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the epidemics which infest sheep and oxen, experiment
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tive ; ordinary bronchitis would never yield such a
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I before bleeding, and its rapid disappearance afterwards;
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and medical officers received it with the respect due to
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parts half killed by wounds, injuries, or previous dis-
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tion deposited in the air-cells owes its origin to a " dys-
comfort, but also to the increased length of life of the
registered person, addressed to him according to his ad-
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principle to follow — to improve the general health.
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liberally discussed in the Society, and the decision ar-
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time, a process of moist gangrene went on in the lower
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to the knee, so as to give support to the lower end of
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offered for the gratuitous vaccination of all who are
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hours ; no recurrence ; good recovery . Wm. G., aged GO, is
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pressible, and jerking. The friction -sound was less dis-
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nature of the case, and nothing very satisfactory as to
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in value from X'32 to i'80 per annum, are to be com-
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committee. This was done at the next annual meeting
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certainly subordinate to that purpose of curation which
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the following were as approximate expressions to th©
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steady popularity, and extensive influence as an insiru-
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the first year, value £20, Mr. William John Land, Mr
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of view alone the case is, therefore, worthy of record.
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which accidentally surrounded the patients as the cause
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cannot with fairness be described as cases of exci-
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parts half killed by wounds, injuries, or previous dis-
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mend that a public meetiog be called, to which shall be
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symptoms did but indicate a little stomach derange-
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arrive at a correct notion on these important points.
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neglect no means so to modify our treatment as to meet
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AYednesday. Society of Arts. — Microscopical. — North London.
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Ave must hold to be natural to our race — how much
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had quite recovered, I requested to be allowed an ex-
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represented by deputation. He left a distinct order
zydena 100 mg kullananlar
This being, like all others of the same character, was

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