gradually, during the
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nips, and iherefc^re Ihould be given them in plenty
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Isolation of the sick, the protection of the body by clothes, the cover-
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times observed. The brain and meninges are congested ; occasionally
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whole of both lungs may be affected, or the morbid change may be
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develops in a child which is being brought up at the breast, and in such
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tender, and the veins are distended. During the second night the severity
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the sheath involved. A day or two after the initial injury the pain becomes quite
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fragmented melanin dust, or protoplasmic granules in active Brownian
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iTiemuft be kept clean, and fed v/ith hay, oats, bar-
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and the mortality is tremendously increased. It is a fair estimate that
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depends on the value of the blood as food and as a means of rectifying
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between them is in their fize, Englifh horfes being
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of insulin to the isletectomised fish would prevent the development of
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pretence of his being dien moft eafily guided : — A
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associated together oftener than some recent writers will allow. In some
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more often in women than in men. The node ultimately ulcerates, and
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felt with difficulty. No thrills were palpable. On auscultation, the most
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the upper third, and in the lower two-thirds the unstriated muscle showed
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ufeful creatures, which were the chief wealth of for-
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pregnancy, and that, when previously existing, it is aggravated by this
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ing naturally flow, and rather adapted to eafy labour "
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license in the State with the highest standard. These may con-
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excites delusive hopes of improvement. The fever somewhat abates, or
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under two forms, one soft, of an ashy colour, and more or less granular on

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